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  1. famous bob

    coil over shock question

    You guys that are, or have run a coil over front ends ; if I go to 250# springs on the front , I`ll have to adjust the lower spring threaded nuts up higher to get the same ride height correct ?/ I have gone down to 350 # springs from 500 # springs that came w/ my front end. I have "no" front end...
  2. famous bob

    tire height

    ok, 3:73 rear gear dana 60, 727, 440/505 .628lift-260@.050 solid roller, ported-raised port heads (flow 352 @ .600), expected weight 3200 + or - , full caltrac set up, stretched fender wells( room for 30" tall tire, not tubbed-3/4" offset spring hangars. have brand new 275 60 15 drag radials...
  3. famous bob

    440/505 oiling mods

    any one know where to bring up the pics of Steve De Tar`s r/b oiling mods? why were the pics deleted off of the forum? seems that something that informative by some one that knows their stuff, should stay on a long time! Steve, if you read this, would you email me that info ...