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    When to worry about engine noises?

    La 360 stroker solid roller it runs a Hv pump broken in using Joe Gibbs break in after 8k have been using a synthetic with Zinc 15-40 or 20-50 . 75psi cold ,hot idle @850 rpm to provide some oil splash on lifters 35-40 psi 2000rpm and over 65psi . Top end gets fed the via hollow push rod tubes...
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    Has anyone here used the Holley EFI pumps?

    I run the tanks inc tank and Walbro pump only noise when priming only !
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    Best source for turn signal switch

    I got mine from Dan aswell good quality unit same colour coded wiring as Oem ,you will need to source the plug where wires feed through unless you pic the wires out of the old one .I purchased one from classic industries.
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    Mopars in the Park 2022

    Not sure if it’s some one from here who filmed this this is from this event I think . I just watched it on you tube a lot of nice rides and I noticed Keith’s car . He’s the link
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    450-500HP 360?

    And a good solid roller !
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    Holley Sniper Issues

    Ok try this , take your air cleaner off get someone to operate the key while you look over the throttle body don’t start it just get the pump to prime you should get a prime shot . You will see fuel squirt from 4 injectors not a lot but enough to see if fuel is getting in .It me know before...
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    Muffler-can keep kinda quiet sounds off at rpm

    I use those and don’t get any droning at all 2 1/2from header collector right through the back . Nice and not loud but when you get on the loud peddle it barks .
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    At What Point is a Solid Cam Better Than a Hydraulic Cam??

    Nothing like a sound of a sewing machine. You know they are adjusted correctly. Just a little quieter with a solid roller once warm. Love it.
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    318/390 stroker kit oil leaks NEED HELP!

    Oil not blowing out your dip stick tube ? Good easy test to do remove the dip stick get a small balloon and put it over the tube it’s got to fit tight and get the rpm’s up look at the balloon if it starts to inflate it will give you some indication if your building crank case pressure .
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    Moving the pivot point on the brake pedal

    Just had this issue with mine 4 wheel disk crazy hard peddle and it took a lot of effort in pulling it up and got sketchy a few times when some one jumps in front of you than is on the brakes so I ended up getting a few remote boosters done as I needed access up top for rocker adjustments...
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    72 Duster: You can lead a horse to water, but...

    It’s a shame all the effort you put into it and parts and he couldn’t be bothered with it anymore I’m glad you bought his stake out and are going to finish it . Will be a nice ride once completed. Good work mate it would have costed him $$$$ if a shop was doing what you provided . Looking...
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    When you pay $1200 for an AAR hood, you expect more from Stinger Fiberglass

    I like this if the hood is damaged in transport in returning you will not receive credit ! I think they need to practice what they preach !
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    Why I can't buy a Tesla

    She he has hair on her shoulders like my Maltese Mate !:wtf:
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    msd real or knockoff

    I’ve had mine for 4 years with that composite base no issues with any rust like the old ones you would see , possible as a heat deflector for the trigger sensor ? as they were prone on failing . Just my 2 cents !
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    How To Replace your Lower Column Bearing: Better and Cheaper!!!

    While we are on this has anyone got a listing for the top bearing please as I’ve ordered the lower on eBay once I have the both I will dismantle my column . Has anyone replaced the steering coupler with a uni joint ( not sure of the proper name of it )on a manual steering box ? And if so can...
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    Solid Roller Lifter Selection

    I’m using the Hughes solid roller lifters that I purchased off fishy68 from here over 4 years ago engine is coming up to 20k no issues . Just use a decent oil synthetic, and don’t get carried away on the spring pressures ,use within the lifter & cam recommendations and you should be fine .
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    Let's See Your Mopars.. again

    Sorry just the one ! Would like another I just don’t have the room.
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    On the topic of Fender Tags- what if you don't have it?

    Mine had the fender tag when it was inspected but magically disappeared after it was loaded and sent to Aus , luckily photos were taken on inspection and I had one made but I had to provide a bill of sale & Title to prove that I owned the vehicle. No alterations I just wanted what it come out...
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    No where to go so I emptied this Box!!!

    Steve your the Santa Claus of Mopar !
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    Subframe connectors for a driver/cruiser, necessary to weld to floor?

    I have the Hoskins really nice low profile just welded the ends in I could have gone with the bolts but decided to get them welded in night to day difference in handling . The car feels well planted under power in sweeping curved roads , larger torsion bars are another great up grade as well for...
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    Kevko sale- anyone used this pan?

    No clearance issues at all the only problem was the Hughes girdle with the Rods which was touching in some areas and we made the desired adjustments cleared the notches to relief those areas. Funny thing was Hughes diagram had some instruction stating the girdle had plenty clearance with I beam...
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    Kevko sale- anyone used this pan?

    Good pans have a 6 quart on mine as well, great baffles and trap doors to stop the slosh under hard throttle or breaking. Make sure you get the pick up aswell . With mine I needed to heat and bend the tube in its right spot as the support didn’t line up properly on the main stud.
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    Honest Pictures of your Mopar, Flaws and all

    Here’s a few more and she gets driven a lot , she drives really well and handles quite good for her vintage .
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    Honest Pictures of your Mopar, Flaws and all

    I can say she’s a 7.5
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    W2 408 Dyno results today !

    These guys I know well & his statement was months before my engine made it into the dyno room . These guys build pretty exotic engines for the dirt track community and are down to to earth no bullshit type of people who do great machine work and engine building . True there are types out there...
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    W2 408 Dyno results today !

    Just run it 493 ain’t no slouch believe me I was a little disappointed with mine 470 -518 and my engine builder said don’t get hung up on numbers as his dyno was on the liner side mate it still puts a smile on my face still after 15k It pulls this A body with no effort and yours a 4 speed .,Get...