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  1. Siksty7 Dart 270

    [FOR SALE] Chamber Volume Tool

    Determine the volume of your cylinder head's combustion chamber using one of these clear acrylic 6.5"x 6.5"x 0.25" squares in conjunction with your preferred method of liquid measurement. I use isopropyl alcohol and a low cost 10ml oral irrigation syringe available at drug stores. These...
  2. Siksty7 Dart 270

    [SOLD] Damper Installer Tool

    2 left to sell. $25.00 each shipping included from 44824. 3/4-16 thread, 3" heavy flat washer, 6" total length.
  3. Siksty7 Dart 270

    Subwoofers in a cruiser mopar

    I fabbed up the head unit box from sheetmetal using the plastic mounting adapter for double-din Ford vehicles. I have the subwoofer under the front seat, 6x9s in the rear package shelf. It could use some front speakers. This is great in my cruiser, it has enough thump that you hear from all...
  4. Siksty7 Dart 270

    [SOLD] Slant 6 Rockers and Covers

    Package Deal, everything for $85.00 plus shipping. Rocker assembly cleaned with mineral spirits and toothbrush, was very grimy, you will want to hot tank or something else before installing. Timing cover has some pitting, primed with VHT high temp engine enamel. Valve cover is in good shape...
  5. Siksty7 Dart 270

    Reground Cam

    I can hardly wait to get my engine together and hear my #1280 in action too! We should start a #1280 club. Shipping back to Ohio was $43.29 in November. I could tell Oregon's work was exceptional just by how the cam looked when I saw it for the first time.
  6. Siksty7 Dart 270

    What is, or would be your cb handle?

    Dad was Whiskeyniner, grandpa's house was GrasshopperBase. 1 ring on the phone meant jump on the CB someone wants to talk. Dad had a supermodified Craig base station with an ultra cool D104 mic. The coax was like 3/4" thick.
  7. Siksty7 Dart 270

    Vinyl wrapping my 69 Barracuda

    Is it difficult? Special tools required? Sources for materials? Looks awesome!
  8. Siksty7 Dart 270

    [SOLD] Slant 6 Valve Cover

    $60.00 shipped, paint it (or don't) and install it.
  9. Siksty7 Dart 270

    Reground Cam

    It was a 5.2 cam, returned with their #1280 grind. I can't wait to get the block, heads, and rotating assembly back from my machine shop so I can get started with putting it together.
  10. Siksty7 Dart 270

    Reground Cam

    Last November I sent a Magnum cam to Oregon grinding. I used UPS simple rate, made my own cam-sized box $14 shipped it. Completed cam with shipping back to Ohio was $231.63. They are very quick to respond to email and helpful on the phone.
  11. Siksty7 Dart 270

    [Found!] 318 2-bbl throttle bracket

    Looks like it might, PM sent.
  12. Siksty7 Dart 270

    [SOLD] Slant 6 Rocker Arm Assembly

    These were alot grimier than they are. I cleaned them the best I could with mineral spirits a toothbrush and a small wire brush. If I were installing them I'd have them cleaned ultrasonically or another way first. How about $35.00 plus shipping from 44824?
  13. Siksty7 Dart 270

    [FOR SALE] Slant 6 Timing Cover

    Cleaned and primed with VHT engine enamel primer high temp, gasket surfaces masked. Minor exterior pitting left over after cleaning. Solid with plenty of life left in her. $45.00 shipped to lower 48 from 44824.
  14. Siksty7 Dart 270

    [Found!] 318 2-bbl throttle bracket

    I need to make a professor fate bracket for my Magnum swap.
  15. Siksty7 Dart 270

    1964 Dodge Dart 904 transmission stopped working

    I believe the lip seals they refer to are on the pistons inside the clutch retainers. You really should get this book. It will help you understand the advice you get on this forum. It has in-vehicle tests you can do with compressed air and a troubleshooting section. Based on your symptoms...
  16. Siksty7 Dart 270

    904: should I switch to 727?

    If you want to learn all about your transmission and ways to toughen it up you should buy this book, it's excellent and comes highly recommended by several FABOians. SA Design SA394 SA Design Chrysler Torqueflite A-904 & A-727 Transmissions: How to Rebuild | Summit Racing
  17. Siksty7 Dart 270

    1964 Dodge Dart 904 transmission stopped working

    Buy this book written by @VOETOM. Read it twice cover to cover. It is indispensable and worth every penny. Buy the parts and take advice from A and A...
  18. Siksty7 Dart 270

    [FOR SALE] Slant 6 manifolds set

    Moving parts all move! $100.00 for the pair. I'm not shipping these beasts. I will deliver for $50.00 to anywhere in Ohio north of US Route 30 and as far east to Interstate 77, and west to Interstate 75. Or you can pick up near Sandusky, Ohio.
  19. Siksty7 Dart 270

    [SOLD] Slant 6 Valve Cover

    Includes everything attached to it in the pictures. Solid cover, someone used it as a mask. I would like to get $70.00 and that is shipped to the lower contiguous United States, other locations will need checked on. Shipping from Castalia, Ohio.
  20. Siksty7 Dart 270

    Measuring pushrod length in Magnum engine

    Disregard, I found a video put out by Melling. I will be measuring the plunger travel dividing it in half and adding to the length of the maximum pushrod length at zero lash.
  21. Siksty7 Dart 270

    Hello , I am new to the mopar world. Picked up a 1967 Dodge Dart GT.

    You're in the right place! I also have a 67, if you couldn't tell from my handle. 67s have some unique things about them. The information is here on FABO for you.
  22. Siksty7 Dart 270

    I’m new My First A body 1971 Duster ! Need help

    Cool car! Joining FABO is the best choice you could have made since buying your car. :welcome: