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  1. rr4406pak

    Headers with power steering

    How do you put those ProParts headers in if some tubes go around the frame and some dont? Do they come in pieces and you have to weld them together?
  2. rr4406pak

    Need Carb advice for new Big Block build.

    Building new 512 full roller stroker motor with Trick Flow 240 heads. 10.5:1 compression. Auto trans. 3.23 gears. Time to buy the carb. Engine builder says a 950cfm will do. Would this be a good choice?: Quick Fuel FRQ-950 Q-Series Carburetor 950CFM Drag Race The main use of this big block Dart...
  3. rr4406pak

    Sick Week....

    Why have they banned aluminum heads in so many classes? Can't use them in Super Street, 275 Street Race, Street Race, Naturally Aspirated Street Race (Any version). Just because you have aluminum heads shouldn't mean you have to race against million dollar 6 second pro mods. I know you could...
  4. rr4406pak

    Trans Dapt or Mancini for Slant 6 to 440 swap?

    Is one conversion engine mount kit better than the other between the Trans Dapt: and Mancini? Engine Conversion and Replacement Kit
  5. rr4406pak

    Schumacher headers 440 in 71 Duster

    What is the tube diameter of the Tri-y headers?
  6. rr4406pak

    [WANTED] Need Junk 440 Short Block

    Found one! Thank you all!
  7. rr4406pak

    [WANTED] Need Junk 440 Short Block

    I just need a junk 440 big block. Can be cracked, rusted or whatever. I'm putting a big block in my Dart and I would like to have a 440 (while my 440 is being built) to use as a template so I can try to fit everything in the engine compartment while I wait for my real engine. I'm located in...
  8. rr4406pak

    69' Dodge Dart Resto/Upgrade in NY

    Aluminum heads acquired!
  9. rr4406pak

    Trying to weld, I’m terrible!

    That explains why it was so difficult to weld. I’ll get a spool of .023” wire and give it another try. I was ready to take up another hobby. Lol
  10. rr4406pak

    Trying to weld, I’m terrible!

    Trying to weld in some floor patches in my 69’ Dart. Using a MillerMatic 251 MIG welder with .030” wire. Can’t get a good weld for the life of me (as you can see). Been trying the whole day. I suck. Blowing holes through the floor. Turn the voltage and speed down and now the weld just piles up...
  11. rr4406pak

    How much chassis stiffening needed?

    Finally got a set of AMD subframe connectors. Held them up under the driver's side of the car to the frame and the emergency brake line and the stainless front to back brake line are both in the way. Does anyone have any pictures I can look at or know the correct way to re-route them? Thanks.
  12. rr4406pak

    How much chassis stiffening needed?

    Kinda figured this would be the answer. Just didn’t know how vital the floorboards were. Thanks. *runs off to AMD to price out floor metal*
  13. rr4406pak

    How much chassis stiffening needed?

    So, I have holes in my floorboards. If I put in the subframe connectors and torque boxes would this compensate for the lack of structure in the floor? (I just have sheets of metal pop riveted over the floor currently).
  14. rr4406pak

    How much chassis stiffening needed?

    Well, finally got the word from the machine shop that my 440 block is good to go! Dropping a built 440 into my 1969 Slant 6 Dart. Question: I figure on making around 550HP with this engine (maybe a 150hp shot of nitro down the road). Would just welding in subframe connectors be enough for the...
  15. rr4406pak

    69' Dodge Dart Resto/Upgrade in NY

    Well, finally got the word from the machine shop that the 440 block is good to go! About to place order on thousands of dollars for parts from 440 source (trying to keep the engine build around $10k). 500 cubic inch stroker kit, Trick Flow 240 heads and RPM intake. Question: I figure on making...
  16. rr4406pak

    A/C --> Slant 6 --> 440?

    I have a 1969 Dart with a Slant 6 with it's original A/C and the A/C works great. I'm taking the Slant 6 out and dropping in a 440. Question is, can I use the same A/C system with the big block 440 in there? Would all I have to do is get different compressor mounting brackets? Or would I need a...
  17. rr4406pak

    Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 Tires

    I had them on my 440 6pack 4 speed 1970 Roadrunner and they were very good. Lasted forever and good grip.
  18. rr4406pak

    [WANTED] 1969 Dodge Dart fiberglass hood with the Hemi scoop

    Looking for a used 1967-69 (I believe those years will all fit a 69' Dart correctly) Dodge Dart fiberglass hood with the Hemi scoop. Would like the bolt on style but will consider the pin on style. If you have something available let me know. Thanks.
  19. rr4406pak

    What cars did you pass on buying in the 60s/70s because they cost too much

    Back in 1992 I found an original purple 70' HEMI Roadrunner (1 of 7 built) for $20,000. Couldn't swing the payments. :-(
  20. rr4406pak

    [WANTED] 1969 Dart Steering Column for Power Steering Floor Shift

    Looking for a steering column for and automatic trans with floor shift for a 1969 Dodge Dart. I also have an automatic steering column with the column shift to trade if interested. I’m located in New York. Thanks.
  21. rr4406pak

    What choose a reverse valve body?

    With a RMVB if you put it in drive, and leave it there, will it still shift normally? Or do you have to constantly shift gears up and down while driving around?
  22. rr4406pak

    69' Dodge Dart Resto/Upgrade in NY

    Took the 1970 HP 440 apart today. Looks really good! Even got it to turn over by hand. Pistons came out WAY easier than the 340. I think this is going to be a great block to build off of: Also, can anyone tell me what this is circled in yellow? It is some kind of steel pin that looks like it...
  23. rr4406pak

    Took it in the butt today

    Had my first one done a few weeks ago (52). Ask for the pills instead of the stuff you drink. No problem! Was recommended to me to ask for the pills and worked great. Procedure was nothing. Get it done guys. Can save your life.
  24. rr4406pak

    69' Dodge Dart Resto/Upgrade in NY

    Also, what do I NEED to do to this Slant 6 Dart to handle the power of the 440. I'm guessing the 440 will have 500-600HP when done. Would just subframe connectors be enough to keep things from twisting?
  25. rr4406pak

    69' Dodge Dart Resto/Upgrade in NY

    Will I have to notch my Slant 6 K-Frame like this to get the 440 to fit? (and will I have to use solid motor mounts?)
  26. rr4406pak

    69' Dodge Dart Resto/Upgrade in NY

    The date on the block is 10-19-70. Must have been sitting around the factory a while.
  27. rr4406pak

    69' Dodge Dart Resto/Upgrade in NY

    Well, now that the plan to do the 340 is dead, on to the 440 big block. It is a HP 440 dated 1970. I posted the VIN below in case this is a long lost engine for someone. Got it on the engine stand and started tearing it down. It has been sitting for 20+ years so it is seized up but still looks...
  28. rr4406pak

    440 swap K member question and overall update for those who care lol

    So that is a Slant 6 K member I'm looking at above that has been cut for clearance?
  29. rr4406pak

    69' Dodge Dart Resto/Upgrade in NY

    The shorty headers are only rated to 475HP. Ugh... I'll be making way more then that.
  30. rr4406pak

    69' Dodge Dart Resto/Upgrade in NY

    Will the big block headers fit with the power steering? I also have air conditioning. Would there be enough room for that as well or would I have to give it up?