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  1. furrystump

    Weight loss.

    So I knew the rear seat back in the car was pretty heavy. It being a fastback and folding down. With the intention of stuff being transported on top of it while folded down. I pulled it out and threw it on the scale. The seat back weighed 48 lbs. My goal, is to make a much lighter part that...
  2. furrystump

    Differences in 904 sun shells

    So I’m building a 904. The core is a 1968 904 with 4 pinion aluminum planetary’s front and back. So the issue I’m having is the low gear set kit I bought came with a sun shell. It is different from the 68 sun shell in that the opening is much larger than than the 68 shell. You can put the shell...
  3. furrystump

    Intake design for stock appearing class and needed a winter project

    So I’m tired of paint and body work and it’s to cold to spray color now anyways. So I have embarked on tackling the intake on my car. I’m currently running a stock 68-69 340 intake with the divider cut down and the ports being blended and gasket matched. The car runs a stock appearing stock tire...
  4. furrystump

    727 fun

    So I was in staging for qualifying and clicked it into drive and it made a whirring sound for a sec and started to move. Moved it back and forth drive to neutral a bunch trying to recreate the sounds and it worked fine. Did my burn out and staged the car. Loaded the converter as usual, light...
  5. furrystump

    Chassis dyno graph

    Ok, ran the car on chassis dyno and here’s the graph. The small improvement was from drilling out the accel pump nozzle just a touch. The combo is It seems to me that it is too “smooth” for lack of a better word, like it’s hitting the limit of a part and saying “you shall not pass” at 6500 it...
  6. furrystump

    8 3/4” carrier bearing preload

    So I’m putting a spool in my 8 3/4” and was just reading up since it’s been awhile. I’ve set up 3-4 carriers in the past so pretty comfortable doing it. My question pertains to carrier bearing preload, IIRC I have used 90lbs of torque to set preload on the bearings, but just read about using...
  7. furrystump

    Englistown closed

    Effective immediately, it's on the site.