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  1. Tony Barracuda

    [FOR SALE] 1968 Barracuda Fasback

    Interior pics are from before I took apart.
  2. Tony Barracuda

    [FOR SALE] 1968 Barracuda Fasback

    I’m selling my 1968 Barracuda Fastback 318/904.I just don’t have the time to finish it. I’ve been gathering parts for the last year. Won’t take much to finish. Got all the trim, brackets,etc. that was missing. New complete x plush, mass backing carpet set. New headliner...
  3. Tony Barracuda

    [SOLD] Rallye dash overlay

    it was sold long ago
  4. Tony Barracuda

    diy adjustable strut rods

    Thanks for the input. I’m no where near doing the front end. Just trying to gather information. 72bluNblu I’ll have a lot of questions when the time comes.
  5. Tony Barracuda

    diy adjustable strut rods

    I have read here not to use poly LCA bushings on OE strut rods, so even with poly strut rod bushing?? Just a weekend driver.
  6. Tony Barracuda

    Need info to help me justify aftermarket strut rods ??

    So no poly LCA bushing on OE strut rods even with poly strut rod bushing ??
  7. Tony Barracuda

    [FOR SALE] Rallye dash parts lot

    Can you wash the face with water and maybe soft soap (dawn) without smearing to #s or letters??
  8. Tony Barracuda

    [SOLD] 68 Barracuda column shift linkage

    68 barracuda column shift linkage 904 transmission $55 + shipping
  9. Tony Barracuda

    A-Body Round #2- My '76 Scamp restore...

    Very nice. Were you able to make the 7 1/4 sway bar work ?
  10. Tony Barracuda

    [SOLD] Rallye dash overlay

    I got it for 68 barracuda rallye dash from Detroit muscle
  11. Tony Barracuda

    [FOR SALE] 67-72 inside door parts

    Found this missing on 68 barracuda pass side door if you have it. 1 is a bracket and 1 is a rod clip. pics is from ds door. thanks
  12. Tony Barracuda

    [SOLD] Rallye dash overlay

    DMT rallye dash overlay (black) new $10 + shipping
  13. Tony Barracuda

    [SOLD] Edelbrock choke kit

    Edelbrock choke kit new $50 + shipping
  14. Tony Barracuda

    [SOLD] Edelbrock air cleaner

    Edelbrock air cleaner $10 + shipping
  15. Tony Barracuda

    [SOLD] 1970s valve covers

    1970s valve covers with wire holders ( needs paint ) $45 + shipping