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  1. mcmlvii

    New Member Introduction - 1971 GSS Demon

    I found your thread via Maxcustody's hemi Dart page. Awesome car you were able to get back into your family. Thanks for the story. I just hope that guy who's got "your" 340 will see the light soon and let you have it back.
  2. mcmlvii

    Disaster for neighbor

    Glad to hear the neighbor was ok. It's sad to see the remnants of the car. Regarding these barracuda rear windows, they are still pretty easy to find. I personally have three spares. Two came with the car and I got a third from a neighbor's house that recently sold. The window was in the back...
  3. mcmlvii

    Is a GMC truck just a dressed up Chevy truck?

    In the early 80s my brother picked up from a coworker a '67 GMC 1 ton (I guess that would make it a 3500) flatbed dually with a 351 V6, 4 speed, and Detroit locker. It got horrible gas mileage but nowadays would be a cool truck to find again. Dad bought it from my brother, then Dad sold it in...
  4. mcmlvii

    I'm 3D Printing a set of Dash Panels with Gauges

    I'm curious what you use for flatbed temperature when you're printing. The parts I do seem to like the bed kept at 80c for the entire print, to keep from curling the bottom edges. I primarily use PETG.
  5. mcmlvii

    4 post lift vs. 2 post lift. Pros and Cons.

    I know this thread is about 2- and 4-post lifts but when I was looking for a lift, I thought a scissor lift was the right one for me. I ended up buying a used Hydra-Lift (Canadian made but no longer in business) and am very happy with it. It has over 6' of clearance under the car when fully...
  6. mcmlvii

    Maintaining RV batteries

    The power converters/battery chargers that come in RVs are usually a poor choice for maintaining RV batteries, as they are mainly for providing a 12 volt power source during camping when you're plugged in to 120VAC. They will keep your batteries charged when not camping but they are not well...
  7. mcmlvii

    '65 Formula S with "factory" 727 and 8 3/4?

    Good stuff in this thread. So..... Broadcast Sheet "Axle Build Code" 011 is a 7 1/4" 3.23 SG w/10" brakes (per GG's 1991 book), and code 178 (like TMM's) must be 8 3/4" 3.23 SG w/10" brakes (contrary to GG's 1991 book). Still not defined is crawsfire's axle build code of 138 for his 8 3/4" 3.23...
  8. mcmlvii

    Yet another 7260 yoke question: yoke/strap hole center-to-center dimensions

    Yes, all four snap rings are in place. The movement was never side to side. With the old straps the movement was front to back by just a few thou. Regarding the cross caps sticking out so far, I don't know. I presume the rear driveshaft yoke is original to the car. The snap ring can be in the...
  9. mcmlvii

    Yet another 7260 yoke question: yoke/strap hole center-to-center dimensions

    Got the new straps from Denny's Driveline. Nice fit. Thanks again Fishy68 for the info. The photo below shows the larger (presumably 7290) strap on top and the new correct strap on the bottom. The end play wasn't as loose as it would appear to be in the top photo. The shoulders of the old...
  10. mcmlvii

    Yet another 7260 yoke question: yoke/strap hole center-to-center dimensions

    That's what I'm hoping. I am going to order some 7260 straps and hopefully fix the problem. Thanks again.
  11. mcmlvii

    Yet another 7260 yoke question: yoke/strap hole center-to-center dimensions

    Thanks much! Boy, not much difference. I was expecting more.
  12. mcmlvii

    Yet another 7260 yoke question: yoke/strap hole center-to-center dimensions

    So the 8-3/4 differential in my car was pieced together from multiple sources. The problem is, the straps that hold the u-joint into the 7260 yoke seem to be a wee bit on the large side, such that the u-joint has a very small amount of play (I know, not good). I'm thinking the straps are maybe...
  13. mcmlvii

    65 Barracuda on BaT

    I was thinking the same.
  14. mcmlvii

    Greetings from beautiful North Idaho!

    Welcome from Poulsbo, WA. Been through Sandpoint on the way to Glacier a number of years ago, and Silverwood a couple times. Nice looking B'cuda you've got.
  15. mcmlvii

    New here from Whidbey Island

    Welcome from Poulsbo (WA)... :)
  16. mcmlvii

    What's some of the strange item's you've found under seats and carpets in old cars you've bought?

    Aw, c'mon guys. No love for the (not so) furry little creatures?..... I did find a Crescent wrench under the seat in a '67 Dodge D200 35 years ago. Still got the wrench, not the truck. Here's a photo of the truck: The above photo is after I fixed it up. Below photo is when I bought it.
  17. mcmlvii

    What's some of the strange item's you've found under seats and carpets in old cars you've bought?

    Not so strange, but MICE..... Sport Fury: Barracuda:
  18. mcmlvii

    Seed truck??

    I'm.... being.... tempted.... But I'm in the Seattle area and all the good trucks are in Portland.... :-)
  19. mcmlvii

    67 GTS 4-Speed: Daily Summer Driver

    I just found this thread. Awesome job you're doing on your GTS. And sorry to hear about your father.
  20. mcmlvii

    I'm new

    Welcome, and nice back story. Good looking car.
  21. mcmlvii

    has anyone here ever used 67 up exhaust manifold on 64 to 66 A body

    Early '80s I had a '65 Barracuda with Commando 273/4-speed, manual steering, power brakes. I rebuilt the engine and put 340 exhaust manifolds on it. They fit but the ports were obviously much larger and the exhaust gaskets had very limited head surface to seal to, from what I recall (pretty dim...
  22. mcmlvii

    Anyone ever seen one of these?

    Yes, those International engines were very industrial. They had timing gears instead of a chain. I drove an International Loadstar 1600 oil truck for a few years in the early 80s and it had the 345. The seasoned driver got the truck with the 392...
  23. mcmlvii

    Anyone ever seen one of these?

    Yes, friends of ours had one years ago, very similar the OP's vintage but was red. It had a V8 (I think the 345) and, get this, a factory 5-speed manual transmission. I always figured it was a rare bird, especially with the 5 in it. The owners just used it as the work truck it was built to be...
  24. mcmlvii

    Decoding a 1965 Broadcast-Sheet - need help

    Interesting clock. Is it wind-up or electric? Looks to be wind-up.
  25. mcmlvii

    Holy Fn Grail FM3s

    I remember seeing a yellow (I think) T/A parked at the Seattle ferry terminal many times when I commuted from Bainbridge in the early 80s. Same car I presume.
  26. mcmlvii

    Let's talk... Ironhead Sportsters

    A valuable internet site for Ironheads is Sportsters are just about all they do there. When you do ride, be on the defensive at all times. Pretend nobody sees you. Way back when I had a '79 Ironhead Sportster (brother's dual quad '57 300-C frame in the background) and now...
  27. mcmlvii

    FABO member's 72 DART SWINGER 340 Special at MCACN show in Chicago

    I thought that '72 Swinger looked familiar. About a minute into this youtube video is where the car shows up. Nice job, Mr Guinand!
  28. mcmlvii

    New '66 Formula S Owner

    Hey Commando66. My brother mentioned he drove the car to Gig Harbor to pick up some stuff, I presume from you. You happen to have any body parts, like a trunk lid or rear fender lip sheet metal?