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    408 roller cam?

    That sounds like a good street cam 360 Duster!
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    Use a table ban saw to hack off the 340 piston crown .

    Gee you guys! Leave Jesurment alone. Can't you see he is on a mission from god!
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    Question my wife asked

    Getting back to wives I remember the words my new wife said when I placed the ring on her finger 50 years ago. You have done it now mate! Those words still send chills down my spine. Butt she turned out good.I wishnshe was alive comforting me now!
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    LA360 compression

    Don't worry about how much comp you can run with good alloy heads as I run trick flows with 12 to 1 comp and 205 cranking comp in a manual car and it does not ping on premium fuel! It has a 238/242 610 lift on a 112 L/sep cam .
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    Use a table ban saw to hack off the 340 piston crown .

    I remember my dad saying back in the thirties whe my dad raced a Rudge motorcycle he said he welded up his cams and reground them casting his own pistons and making his own alcohol fuels as well. Why, because you couldn't just buy performance parts then. But when your systems worked you were...
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    408 roller cam?

    I agree, to big for the street! Look at the spring pressures required, 245 closed. That is for a race car probably to rev to eight grand or more.
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    Cam bearing issue

    When I assembled my 318 I had a tight cam bearing and as I was not as smart as some of you guys , didn't think to cut my old cam up. I measured all the thinks I had and presto my aluminum Jack handle was the correct size. I wraped some wet and dry around it and using plenty of wd40 reamed it...
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    Thats in Australia and as new edelbrock manifolds are around $1200 people will pay good money for used ones.Hell even a 750 holley is near a grand new here! Our aussie dollar is only about 65c to the US dollar.But on the other hand our wages are very big at the moment as my smash repair...
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    i need a little 340 help. Lets Talk head gaskets

    That edelbrock head has closed chambers!
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    How can i make 700 horse from a 410 stroker

    Back in the seventies when I was in my teens I used to laugh at chev and ford people because they would spend a fortune on there engines with big heads , big cam etc and all I would do was a 4 barrel and headers and beat them. My first attempt was on my 265 Hemi six, all I dis was to put a...
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    Marriage is :

    I was married thirty years to the day my wife passed away.We went out for six years before we got married and we never had arguments during that time and both did our own thing. Maybe I was lucky but I never winged about her to anyone. I would never get married again because no one will ever...
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    My Luck

    Well at least it's a male car because I can see it has a penus sticking out front!
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    'Performance' Distributor?

    Don't bother Bewy! Ours already flushes the correct way!
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    stroker engine balancing

    I ran 340 pistons in a 360 block in the seventies and just followed the article for Hoovers Mover in the magazine article. The owner of that car was Tom Hoover, an old retired ex engineer at Chrysler and explained how to do that for a high compression 360. You had to machine the pin bosses...
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    Internally Balance Cast Crank?

    Back in the early seventies my brother had a nice Aussie VC Valiant with 273and he added a edelbrock LD4B manifold, Holley carb and headers and it ran great for a few years. After a few years he broke a crankshaft. He then put a 1968 hi comp 318 in it with just the for mentioned add ons. Man...
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    340 flywheel mounting

    Steel flywheel all the way and your legs will really appreciate it!
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    318 Running Richer w/ Carb Swap

    I took it for another run and gave it a good hit but went for a run around the back woods with a ,mate to show him the power of the 410 and give it a hit in second gear. Well it did its usual 6000 rev sideways action but pulled a big back fi while doing it. I had a think about it and the only...
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    Cold vs. Warmed Engine Compression Check

    Make sure you have a good quality comp guage as when I tested comp with my elcheapo guage (was brand new) my 318 only registered 110 psi and my 410 said 140. seeing that my 318 was supposed the have 10.1 KB pistons with 61cc alloy heads and my 410 registered 140 psi and it was supposed to be...
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    340 windage tray to oil pan edge fitment

    On my 410 stroker 360 based I put stainless studs (from a rocker cover kit) and put nice 5 mm spacers before my windage tray as yes the crankshaft would foul on the tray. A bit of bending hear and there and it has been running this way for ten years without any problems.
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    stroker engine balancing

    Gee! Anyone who builds an engine whether std or modified and doesn't rebalance it needs there head read! The factory balance jobs are questionable to say the least!
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    These cams remind me of my young days in the early seventies in Australia when we used to go down to the local street racing venues ( Brickies) and the young Holden guys would turn up with their shitboxes and would pull out there cable cam( manual choke). for years later when I heard a real...
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    Stock internal 318 redline??

    Back in the seventies I had a 340 six pack 4 speed manual trans with forged pistons 292/510 purple shaft cam and heads were just home clean up of the ports and valve job at home by my father. That thing was a rev monster! After running it in I took it for a run down the road and it pulled past...
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    Carb question stock 340

    Back when I had a 351 clevland in the early eighties I tried a few carbs to see how they went. A 750 double pumper went alright until it drained the tank in a few days. I filled the tank again and it used about twice the amount of fuel than the std carb. I settled on a carter afb and it was...
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    Add kerosene to your gas to stave off detonation & advance your timing now for more ponys!?!?

    When I was growing up in the sixties in Australia my father owned a service station and I used to pump gas on the holidays. I remember the diesel was always called Distillate in our country!
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    My 422 smallblock build

    I had this years ago on my tow truck with 351 clevland. I rebuilt the engine and cyl heads with new guides and all and when I put water in the engine water was gushing out from the back of one of the heads. after taking that head off and examining what was wrong it appears that when I put that...
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    Use a table ban saw to hack off the 340 piston crown .

    Rat Bastid, how do you hold the piston skirts in a three jaw chuck without damaging them or even worse braking the skirts by tightening the chuck. and if you do not tighten it the piston will move around damaging it. Now it appears you have a lot more intelligence so tell me how you do it?
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    My 422 smallblock build

    Hey! Be careful it doesn't get drunk!
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    Use a table ban saw to hack off the 340 piston crown .

    Using a lathe to turn down a piston crown is a bad idea. tell me how do I know? In the seventies when I was a lad I used a guy that had a lathe and was a machinist to turn down a set of 340 pistons for a 360 but he broke one piston and the...
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    Kevco Oil Pans

    I have put a kevko pan on my 410 and it fits my 410 Aussie charger fine. It just sits about an inch lower than my crossmember so I extended the lower part of my crossmember so if it bottomed out it would not hit my new pan. I have had it on now for about four years without any leaks!
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    340 Intake manifold recommendations

    I have swapped from an air gap manifold to a victor 340 on my 410 but have also swapped to a slightly larger cam ( howards hyd roller custom 238/242 610 lift on a 112 l/seperation and from edelbrock slightly ported heads to trick flow heads. I have lost low end hp on the chassis...