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  1. DFX 340 Duster

    Secret second hobbies

    And I never saw a Civil War era orange double recliner with cup holders before either.
  2. DFX 340 Duster

    Lessons to be learned about shipping USPS

    Good to know. So in the future I can use two of the PO supplied triangular shaped boxes taped together to form a rectangle!
  3. DFX 340 Duster

    [WANTED] SBP wheels

    Yes I am planning on going to Fall Fling. I sent you pictures through a conversation. Art
  4. DFX 340 Duster

    [WANTED] SBP wheels

    I have a set of 4 driver/moving quality small bolt pattern 14x5 1/2 Rallye wheels. I also have a set of 4 small bolt pattern 14” steel wheels that I used to use to just move the car around. I can provide pictures of both tomorrow with the width of the steelies. Your choice free.
  5. DFX 340 Duster


    It must be really fast if you need twice as many brake lights to slow it down.
  6. DFX 340 Duster

    70 Duster 340 Air Cleaner Decal?

    Here are the two unrestored ones that I have.
  7. DFX 340 Duster

    Green energy

    Reserved parking is available at many locations.
  8. DFX 340 Duster

    DIY Vinyl Top install question

    @rva any tips on installing the vinyl top that may help others thinking of doing the same?
  9. DFX 340 Duster

    Aluminum cylinder heads

    I was just answering the OP's initial question. That's all. I have no experience with aftermarket aluminum heads so I don't comment on the production quality of the various manufacturers.
  10. DFX 340 Duster

    Minimum Air Compressor Size

    Check this one out in your area. 150 PSI craftsman 20 gallon, 1.5 HP air compressor - tools - by... I have a Sears Craftsman Professional model that is 110V and does everything that you are asking for.
  11. DFX 340 Duster

    Hoosier Garage and 318willrun - should be fun!

    Besides figuring out the winner, let's take a pool on the elapsed times of both vehicles! Now that would be a fun contest.
  12. DFX 340 Duster

    Aluminum cylinder heads

    FYI Edelbrock still has its aluminum casting facility in San Jacinto, CA.
  13. DFX 340 Duster

    Hoosier Garage and 318willrun - should be fun!

    Yeah, Rusty, when it’s sidepipes versus mudflaps, sidepipes for the win!
  14. DFX 340 Duster

    Do I have these installed wrong???

    I still have the factory radiator and shroud. Try posting a help wanted thread specifying your setup. Maybe someone has already wrestled with the change and can help.
  15. DFX 340 Duster

    Do I have these installed wrong???

    From the 1971 service manual.
  16. DFX 340 Duster

    Do I have these installed wrong???

    You have them installed correctly.
  17. DFX 340 Duster

    Yeah....having a great platform to start with , but i dont know what i want !!

    Thanks for the correction. He must have adapted a turbo from something else back then. Thinking about it years later I assumed it was from the Thunderbird.
  18. DFX 340 Duster

    Yeah....having a great platform to start with , but i dont know what i want !!

    Back in the late 1970s a friend of mine raced me in his Pinto Wagon. I had a big block 1964 Dodge Polara that I had rebuilt the engine with performance items (484 purple cam, lifters, springs, aluminum high rise intake, carb, headers, strip clutch and pressure plate). He beat me by a couple of...
  19. DFX 340 Duster

    Yeah....having a great platform to start with , but i dont know what i want !!

    Well, a few years ago I rented and drove two different hybrid cars while traveling. I liked the gas mileage but the gear head in me wanted more horsepower. I was wondering what type of mileage and performance I could achieve with the right combination of turbo gas engine coupled with the right...
  20. DFX 340 Duster

    My heart, my heart, an upside 68 dart

    I dated a girl for a time a loooooong time ago. Her dad worked for a company that bought junked cars and fixed them up for Hollywood movies or television shows. He told me that some cars were left as is with only their good side visible to the camera. Most others were cheaply repaired and...
  21. DFX 340 Duster

    Weight loss.

    @furrystump I am a retired materials and process engineer/chemist from Boeing. I have often thought of making some carbon fiber/epoxy articles in my garage. What resin system are you using?
  22. DFX 340 Duster

    2025 Dodge eMuscle Electric Muscle Car: Smoke All Four of ’Em

    Well if 4 doors are fugly and 2 doors are badass, what would you call NO doors?
  23. DFX 340 Duster

    [WANTED] Duster Automatic Transmission Console Torque Shaft

    I suggest that you state your engine and transmission combination. I found that the torque shafts are different lengths depending on the the transmission. My car originally came with a 340 and 727 transmission with a column shift linkage. Somewhere along the line somebody swapped in a 318 and...
  24. DFX 340 Duster


    My 1971 340 Duster has torque boxes and it is a factory automatic car.
  25. DFX 340 Duster

    Motor Mount Help

    I bought some new ones from summit or jegs about 7 years ago and they were noticeably thicker than the ones that were on the car.
  26. DFX 340 Duster

    Motor Mount Help

    I have heard of an “R” block but never a “Cat” block.
  27. DFX 340 Duster

    Dodge Charger And Lifted Ram Show Us How Not To Remove A Stranded Vehicle On Florida Beach

    I wonder of they brought the Charger on the sand to do rooster tails.
  28. DFX 340 Duster

    From the "I did not know they 1st used a 62 Dodge " files

    Miss Turbine has now joined miss Bump Steer in the Chrysler Calendar!!
  29. DFX 340 Duster

    Swaybar brackets

    Be careful. If I remember correctly, the 1972 factory sway bar runs through the k-member whereas the earlier ones have the sway bar in front of the k-member. I think the tabs that mount to the 72 lower control arms are different or are located differently than the 71 and earlier.
  30. DFX 340 Duster

    Middle of the Year - where are YOU at ??

    1969 Polara 500 383-4bbl convertible: finally pulled the tranny pan to replace the leaking gasket. Didn’t like what I found. Lots of black sludge and fresh metal flakes. Looks like a rebuild is in order before driving it again. 1971 Duster 340: I have been going through boxes of household junk...