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    318 Engine Running Like Crap - Help Needed

    Backfires are ignition, coil overheating
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    Early A-Bodies

    If you drive it around like a normal car and stop at grocery stores, gas stations ect you'll get a lot of attention if thats what you're looking for. Car show people are a different type of A holes.
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    Small block mileage

    Examples may or tend to be exaggerations, however they can also be real world numbers.
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    crimped shut rocker drain holes from factory?

    Appears to be someones idea to keep water out. I would drill these and spray the cavity with WD40 or something. Having the cavity open and protected is the only way to keep the rust at bay.
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    Another Epso Thread…

    If you look at pics from original cars rolling off the showroom floor they where lower than expected or often seen now.
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    Another Epso Thread…

    Anyone considering ESPO, mine have been in 20 years and the ride height is still the same.
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    If you could order any A-Body new? What if question.

    Any 4 speed A body all good, must have NO stripes NO spiolers NO scoops.
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    "RV cam" ...... huh?

    RV cam is a 2 letter description of a 10 page discussion.
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    Electrical Main Panel

    When doing any work involving cutting the main power at the meter, I have always cut the clip carefully so it can be put back without notice. Then pulled meter and jumped the internal connections of the with shortened jumper cables. Done my work tested all circuits reinstalled meter. No permits...
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    67 Dart GT Rocker Molding Trim Clip???

    Eliminate all the clips, screws, holes, beat up moldings that need attention and paint on the molding for a cleaner look ... just a suggestion
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    273 Commando 4 Speed with Brewer Performance Replacement Clutch

    Don't know for sure but IMO the clutch would be good. However I would use the 273 cam, solid lifters, push rods and adjustable rockers, you will save $$ on those items and will not have to sweating the cam going flat.
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    Amber Waves of Pain

    Newer cars and trucks. I have trouble seeing the turn signals with opposing traffic having there headlights on.
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    Amber Waves of Pain

    Dept. of Transportation of whatever BS government commission should look into the integrated headlight/turn signal setups on a lot of newer vehic
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    whats everyone doing for car batteries these days??

    Not paying 150 for a battery, go to the local junk yard find one that fits for 20. RECYCLE. (Cheap old man)
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    Correct ballast resistor

    Lots of confusion about this topic, I have had coils leaking and overheating. I put an finned aluminum heat sink strapped to the coil, so far OK.
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    1966 Valiant.

    Your car looks great! No need for validation, although Valiants where at the bottom of the food chain back then, they sure have aged well. No stripes, No spoilers, No scoops, No over styling, just simple nice lines in a lightweight form.
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    14 GA or 16 GA Fusible Link?

    Uh, no. Is that why fuseable links links are used in your home or industry and anywhere else. There are slow blow fuses for momentary spikes and surges. A blown fuse indicates a problem how you deal with the problem is up to you. Fuseable link is nothing more than link of smaller gauge sized to...
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    14 GA or 16 GA Fusible Link?

    Put a amp meter where the link is an measure the max draw, then replace the link with an inline fuse and of corse keep a spare in the glovebox.
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    Tire Size for 5.5 small bolt rally wheels on 64 Valiant 200

    225 is a bit wide for 5.5 inch rim, maybe a 215/60/14, ran those years back on 5.5 inch rally wheels on a 66 Cuda.
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    New leafs too high, how much will they settle?

    Flip the front spring brackets to lower it about 1 inch, if they snag over time flip them back to the original location. This requires you to oval out 2 of the mounting holes. If you don't like that option either get lowering brackets or ESPO springs which in my experience do not snag.
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    Duster Rear Wheel Cylinder Size

    Yes put on smaller bore wheel cylinders as noted , worked for me. No need for adjustable proportioning valve setup.
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    Cat Piss.

    Many do not care for there "pets" properly. You can tell this if a cat owner lets them out all night where they can get into trouble or killed, and a dog owner that lets them roam or chained to bark outside and never walks them. LAZY slobs that do not care and should not even own goldfish.
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    68 Plymouth Valiant

    Your car looks great! Great yet simple plan, I remember not long ago when Mopar snobs looked down upon the lowly Valiant, well times have changed.
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    HP gain of 10.5-1 pistons vs 8.8-1 in a 273.

    Save yourself from yourself and save 50 plus cents /gallon run some 87 oct and drive it and enjoy.
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    Where has Plymouth stood in Super Stock drag racing?

    Lots of wins no matter how hard GM lobbied to chance the rules.
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    Expanding the search

    They tend to migrate all over the US from coast to coast.
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    Expanding the search

    A car coming from a "rust free state" does not mean its rust free, and a car from a "rust' state does not mean its rusted. These are 50plus year old car made of steel, rust is rust. In 50 years any car will be subjected to a variety of conditions, evaluate it for what it is.
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    340 or 360?

    5.9 and never have to listen for the flat tappet "tick" nightmare. Count the number of posts for wiped cams.
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    302 head exhaust port bulge and a '65 Valiant LH manifold

    Small amount of grinding test fitting the head/manifold with Fel pro gaskets no problem.
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    273 with 340 exhaust manifolds

    IMO any gain using a 340 driver side manifold would be offset a lot because of the wicked bend connection needed on the outlet (narrow early A vs wider chassis late A) I don't think that manifold shootout test took that into account.