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  1. Deweywinger&howe

    [FOR SALE] Plum Crazy 340 project

    include s a727& a driveshaft
  2. Deweywinger&howe

    [WANTED] Std Hemi pistons

    Iso new standard bore(4.25) Hemi pistons I need high compression race pistons not heavy factory weight Should be a lot of them out their Tim in Iowa
  3. Deweywinger&howe

    [FOR SALE] Steering column 1968

    Console column is sold
  4. Deweywinger&howe

    [Found!] 63 Valiant upper A arm mounts (or clip)

    63-66 dart-/valiant You buy a whole car and sale every good part left over Many of these cars in mexico/-south A 4 dr is the same
  5. Deweywinger&howe

    [WANTED] 67 barracuda switches

    When you get most of them Get a hold of me I should have any others you can’t find
  6. Deweywinger&howe

    [WANTED] 318 motor mounts

    ive got two 68 barracuda s L&R mounts im @$60
  7. Deweywinger&howe

    Mopar event @ERP

    weather looks good (70s) Come be a part of this fun event
  8. Deweywinger&howe

    [FOR SALE] New American Racing s

    have new never installed pro series a/r wheels these are not 4.5 bolt circle but would fit with after market axles and disc brakes $2100 or offer
  9. Deweywinger&howe

    Mopar event @ERP

    May 6 th we're having the first of 3planned days with the following classes nobox footbrake(any ET) Street(sportsman) come be apart of this fun event @the beautiful 1/8 th mile track at Eddyville Iowa Weather forecast appears to be great time trials should be at 3:00
  10. Deweywinger&howe

    [FOR SALE] Plum Crazy 340 project

    Torsion bar crossmember is solid
  11. Deweywinger&howe

    [Found!] Power steering check valve? 67 barracuda

    This is the piece l priced ya PS l had everything but the t in letters
  12. Deweywinger&howe

    [WANTED] 67 Barracuda PLYMOUTH lettering

    Trim piece had a small ding I have to keep the others I never Had a T letter either sorry
  13. Deweywinger&howe

    [WANTED] solid race bb

    does anyone have a new 600 lift cam for a 2900 lb bb mopar race car Just seeing what's out there Tim in iowa
  14. Deweywinger&howe

    [SOLD] 1964-1966 engine mounts

    I’ve got a pr of v8 motor mounts for an early a body with a LA block Hard to find $100 pr Rubber motor mount parts are heavy but available for extra $ Tim in Iowa
  15. Deweywinger&howe

    [FOR SALE] Front marker

    keep finding amber i'll keep looking
  16. Deweywinger&howe

    [WANTED] 1969 Dodge Dart rear side marker lens

    i've got two good ones one of which is advertised on exterior parts Tim in iowa
  17. Deweywinger&howe

    [FOR SALE] Plum Crazy 340 project

    More pcs per request
  18. Deweywinger&howe

    [FOR SALE] 67 dart fr lens

    Have front turn signal lens for a dart I has a hair line crack/the other is good both say67L Seem to interchange $55 for pair
  19. Deweywinger&howe

    [FOR SALE] Front marker

    Ive got a real good front marker with attachers for a 69 dart Seems to fieither side Lenses sayssae A69 c. Cc$40 plus ride Tim in iowa
  20. Deweywinger&howe

    [FOR SALE] Plum Crazy 340 project

    this ad contains pictures several have asked about I'll be glad pictures of a specific area Thanks Tim in iowa
  21. Deweywinger&howe

    [WANTED] 1965 Dodge Dart Driver side armrest

    1965 dart on driveers door $35 &shipping Tim @52537
  22. Deweywinger&howe

    [WANTED] 1968 Plymouth valiant Floor shift steering column

    i have a neice with parents in decator maybe they'll be down visiting soon im thinking $425 and would be glad to ship from 52537
  23. Deweywinger&howe

    [WANTED] 1968 Plymouth valiant Floor shift steering column

    Im 90 minutes from Burlington Probably rather keep steering wheel