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    Incredible excavation, WWII Russian aircraft, pilot remains, artifacts

    This reminds me of a story I saw many years ago on PBS. A team got together and decided to fly an old WWII B29 bomber abandoned in Greenland. They went through many hardships including removing the engines, dragging them back to the U.S. , and having them rebuilt. [In the cold and wind]. An...
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    Water Heater Won't Start

    I don't know if this helps, but my buddy had an old camper up at the lake with a propane powered light over the kitchen table. It was always was hard to start. One day he took it apart and looked inside and found a tiny spider web in there, blew it out. It's been working good since.
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    Anyone ever try one of these back stretching machines

    PBR, So........ What else do you have hanging in your basement? No pictures PLEASE!
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    1969 340 is down

    As viewed from your first picture: There are 2 different stamped rocker arms, a left and a right. They should an L or an R stamped on them. For EACH cylinder, L is on the left and R is on the right. They are not related to intake/exhaust valves. The notches on the rocker arm shafts are on the...
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    Hydraulic lifters - are these good?

    After the high spots are stoned down, there is only a few tiny grooves left that hold oil. The grooves might even be beneficial. I had some 1970's SB lifters and they were either flat or worn down a little in the middle from high mileage. They were still hard, as a new file would barely touch...
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    Anyone ever try one of these back stretching machines

    I've often wondered what other pictures you have in your camera......... I'm cured now.
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    Here's what happens when your Tesla Roadster (or any EV) reaches the end of battery life

    There is no easy answer. Alaska's shoreline is still polluted from the Exxon Valdez oil spill. The Gulf of Mexico shoreline was cleaned somewhat by the hurricanes, but the oil went somewhere? The Keystone Pipeline dumped 600,000 gallons of toxic chemicals and bitumen into the streams and land of...
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    Hydraulic lifters - are these good?

    Those are new lifters with a crown. Just take a stone [fine too medium] and take down any high spots of the ding marks by hand. Run em.
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    Modern V/8's

    Lee Iacocca put Chrysler in a good position with their K cars, etc. Then somebody got the government to lower the mileage standards. [exxon, gm, ford, Reagan ????] . It's called power.
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    Buns of Stihl

    I'm imagining both clamping forces!
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    Buns of Stihl

    It's only the letters that are upside down.
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    Eagle Forged Stroker Crank CRACKED

    That looks like a cast crank. What formula of iron did they use? Nickel, chromium, etc. can be added to the pour to make the product stronger or tougher; but are expensive. The problem I see is the thickness of the web at the point of failure. I compared it to a factory 340 steel crank. The...
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    Richard Holdener starting to doing some 2.2L DODGE TURBO dyno testing.

    Years ago a guy from CT drove up to N.E. Dragways [150 miles] in a Plymouth Acclaim 2.5 Turbo. He was turning 13.5's consistently. One week he bolted on a set of puny slicks. Turned a 13.2. Smart guy. He was playing with boost pressures. In 1991/2 Chrysler made a 2.2 with a Lotus cyl head in...
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    When life isn’t fair

    I never realized Ned Beatty shopped at Walmart.
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    Big block/3 on the tree?

    If my memory is right, most mopars came with a 3 speed as standard equipment in the early 60's. The 4 speeds and the automatics were a $200 option. In 1964, a 426 wedge is listed with a 3 speed trans.
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    What are you listening to ?

    The Whippoorwill sung by Keely Smith from the movie 'thunder road'. A classic moonshiner's movie with Robert Michum.
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    Does anyone know what goes in this spot on the firewall?

    Decades ago someone from CT restored an AAR Cuda. He bought the complete original factory exhaust system from the dealership. [$$$$$]. Went down to motor vehicle department and got rejected because the exhaust exited in front of the rear tire. Talk about a bad day!
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    Is a GMC truck just a dressed up Chevy truck?

    The early hemis were in dodges, desotos and chryslers. They were totally different motors. Ford and mercury had similar flathead motors. Mercuries had a few more cubes and horsepower. Some early GMC trucks had pontiac motors in them [straight 6 cyl. flathead with 2 cyl. heads.] Up to the mid...
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    Last one to post in this thread wins!

    What concerns me is what the hell is going thru your mind at any given time........ BUT, what concerns me even more is where you get your props.
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    After watching the movie, I wondered what was the fastest muscle car from the 60's and 70's [besides the 427 AC Cobra]. Most muscle cars ran 13's or 14's. The only one that was faster than most and street legal ,I think, was something I never heard of. A 1963 Ford Galaxie lightweight. 12.1...
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    Our local PBS station plays old classic movies on Saturdays. No commercials. Saw mad,mad,mad,mad world again. All star actors. Sid Caesar, Buddy Hacket, Peter Falk [colombo] just to name a few. Lots of Mopars. Just to hear Ethel Merman's soothing voice again made it all worthwhile.
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    What is this tool thread? Take a guess. Stump the Toolman!

    A Chevy guy giving up his hobby?
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    1975 904 for slant 6

    Chrysler lists their convertors as either 10 3/4'' or as 11 3/4''. So if you measure yours and get 10 3/4''; that is closer to 11'' than it is to 10''. So what do you call it? And what does the manufacturer call it?
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    That page is a little hard to read. I find it interesting that a 904 front clutch [for a 318] takes 4 discs and 4 plates. And how many years did your trans last behind a 340? Run it.
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    What are these four yellow wires for under dash?

    That could be for the 'headlamp on reminder buzzer relay. The wiring diagram is confusing me tonight.
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    Mecum Thursday, Another Duster goes for big bucks

    $70,000 for a 14 second Duster????? How is it mechanically? Parts? Gasoline problems? A/C? Can't even drive it in the rain or snow in the north country. Needs a dry garage to store it in. No thanks!!!! For $50,000 I can buy a 12 second Challenger with air conditioning, a nice sound system, a...
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    From a 1971 fsm. ------ 727 w/340. front clutches = 3 clutch plates = 3 clutch discs = .035 to .088 clear. rear clutches = 3 clutch plates = 4 clutch discs = .025 to .045 clear.
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    An Eagle Cap Camper Snapped A Ram 3500 Dually In Half, Mopar Refuses $17,000 Repair Bill

    The truck's rear axle was severely overloaded just sitting in a parking lot. Adding wind pressure over the truck cab at 70 mph makes things worse. Adding wind pressure straight into the camper at 70 mph makes the camper want to slide back and tilt rearward. It's a tall unit. Plus the seesaw...
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    Be careful with chemicals guys.

    You are a little off on the war gasses. In WWll Hitler used a gas called ZYKLON-B, a type of rat poison. In WWl the Germans used phosgene gas [AKA Combat Gas]. Phosgene gas turns into hydrochloric acid gas when it hits the moisture in your lungs and produces carbon monoxide in your bloodstream...