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  1. 2darts

    Has anyone here done their car with vinyl wrap?

    I’ve done mine a few times. Didn’t have to do the roof, if you do the roof, you’d have a seem just like a vinyl roof
  2. 2darts

    Moparfest 2022

    See you all there. I have the banner
  3. 2darts

    Modern Vinyl coverings instead of paint

    It was a bitc$, thanks for reminding
  4. 2darts

    Modern Vinyl coverings instead of paint

    Thanks, The trim is powder coated satin black.
  5. 2darts

    Modern Vinyl coverings instead of paint

    Sorry, Haven't been here for a while, Yes, both cars are wrapped, the Dart is a brushed aluminum black and the trim is powder coated satin black.
  6. 2darts

    Official FABO Artwork to make a banner for car shows

    I made the artwork, if admin has no problem with this, I can send you an email with the file.
  7. 2darts

    Modern Vinyl coverings instead of paint

    Anybody ever mess with vinyl to cover a large area? Like a car roof? If you need some answers, send me a PV. It would be my pleasure to help out
  8. 2darts

    Vote for Mom

    Done, Best of luck to Mom
  9. 2darts

    Happy Birthday Tool Man Mike!

    Happy Birthday Mike!
  10. 2darts

    Hello, I notice your post about looking for a 68 GTS Convertible, I'm thinking of selling mine...

    Hello, I notice your post about looking for a 68 GTS Convertible, I'm thinking of selling mine, but it doesn't have AC. It's one of one painted in argent silver. 340 Auto, matching # It's in Canada, about 8 hrs away from you. Let me know if your interested.Mike
  11. 2darts

    Moparfest 2016

    See you all there!
  12. 2darts

    Meet my new 74 Duster

    Looking Good Snake! Congrats on the new car
  13. 2darts

    Happy Birthday Gdrill

    Happy Birthday George! Hope all is well my friend!
  14. 2darts

    Happy Birthday "/6 Matt"

    Happy Birthday! hope all is well
  15. 2darts

    WTB 68 GTS nose cone

    I have one for sale....$22,000 comes with the GTS Foumd another and paid Lots. Anybody know the real story why they stop the option of offering then? Is there a code on the fender tag of the few that received them from the plants?
  16. 2darts

    AlV 69 Dodge GTS project

    I think the hood stripe looks good! Will you be doing the tail stripe also?
  17. 2darts

    Dart Vader Needs your Vote RPM Magazine

    Got It ! Looks Bad A$$
  18. 2darts

    [SOLD] 1968 TRW Power Steering Pump

    Email and Pics sent, Let me know
  19. 2darts

    H,B,D. Dustermaniac !

    Happy Birthday Tom! Prayers sent for that light to come quick. Take care,Mike
  20. 2darts

    Pam's Jamaican Blue Baby

    Nice work, congrats.. That one thing a day paid off
  21. 2darts

    Well.... Looks like I'm a Ford owner.

    We don't see Bronco's here anymore, looks like it's very clean. Congrats
  22. 2darts

    Nite Moves update,,,,,,,completion, getting real close

    Glad to see things are looking better Edd. Keep us posted
  23. 2darts

    Back in the family after 30yrs

    Congrats, thats awsome that you got it back after all these years. Please post more pics when it finally gets home
  24. 2darts


    Keep us posted Doug, Good luck and get this sh$t figured out
  25. 2darts

    "New" 1964 Valiant V-200 Convertible

    Nice score, Congrats. Looking forward the the build
  26. 2darts

    Happy Birthday swifter!

    Happy Birthday, Hope you had a good one!
  27. 2darts

    Very long story; I'll be messed up for a while, but lucky to be alive

    Prayers for a speedy recovery Brad. your Angel was ridin' with you that day..
  28. 2darts

    happy b'day to crackedback!!!

    Happy Birthday, Have a good one!
  29. 2darts

    My Birthday/ Retirement gift

    Cool! Congrats n Happy retirement!