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  1. famous bob


    Tack them with a mig welder / use jack stands ....
  2. famous bob

    Rear exit

    my dual 3 1/2'' dumps in front of the rear axle , never noticed any fumes ...
  3. famous bob

    Headers hitting idler arm

    yeah , great for changing the driveline angle ...
  4. famous bob

    Header Collector Extensions: Drag Strip Tuning

    tried it on the old hemi belvedere , didnt do squat for that car !
  5. famous bob

    Venturi pcv

    running one on the street , pvc on the other , maintains 5'' all the time ------------
  6. famous bob

    Header advice

    u will pick up power , but might need a jetting change to get the full potential--------jmo
  7. famous bob

    Header advice

    Small block ??
  8. famous bob

    TTI headers

    Myself , I`d think the perf. advantage would be small , but there .
  9. famous bob

    Homemade exhaust custom

    H pipe , no diff.
  10. famous bob

    Homemade exhaust custom

    Mine qalready dumps , I got the 3 1/2'' set up really cheap on e bay, guess no one wanted it . Havent been able to tell any diff. in anything tho really.
  11. famous bob

    Homemade exhaust custom

    looks a whole bunch like mine , which is all 3 1/2'' . Not sure a 3 1/2'' H pipe is worth the weight on a full 3 1/2'' system , in my case -------?
  12. famous bob

    Header install around trans cooler lines

    mmmm, heat shield goood !
  13. famous bob

    Header install around trans cooler lines

    And insulate it where its close ------
  14. famous bob

    Doug's header / tti exhaust issue

    I don treally give ---- !
  15. famous bob

    Doug's header / tti exhaust issue

    I hpoe the new headers I ordered are going to be the same as the ones I took off, kinda worried about the flange clocking for my custom 3 1/2'' h pipe set up too.
  16. famous bob

    Not Hung Well...

    on an A body ,usually around the rear seat belt bolts-----
  17. famous bob

    Ramcharger exhaust 2-1/4 duals or single 3"

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^this and remove the cats ---------jmo
  18. famous bob

    Warning: TTI Exhaust with A/T, Console, Manifolds ('65 Abody).

    Anyone installing parts should check to see if alls right with them , why I do everything myself .
  19. famous bob

    Shipping Damage New Headers

    Looks more to me , like they have been attempted to be installed !-------did I say that right ?
  20. famous bob

    Steering Coupler and Headers

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ PICS WOULD BE GOOD !
  21. famous bob


    Got the same thing , only 3 1/2'' .
  22. famous bob

    pro parts vs fenderwell

    I ran dougs and hooker "proparts type" headers on a hemi superstocker , had tire rub w/ both !
  23. famous bob

    3" TTI exhaust out the back

    WOW, I replaced my old crusty gas tank back when I first started my build , with a 113 tank , and have offset spring hangars , got about 3/4 to 1/2'' clearance between the tank and frame on each side , with offset spring hangars !! Cant sneak anything thru there , unless over the springs ...
  24. famous bob

    Header Paint

    Just did the same thing to my dual 3 1/2'' , after the h pipe installation , has held up very well on the used tti / sandblasted headers too.
  25. famous bob

    Homemade exhaust tips

  26. famous bob

    before the axle turn downs

    Turn the u bolts sideways .
  27. famous bob

    before the axle turn downs

    u could always wrap the muffs------------
  28. famous bob

    Having no luck - 67 barracuda Hedman Hedders

    If ur talking about a rack and pinion set up , yes .
  29. famous bob

    Having no luck - 67 barracuda Hedman Hedders

    I`m assuming ur working on a small block , but I had to jack my r/b 68 fastback up about 3 feet to get my headers on from the bottom/work the starter at the same time , and thats without torsion bars .
  30. famous bob

    Exhaust help

    dang narrow tank !