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    Question for members that were of age in '70

    I was 10 most of 1970, but in all my years around A-bodies it is not something I have ever heard. Lots of options were falling by the wayside each year starting in 1970. There was big marketing for the all-new E-bodies and that, more than anything else, may have been the reason for the lack of...
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    Bay Area Meet and Greet?

    Turnout for the picnic was dismal, but had a good time for a couple of hours. Saw our long time friend and his wife so it was all worth it.
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    Last 10% takes 50% of the time

    I've finished cars in the past. That's the best indicator of finishing a car in the future. Finished this one in 2006. 383/727/3.23 open 8.75/PS/AC. Then sold it to cover the price of the convertible.
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    Last 10% takes 50% of the time

    My Barracuda has been apart since late 2007. It runs now, but will hopefully be painted here soon. I've got the upholstery from Legendary along with a new top. I need to get the new garage done first, though. I'm ready for stucco and then the roof. Hopefully soon. Current state. GTS is also...
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    Well it's official!

    That's what our Hyundai came with instead of a spare and jack. Now there is a factory jack and a full size spare in the tire well...
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    Well it's official!

    Had a very different experience in Sacramento on my car trailer when we were bringing my Barracuda home in 2006. Blew a tire and took the next ramp. Right off the freeway was a used tire shop that was open on a Sunday. A few dollars for a used tire and we were on our way.
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    4 speed shifter identification

    There was an Inland that looks a lot like the Hurst mechanism. You have to look at the mechanism to know whether it is a Hurst or Inland, but I'm betting Inland with the lift for reverse.
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    Identifying 1969 Swinger

    There were two Swingers in 1969 with different VIN price classes. LL is plain Swinger, no high perf engines available. LM is Swinger 340, a completely separate model based on price class.
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    engine high on driver side

    The mounts really only fit one way. It's not like the biscuit mounts that can set high on one side if you aren't careful. Time to start measuring things.
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    Now I have seen everything!!!!!!

    Yes, some folks did make that argument, BUT current EV technology is far behind current ICE technology in terms of usefulness. At the time the "horseless" carriage came out it was about even and there was no chance of the horse technology improving. My 2020 Hyundai Elantra ECO is light years...
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    Identifying 1969 Swinger

    No. Some 340 cars were GTS'. It's all about the VIN...
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    Bay Area Meet and Greet?

    We still have our show (San Joaquin Valley), but it has moved out of Madera (they basically told us they didn't want us) to Clovis. The show is next Saturday (Sept. 24). We have never really had a big show, but it is smaller than 20 years ago. The club has gone through several membership changes...
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    What did you order for your car today ?

    Spare tire and wheel. Seems like spares are optional equipment these days. The car didn't even come with a jack (found that on ebay). This is our 2020 Elantra. Gonna drive over 600 miles this weekend so it will be nice to have especially after getting a screw in a tire on Sunday. Going with a...
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    Now I have seen everything!!!!!!

    Redneck hybrid...
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    Happy birthday Leanna!

    Happy birthday young lady...
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    Bay Area Meet and Greet?

    I have long term friends in the area as we lived there most of the 1980s, but a few years ago we were in the Sac area and one of the local Mopar clubs was having their picnic. We happened to be in the area so we went to that one, too.
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    Bay Area Meet and Greet?

    We'll be there.
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    Bay Area Meet and Greet?

    Decided we're going to make it to the picnic. We have to be in Redwood City on Friday.
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    Direct Connection license frame

    That's not the one that is mine (my wife's). We own the GTS. The guy with the '69 340-S just had to get pics of the cars together.
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    Bay Area Meet and Greet?

    Had to go search for it. We'll be at Stanford on Friday and Sunday/Monday. Deciding what to do for the weekend.
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    Rear end shifted

    Probably from hard launches. I think it's time for better shackles than the originals...
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    Bay Area Meet and Greet?

    Mopar Alley is having their picnic next Saturday.
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    Bay Area Suspension Installer Shops

    Not only do these coil over kits generally replace worn out torsion bar suspension, but worn out standard torsion bar suspension (small T-bars and no sway bar). Simply adding a sway bar to the standard V8 torsion bar setup along with modern shocks while keeping the .850" bars will be a night and...
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    # 6 spark plug access hole Big Block

    #6 isn't too bad on my son's 1967 Dart (440/B-body HP manifolds). Just have to reach under the alternator from the front, BUT on my Barracuda that's a different story. The header panel makes it so that my arms are just a little short to reach #6 (same engine/manifold combo). I just do it from...
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    Direct Connection license frame

    I've had mine for many years. Still have the license plate, too.
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    Early A-Bodies

    When I go to a car show I tend to walk past the E-bodies. I never really had an interest in them. Some early A's are interesting to me and some later A's are not. Just the way it is. I have no idea what body style yours is so I can't comment. I also don't pay that much attention to slants or...
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    Mopar Alley 2022 Cupertino

    Probably will be some cars out there, but it looks like a club picnic.
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    [WANTED] lower rear quarter patches 67-69 barracuda

    AMD had them, but may not have them anymore. I bought mine a couple of years ago when they were having a blowout sale.