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  1. famous bob

    e 85

    My fast 2.0 system will run on alcohol or gas, any one got any opinions on switching back and forth or things a guy has to do when garaging a car for , say , a week using e 85 ??
  2. famous bob

    another ''whats it worth'' thread/question

    1968 fastback , resto mod , everything is new rebuilt or replaced between the bumpers , even the front one is new fiberglass. Rewired , 440/505'' , race balanced by hughs engines/cant feel it running on the motor plate , block and mains were cryo treated before machine work , new 28x19 alum...
  3. famous bob

    mopar meet in Tulsa

    Went out to try and sell some stuff, and watch . My car is down temporarily. Were sure a lot of really nice cars , fast race cars and trucks , beautiful weather , Only thing , they threw a beat the heat meet in w/ it , not one that I saw was really a model/body style that was actually used to...
  4. famous bob

    another , dammit ray !!

    4 days before the mopar meet here , ECU went out , put it in the mail to Memphis yesterday morning. Last year it was a rear main leak . Wondering if some one is trying to tell me something !!
  5. famous bob


  6. famous bob

    front chin spoiler

    Anyone put a front chin spoiler on their 67-8-9 barracuda ? Anyone use a 68 camaro spoiler / if so how did it fit the curve of the front splash pan ? I really like the ''spoilers by randy'' , but cant get past the $200 w/ shipping ...
  7. famous bob

    trailer winch

    My 1991 12 volt trailer winch went south today, wondering what everyone is using on open car trailers. Mine was a little weak , kinda looking at a 6000 # straight line pull type, don't want to pay too much, don't use it very often !
  8. famous bob


    In a quandary about which direction to go , TOOK the fish to mopars in the park yesterday, highly disappointed w/ it ! Too much h.p. and too little tire, needs tubbed badly. At 72 , I aint sure I ve got a rework n me . Crawling around in or under the car is rough on me. My legs aint been the...
  9. famous bob

    anybody know

    anybody know what the rear window regulators weigh in a 68 barracuda fastback ?
  10. famous bob

    guess I bought it

    Guess `ve bought the 78 volare wagon I posted about a couple of weeks ago. Any one have any experience rebuilding a volare ? I know a lot of people don't like them, but almost anything can be fixed . I sure like the way this one sets (stance), and never been wrecked, straight as can be in the...
  11. famous bob

    gott move it !

    finished installing the 5 point harness yesterday, now I`m going to have to move the cheeta shifter back, I put it in the stock location in the console. that will be another pain in the a-- . w/ the harness on, I can`t reach the shifter handle to pull it out of park. thinking about making a new...
  12. famous bob

    associated topics

    was a t a doge -jeep dealer this week end, looking to replace that dam mercury of my wifes. sat in a 5400 pound hellcat challenger( did they forget the road runners?) they had a mopar icebox that looked like a small mopar tool box, I want it !! the icebox !! was kick *** .
  13. famous bob

    new filter

    after fixing my main girdle leak( I hope), I went to get a new filter and oil for the fish. best thing I could come up w/ was K-N , "$12 SOMETHING APIECE!" going to have to do better than , too high for this ol boy.
  14. famous bob

    wow !

    I just read the visitor messages in my box. never read them, only PM`s. sorry to you guys, didn`t mean to ignore anyone. always read pm`s tho.-----:coffee2:
  15. famous bob


    well, I`ve "most of the time" tried to say a short prayer for everyone that asks it. guess now it`s my turn. I`m working on 70 yrs., and turned my 4 wheeler over and got tangled up in it. tweaked both knees and back muscles. left knee seems to be hyper-extended in all directions. don`t think...
  16. famous bob

    what the h---

    has any of you guys gotten any pm`s from me lately ? partsmonsta says he`s not getting any from me. weired!
  17. famous bob

    68 barracuda grills

    just received one of my 68 barracuda grills back from PARTSMONSTA, aka steven young. guess the post office split the packages up. "IT IS ABSOLUTELY GEORGEOUS !" he did an outstanding job on it ! I am well pleased, can`t wait to get the other grill and headlight surrounds from him! looks as...
  18. famous bob


    looked over this forum, (w/ my limited ability), and didn`t find anything concerning an almost cherry bottom front windshield s.s. trim piece I received by fedex last week. ain`t got a clue why the guy sent it. package is in the garage, but think his last name is Combs, in N. Carolina. a...
  19. famous bob

    at last,at last, finally home at last

    finally brought the fish home yesterday. she looks better in the sun than I thot ! now to put all the chrome and trim back on--------------
  20. famous bob

    need new battery

    $155 shipped for new optima red top 800 cold c.amps . anyone know of a better deal ? :banghead:
  21. famous bob

    alum radiators

    had a big set back yesterday. car slipped off of floor jack. was trying to move it sideways a little, bowed the bottom of my new alum radiator up about a 1/2" clear up to the middle of it-heighth wise, almost dead centered. afraid to try to straighten it. it pushed the shroud up enough to touch...
  22. famous bob

    long post about new gas tank

    put a new gas tank-lines-return lines for fuel inj. new dual feeds out the back bottom of tank, fuel pump is very low on rear of car. put gas in it for the first time yesterday(4 yr. build) filled up and topped off at 7 gallons, think it`s an 18 gal. tank. no internal baffels, vent hooked up to...
  23. famous bob

    nhra drag racing

    I just emailed direct tv about the speed channel change to fox, and fox not picking up drag racing. told them I was going to switch providers if they didn`t get it back! all of us need to do this,need to make a big stink about it. get together on this people!-------------bob p.s. , I want to...