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  1. famous bob

    Is this a crack

    not enough shown to make a statement !
  2. famous bob

    Early Ball Stud Type?

    I ahe that ball stud , original out of a 68 barracuda form s ------------if it is what u need .
  3. famous bob

    Pistol Grip...

    ---only if u use PACHMIER !
  4. famous bob

    Auto to Manual Pedal conversion

    I`d think the auto brake pedal would be too wide and offset to add a clutch pedal . If I read this right !
  5. famous bob

    Bad thrust bearing?

    If its moving that much , ir crank thrust surface is probly toast too !
  6. famous bob

    Is it gonna be a problem?

    looked like sbc header bolts to me !
  7. famous bob

    How many “clunks” when installing converter?

    Seems I`ve always heard 3 on 727`s Seems like I remember three on my turbo 400`s and turbo 350`s too, but been a while . At any rate as long as its well behind the mating to block area u should be good to go, if u have heard 2 or 3.
  8. famous bob

    Driveshaft for 600hp 4sp ?

    I built my own, and tied it to the subframe connectors. The rear seat bolts go thru it . I lost a driveshaft at 128 mph once, after that I also make the loop to be a little lower than the rear of the trans., u wouldn`t believe what one can do to the underside of a car at speeds over a hundred.
  9. famous bob

    Driveshaft for 600hp 4sp ?

    Go to a driveshaft shop. Tell them what u are doing, they can build u what u need.
  10. famous bob

    What car does this part fit?

    add, who really cares !
  11. famous bob

    Passon Performance 5-speed

    I think I`d go w/ taller tires and forget it .
  12. famous bob

    Tranny cross member install problem....

    weired, mine will go in either way, just have to turn it the way the mounting pas will line up the best!
  13. famous bob

    Tranny cross member install problem....

    I usually use "trans." , and hate the word dizzy-sounds really stupid on the users part.
  14. famous bob

    Dust Cover Question?

    if u don if u don`t live on a dirt or gravel road, I wouldn`t worry about it. I had a hemi w/o one for 14yrs., never had a problem w/ it. will help keep the convertor cool a little too.
  15. famous bob

    American power train offers A body 6 speed manual

    too bad someone doesn`t have an auto. 5-or 6 speed that`ll hold up to 700h.p. or so, and fit the stock a body tunnel !