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    [WANTED] purple cam p4120231 wanted

    does anyone happen to have one of these cams? been looking for one and maybe they are no longer made? Thanks
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    [WANTED] Looking for mopar cam p4452761

    Does anyone happen to have one of these ? Thanks
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    Wrong distributor for 69 318?

    with the engine at idle and the vacuum advanced plugged in, what is your timing. if its not 13 then your vacuum advance is pulling at idle. Then unplug the vacuum advance and what is your timing. if 13 there is your answer. Simply put your vacuum advance is coming on too soon. You can adjust...
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    1966 Barracuda 10 1/2 bellhousing conversion Z bar

    i had to trim a little from the bellhousing side, i cant tell you exactly how much as it seems no 2 are the same cut. But once you get it mocked up while on the car it will be clear how much you may need. It was not very much. the part number on brewers sight is TS238. however that same bar can...
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    1966 Barracuda 10 1/2 bellhousing conversion Z bar

    i used a 67 a body z bar and had to cut the end a little but it worked just fine in the early a bodies. Have used them multiple times on early a 4 speeds. The trick with brewers is to get there adapter that mounts to the bellhousing, that will ensure the z bar is in the correct position.
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    Edelbrock 800cfm AVS2

    i bought one of those as well and noticed the same thing. I did buy the calibration kit with the carb. However I leaned it out one step with metering rods that are available with the 750 kit. I used the edlebrock chart for that carb as my reference on what jets and rods work best . I also had...
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    Priming the rebuilt engine question

    I was recently talking to someone at a local shop who specializes in muscle cars as they were doing a cars and coffee. They do mostly fords and chevys some mopars. They are also well known in the area for doing great work. I was talking to him about how various things and he brought up how they...
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    Spectra fuel sending unit

    do a google search, i cant remember the name of the last guy I used. He was in the mid west somewhere. Came back really quirk , within a week of me sending it to him. This was about 10 years ago the last time i had to deal with a bad sending unit
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    Spectra fuel sending unit

    Yes, They suck. They read completely wrong. I have not been able to find a a/m sending unit to work with the early a's. I Have the original one sent out for repair instead.
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    65 Cuda, how to open the hood?

    as 74 charger said push down on the hood while turning the latch. My hood needs a little encouraging from time to time on my barracuda too.
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    Fall Fling 25 Oct 23, 2021 Van Nuys CA -info & roll call

    Its a good 6 hour drive for me. Have you any confirmation on how many sellers will be there. i go for the parts mainly. Hope Newsome doesn't shut everything down again before the show
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    Mopar Alley 2021?

    show has been cancelled
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    Champion 3 Row Rad into a 64 Dart

    I used the 2 row radiator on my 64 dart. It sit too high up so i had to finesse the bolt holes to get the radiator low enough. I found this out the hard way when I took a long drive and coolant was leaking out the top of the cap. I took the cap off and noticed when i close the hood it bent the...
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    Has anyone tried one of these car lifts

    hmmm, just be sure to aim the car towards which ever neighbor you do not like. That way when it brakes free it will roll into there house or cars or fence or pool or mail box etc...
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    22-inch Replacement Rad. for six cyl.?

    i have , in the past, always upgraded any 19 " to 22" or 26" radiator. Until I tried a champion 2 core 19" in a 64 dart with a 318. That Radiator keeps the engine very cool and I never have a problem with it. The only issue i had was the install. it sits t ohigh up on the core support I had to...
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    Carburetor size Question

    I had used a 500 cfm on a 318 cop car motor with 360 heads and a mp 340 cam in the mid 90's, only thing i did to it was change the cam and that thing was alot of fun. So I then went to a 625- carter- made it more fun. Then I went to hell with it and put a 750 manual choke afb- that carb made a...
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    Adding a Lean-to on the side of a building. Anyone know of a good kit?

    try arrow sheds, they have aluminum ones. I am sure there are others. Tough shed comes to mind. If you are looking at wood, my neighbor built one himself. He found plans online and built it from there. Other than that its either customer built to the size you need or you will need to hire a...
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    1966 Dart 225 with Holley 1920

    Those are the factory settings made for grandma's car, IMO, but now we are driving grandmas car so we can mess around with them a little bit more. Bring it up to 5 and see what happens take it for a spin see if you hear any pinging, you should not, then bring it up to either 8 or 10 degrees. If...
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    1966 Dart 225 with Holley 1920

    bump up your timing . i run 8- 10 on slant six at idle not to exceed 32 all in mechanical , this will increase your rpm and vacuum at idle
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    driveline vibration

    How long has this been going on? Did you do any work then the vibration appeared. How is your timing, what is your base timing set at? Is the timing (mark) jumping around at idle in gear? Motor mounts? Transmission mount? Take the transmission tailshaft and try to move it- if it moved your...
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    Temp Gauge Working Intermittently - Suggestions?

    it could be the voltage regulator on the back of the gauge, if your year had one, it could be a bad sending unit. on the block. But you could also bypass the unit and buy a a/m temp gauge .
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    AVS2 Tuning Woes...

    so, correct me if i am wrong, but it seems to me if the car is cold the edelbrocks have a lock out that prevents the secondary's opening up unless the car is warmed up. I was having an issue with a holley not able to get it open all the way using the acc pedal , I had to install a longer...
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    65 Barracuda Addco front sway bar install

    i had it backwards about the front bracket but you can see in the photo how it goes together
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    65 Barracuda Addco front sway bar install

    I have installed several of the addco bars over the years in early a's its been a while since I did one so I will spell out what I had to do. Also you might get lucky as some 65 barracudas has the lower control arms with the sway bar bushing bracket already welded in place , its no big deal if...
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    [WANTED] Carter bbs fast idle cam and screw

    try your question at
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    Chrome acorn nuts

    I know laysons sells stainless, but they are expensive
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    New Alternator To Avoid

    I bought one of these a few years ago and at the time I swear it was not putting out as advertised. my radio would power off at idle at a stop light there was not enough juice. I ran a wire form the alternator to the starter relay lug and ran the power for the radio to it as well . same thing...
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    Misfire at cruise, popping/afterfire at 3000RPM

    no need to apologize, did not even cross my mind.
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    Misfire at cruise, popping/afterfire at 3000RPM

    How old is the distributor, my guess is bad reluctor/ reluctor gap . Is the distributor the mallory type or is it older? Is it a mopar performance distributor or the new crap you can but at oreily/ autozone now- they are easier to work on but not well built imo. What advance springs are your...
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    Misfire - Ignition Advice

    I would need to know what carb you are running. What is your ignition timing at idle at all in?. i would check the reluctor in the distributor, I had a similar problem a few years ago on a older mp distributor, turns out the reluctor in the distributor looked like a mouse was chewing on it so...