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  1. 69hemibeep

    Anyone into old minibikes?

    I have a 1969 Bonham Tote Goat I just put back together
  2. 69hemibeep

    833 rebuild

    I did mine and one for my brother the word got out locally and ended up with half a dozen more before the smoke cleared. Get the books clean and inspect the parts replace if in question and lube them as you assemble so nothing sticks together. It's not very difficult and I like Brewers gaskets.
  3. 69hemibeep

    Car Show vs "Show and Shine"

    Here in the desert you can shine it every hour with the dust in the air. I try to park next to black cars they tend to be dust magnets LOL
  4. 69hemibeep

    B-Body HP manifold on 440 Dart?

    Got the Schumachers on my 440 Valiant with power steering
  5. 69hemibeep

    Is a GMC truck just a dressed up Chevy truck?

    They use lock washers on the GMC trucks
  6. 69hemibeep

    Do I have a sure-grip or not?

    Get a 150lb friend to hug one tire as tight as he can then turn the other. If he flips over the unit is good LOL
  7. 69hemibeep

    Am I Being Unreasonable? Original Owner Wants Car Back

    He found the car but it is yours. Give him right of first refusal if and when you decide to sell it and call it good.
  8. 69hemibeep

    R.I.P. Franco Harris

    Too young. I remember John Madden saying if I were Franco's coach I'd put a fence up on the sideline at practice to make him turn up field instead of running out of bounds. LOL Guess he ran out of bounds for the last time. RIP
  9. 69hemibeep

    Temp too high ?

    220 will vaporize moisture in oil and help the PCV remove it from the oil. 230-235 I want a mile or two stretch of open road to cool it down, I don't like to shut it off unless it quits cooling.. My stat is a 180 so my norm 180-220 with A/C on
  10. 69hemibeep

    Fan motor doesn’t fit behind the big block valve covers

    Mine fit with factory style valve covers. I did end up replacing the unit with vintage air now I can add the roller rockers and tall valve covers
  11. 69hemibeep


    Get different pins Repops suck and are to long.
  12. 69hemibeep

    The new 'Dodge' 6 banger...and its a deusy!

    Do they come with a fart pipe :rofl:
  13. 69hemibeep

    440 cam selection question

    I have a Summit 4601 I believe is the number. I believe Crane was the maker. Good all around power smooth idle
  14. 69hemibeep

    Figure this out

  15. 69hemibeep

    9,815 mile 71 Demon 340 6-Pak Mr. Norm Survivor

    Cool Demon but I also question the miles
  16. 69hemibeep

    Anyone tried this rear disc kit before?

    That kit is identical to the right Stuff kit at Summit
  17. 69hemibeep

    Just Sharing This Brake Master Cylinder Trick

    I don't think paint is needed with dot5. I have 3 cars with dot 5, one going back to 2004 on the restoration and the master and fluid looks new.
  18. 69hemibeep

    Has anyone here used the Holley EFI pumps?

    Sound deadener and age LOL
  19. 69hemibeep

    Has anyone here used the Holley EFI pumps?

    Great item. No return line needed and I can't hear it with the engine running. Put one in my daughters charger also.
  20. 69hemibeep

    2 Separate Blowouts on RV Yesterday. Learned Important Lesson on Tires

    4 blowouts in two days on new looking 5 year old tires. Now its 4 years and gone.
  21. 69hemibeep

    Classic and Antique Car Insurance

    I have American on two cars with one claim which was handled quickly and no fuss.
  22. 69hemibeep

    Rip Tony Dow and Paul Sorvino

    Tony is in Hospice with cancer but still kicking, at least as of last nights news.
  23. 69hemibeep

    What safe protectant to use on dash pads....

    A heated and or cooled garage :lol:
  24. 69hemibeep


    I'm tempted. Would he sell the Sniper alone? How much? And is there still enough harness to work with.
  25. 69hemibeep

    Added another ride to the fleet.

    You got a good one. Ray gave me a ride in it some years back.
  26. 69hemibeep

    1970 A833 issue jumping out of 2nd gear

    I had a 4th gear when decelerating would walk out of gear on a trans I had refreshed along with a new 4th gear. The fix was to replace the whole 3rd 4th synchro hub assembley it had some interior wear I didn't see.
  27. 69hemibeep

    Who's running an AGM battery in a weekend driver?

    I have a restoration oe style group 27 in my road runner that if you look in the caps there is a smaller battery and cables. It came with charging instructions and it is all at 10 amps and gives you a amount of time depending on the voltage of the battery. I'm guessing it is a AGM
  28. 69hemibeep

    Who's running an AGM battery in a weekend driver?

    AGM's are being phased out according to the parts counter guy I just talked to with a flooded battery developed in Europe some years back.
  29. 69hemibeep

    1968-9 Javelin/AMX guys??

    I sold the Javelin but jumped back in with both feet. I always wanted a 390 4 spd AMX and I got one. 68 p/s p/b a/c go pak. In black