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  1. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] 1969 Plymouth Barracuda Resto Mod

    diamond plate ???
  2. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] 1968 Dart Drag Car

    like the 63-64 better....
  3. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] 1968 Dart Drag Car

    What , no e t`s ??
  4. famous bob

    Cool 1964 Valiant For Sale Not mine

    all this being said, I think the hemi hood scoop looks bad , kills the clean look of the early valiant - to me .
  5. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] 65 Hemi Valiant

    \ Out of curiosity, ever made a pass in it/timeslip , or had it on the dyno? What does it weigh ?
  6. famous bob

    [SOLD] 1965 Plymouth Belvedere Project

    U deliver for $4000 ??
  7. famous bob

    [SOLD] 1970 Dodge Duster Ed Quay Built Super Comp. Car

    Who originally built this car ?--------------- Looks really familiar !t
  8. famous bob

    [SOLD] 72 Duster

    I hit the like button . Is that a camaro front spoiler >>??
  9. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] 1965 Dodge & Plymouth 2dr Ht Package

    So what would it take to get the 65 dodge and parts only ?
  10. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] 1934 plymouth coupe PE

    Pics would b nice .
  11. famous bob

    [SOLD] sell/trade hellcat for 1967 thru 1972 dart

    Mark , I`d have to think about that trade !!
  12. famous bob

    [SOLD] 1964 Plymouth Valiant Convertible

  13. famous bob

    [SOLD] sell/trade hellcat for 1967 thru 1972 dart

    Tell me more about the hellcat , wrecked? raced / maintenance problems ? 505'' pump gas/raced balanced by hughs engines,.600 lift solid street roller,727,dana 60/3:73/Detroit locker, tti headers, fast 2.0 fuel inj, new rubber 205/70.15 front, 295 60 d15 rear, new everything, 6 point...
  14. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] 1969 Dodge Dart Custom New 360/904

    Interested in selling the car as it sits ? Or the drivetrain separate ?
  15. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] 74 plymouth duster

    What is "wiring is i5 " ?? How much body filler is in it ? Have the bumpers ?
  16. famous bob

    [SOLD] 1967 Barracuda fastback

    Tell us about the firewall setback -----------rest of car , mini tubbed ?
  17. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] light wt duster race car roller

    Sounds good, how much does it weigh ??
  18. famous bob

    [SOLD] 33 Plymouth Coupe

    . . ME LIKE ,but I`d have to trade for it . ~
  19. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] 1969 hemi Dodge Dart

    Trade u this for it , finished and running well----------
  20. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] 1967 Plymouth Barracuda Fast Back

    AND, 68 trunk trim / tail lights-----------
  21. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] 67 cuda project

    1969 hood ??
  22. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] 1965 satellite

    Exactly what color is it, looks pink on my comp. ??? ET ?? Burn outs don`t prove anything to me !
  23. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] 1973 Plymouth Valiant

    Might help if u describe it in detail. Rust/frame rails and floors,fender rot? Assume not running/ engine broke? Interior ? Missing parts ? I WOLD BE INTERESTED IF U WERE CLOSER-------
  24. famous bob

    [SOLD] 69 dart drag car

    Leaf link ??
  25. famous bob

    [SOLD] 1972 Duster 10 sec street car

    NICE !! I know were not supposed to comment in for sale ads,but what does ur car weigh ?
  26. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] 1969 barracuda fastback formula S 340 4 speed

    Is that front chin spoiler metal or plastic ? just curious.
  27. famous bob

    [SOLD] 1967 Belvedere I

    For me, only because ur too far away !!
  28. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] 1968 Plymouth Barracuda

    Whats not legal about it ?
  29. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] 1968 Plymouth Barracuda

    Is it hot ??