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    he asks about a street and gets 75 posts pretaining to drag cars
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    and norhing here that helped him fix his car
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    if you cruise here on iterstate at 55 your going 25 mph less than traffic
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    Boogered door/fender edges repair?

    my fairlane
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    Swap Meet Today in Massachusetts

    they are required to enforce that state sale tax law
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    Boogered door/fender edges repair?

    i have a 62 fairlanne
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    [FOR FREE] 7 1/4 axles with small bolt pattern

    sadly my 7.25 less the brakes went in scarp dumpster
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    interior upholstery

    well nobody else makes them
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    66 Dart Radiator Hose

    its cut to fit
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    Ed Pink's Shop getting screwed over,...

    its not the original shop
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    Interior Lighting

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    Good ford site

    im a member of the fca . i have a 62
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    Mopar Muscle Club

    era of car club is ending or has ended
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    yesterday was a bad day . I was out in mydart t driveing on a road I had never been on . A muddy wet clay road,rounded a right hand turn & next thing I knew I was across the road slideing into & down a bank about 6' high with boulders sticking out . About 20 ' or so & I got off the bank & out...
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    Cold Air Kit

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    Is supply catching up to demand yet?

    rv etc are luxury items that dont sell in a recession
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    Overheating 360 new engine

    fixed or no?
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    Scarebird Brakes

    they are out of bussiness
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    Aerosol paint question

    thats the same tourquiose
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    74 Swinger brake CLUNK!

    sounds like its in the rear end
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    Emergency brake delete

    so keep asking until you got answer you wanted? why bother asking
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    Emergency brake delete

    so just hit stuff
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    New Quaker State Oil w/ Zinc

    no SN rated oil is pure mineral oil
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    Rear differential

    there is no end play adjustment with green bearings
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    Ongoing vibration issue

    had never seen car before, do you live in albany area
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    Ongoing vibration issue

    was this car at siena college last saturday?
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    1973 Dodge Dart Coupe

    definatly not original
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    cant imagine what isnt allowed in it
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    Cost of living

    price of gas etc kept me from going to carlisle