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  1. famous bob

    Scored an A body today!

    Hey I know that guy , HE LIVES IN ARKANSAS !! I think he plays for the longhorns >shorthorns up here .
  2. famous bob

    Grumpy B.C. (Before Chevrolet)

    I can understand him switching to mopar , those fords were slugs , 427 fairlane much better , 426 max wedge even better !
  3. famous bob

    Grumpy B.C. (Before Chevrolet)

    Dont know what ur disagreeing with , '' all a matter of record ! ''
  4. famous bob

    Grumpy B.C. (Before Chevrolet)

    Or pete carol , when he was at usc
  5. famous bob

    Noble Competitors

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Jenkins went to a tube chassis in a vega to try to keep up with S-M . Thats what got prostock to where it`s at today !
  6. famous bob

    Grumpy B.C. (Before Chevrolet)

    Yeah he had some big argument w/ chrysler , "over what I dont know" , but think it was because they wouldnt furnish/give him a dynomometer free. Chevrolet did , and thats how come he switched, he even ended up hating chrysler , so must have been some heated exchanges. He is the one that...
  7. famous bob

    Local Marketplace, Not mine. Working Hemi Model

    OH NO !____________one in every crowd.
  8. famous bob

    Local Marketplace, Not mine. Working Hemi Model

    I had a couple that were way the hell bigger than those !---------LOL
  9. famous bob

    What do you think?

    Not into models, but would be neat if u could make them do a burn out ! lol
  10. famous bob

    1994 Lionel dealer promo.

    Do it ! Best Christmas I ever had . Mom and dad got divorced about 2 yrs later, they were never the same after that. Make some memories---------.
  11. famous bob

    Vanishing Point Diecast

    Would be neat to mount it air borne about to hit two D9`s setting in front of it.
  12. famous bob


    He did at one time. ALL THREE LOOK LIKE TOY MODELS TO ME .
  13. famous bob

    Any Valve Cover Racers

    I`ve read that, " man will race anything!" this proves it !
  14. famous bob

    1/16 Farm Tractors

    always wanted models of tractors from my past: 1953 super M farmall, 1951 super C farmall, 47 B farmall (wide wheel) , and my favorite--1947 massey harris w/ a 6 cyl. Chrysler car engine in it, was scary fast and very dangerous, just right for a teenage gearhead !!
  15. famous bob

    Revelle sox and martin 67 GTX

    I`ve got one given to me as a present. would trade it for a 68 barracuda - still in the wrapper , untouched like the gtx-----------bob:smile: