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    What are you asking for that shifter?

    What are you asking for that shifter?
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    [WANTED] A body in-line 4 speed shifter

    Looking for an a body 4 speed in line shifter. Hurst, mr gasket, long. Or a complete set of rods and levers for an a body super shifter
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    Internal balanced flywheel to external

    Perfect! Thank you!
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    Internal balanced flywheel to external

    Does anyone have access and willing to share the blue print from the direct connection chassis manual on modifying an internal balanced flywheel for an external balanced application? Putting a 4 speed behind a cast crank 440, have several 143t neutral balanced flywheels so I can afford to ruin one
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    Phoenix ph379

    Those specs with a 12” rim, I’m wondering if anyone has installed that tire on a 13” rim or if someone can chime in on what that rim size will change that section width to
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    Phoenix ph379

    Would anybody know what the cross section width would be on the Phoenix ph379 31x13 tire with a 13” wide rim? I’m currently using MT 31x13’s on a 13” wide rim and the sidewalls look so bulgy and measure in at 17.5 sectional width which I’m not liking the look. I know this isn’t an a body
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    [SOLD] 3.91 stroke low deck crank

    That would be done upon balancing
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    [SOLD] 3.91 stroke low deck crank

    440 4 speed steel crank, rod journals offset ground to a 3.91 stroke at a standard 2.2 Chevy journal size, main journals cut to standard 383/400 sizes. 500.00 Located in central Va
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    [WANTED] 340 points distributor for manual trans

    I’ve got a nice original 69 340 4 speed dual point distributor. 150.00 plus shipping
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    [FOR SALE] Aluminum cased 18 spline trans

    18 spline hemi b body trans in a direct connection race case, slick shifted. Could be a direct connection transmission? It did come with some old receipts that weren’t very legible but were from Doug Nash. The input shaft was machined for a Chevy application, I’ll include an uncut 18 spline...
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    [SOLD] NOS 400 block

    4006762 casting date 12/12/77
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    [SOLD] NOS 400 block

    NOS 400 block, completely original for the exception of a chenoweth ent aluminum main cap and girdle combo. Has been line bored with main studs. Ready to build your way. 2500.00 Ruckersville, Va 22963
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    [SOLD] Dana 60

    Early truck housing, 54-1/2” housing width. Strange late style big ford housing ends, strange spool, spicer 4.10 gear set, strange 35 spline axles, strange 1350 yoke, moser cover, wilwood drag brake setup. 1800.00 Ruckersville, Va 22963
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    [FOR SALE] Aluminum b/rb/hemi oil pan

    Fabricated aluminum pan. Has drag link tube, holes for an external pickup. Baffle and hinged trap door. 250.00 Ruckersville, Va 22963
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    [FOR SALE] 742, 741, 489 center section lot

    742 with a 3.23 sure grip complete minus snubber. 741 with a 3.23 open carrier. Complete minus yoke and snubber 489 case with a pinion, caps and snubber. 600 obo for it all Ruckersville, Va 22963
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    [FOR SALE] Cheeta shifter 727/904

    Cheeta shifter, Reverse pattern. Has shift lever and cable bracket for 727/904. Biondo co2 shift setup. 800.00 Ruckersville, Va
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    [FOR SALE] SB distributors

    1) 2642459 NOS cast iron single point. Part# doesn’t come up through a search for any other details. 100.00 1) 2875782 IBS-401SB 3B 1969 340 4 speed cast iron dual point. Cap is broken, no rotor. Distributor is nice, needing a cleaning otherwise. 200.00 Located in Ruckersville, Va