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  1. plymouth67

    Here we go again...Demon style.

    Not much photographic stuff to report lately just a lot of blocking and primer......blocking and primer....blocking and primer. Finally got the doors ready to go so, shot the black on the backs of them this evening and, the inner sail panels. Hoping to be painting the whole car in the next...
  2. plymouth67

    Add Your Own Caption Part 320

    This doesn't really fit but, it just makes me think... "This son of a ***** would freeze up in the middle of summer on the equator!!"
  3. plymouth67

    Here we go again...Demon style.

    Thanks!! I'm also very excited to see this thing in color. This is the cleanest car I have ever started with so it should be the best outcome in the end. The owner is a good friend of mine so, it better be I hoping to be painting the body in 3 weeks or so.
  4. plymouth67

    Here we go again...Demon style.

    Well, the weather has broke and it's go time!! Been working on the doors, trunk lid, and hood. Doors and trunk lid are super close to being done. The bottom of the hood is ready for paint just need to work on the top side. There has been lots of priming and, sanding. To keep the motivation high...
  5. plymouth67

    [FOR SALE] 1974 Scamp

    Video is labeled private so I can't see it...
  6. plymouth67

    8 3/4 axle adjuster pass or driver side?

    Yes, it goes on the right (passenger) side of the car.
  7. plymouth67

    [SOLD] Hi-Po 273 adjustable rocker arms

    Price drop...$200 plus the ride
  8. plymouth67

    Show your wheels

    My Ebody with 18x10 Rittlers in the back and 17x8 in the front. My Duster with cop car wheels 15x7 in the front and 15x8 in the rear.
  9. plymouth67

    Who is on FMJ bodies from here

    I'm on there. I used to have a Vokarie Road Runner years ago and thought I would poke around over there...ya just never know what might pop up for sale. I would love to have a Super Coupe.
  10. plymouth67

    [SOLD] Edelbrock 600 1406

    600 Edelbrock 1406 with electric choke. Great condition. $200 plus shipping. Located near Peoria Illinois.
  11. plymouth67

    [SOLD] Hi-Po 273 adjustable rocker arms

    Good set of factory adjustable rocker arms. This is a complete set with shafts, rockers, and, push rods. $250 plus shipping. Located near Peoria Illinois
  12. plymouth67

    [SOLD] Edelbrock Performer intake

    Edelbrock Performer intake. $150 plus shipping Located near Peoria Illinois
  13. plymouth67

    [SOLD] Torker 340

    Torker 340 intake. $150 plus shipping. Located near Peoria Illinois
  14. plymouth67

    75 Duster

  15. plymouth67

    Help me come up with a name for my new 69 Barracuda Drag Car

    Seein' Red or go with a Jaws reference and call it Bigger Boat.
  16. plymouth67

    When the Demon's Done

    I like it!!
  17. plymouth67

    [SOLD] 4 speed conversion parts

    Will you seperate?
  18. plymouth67

    [FOR SALE] Tuff Wheel adapters

    We have 4 Delrin and 1 aluminum in stock ready to ship...
  19. plymouth67

    Something followed me home..

    Put in the sure grip and changed the leaf springs around a bit to bring the back end down. Man!! I think it looks great!! Rides and drives AWESOME!!
  20. plymouth67

    Something followed me home..

    And for free...Man I wish!!!
  21. plymouth67

    Something followed me home..

    With spring around the corner Sunday I will be taking the leaf springs apart to bring the rear of the car down some and, make it ride better. I will also be putting in a sure grip that I just built.
  22. plymouth67

    Something followed me home..

    Work on old cars they will be fun they Its always something!!! Lol
  23. plymouth67

    Something followed me home..

    For those of you that have followed along with this fiasco it has come to my attention that, I never posted a video of it running. With no further ado...I will post better ones when I get it out this spring.
  24. plymouth67

    Richard Holdener starting to doing some 2.2L DODGE TURBO dyno testing.

    I had a 91 Spirit R/T and a 90 Shadow 2.2 with the VNT turbo and intercooler. We street raced all the time. I never lost in the shadow..Iroc Camaros...5.0 Mustangs..hopped up Thunderbird Super name it..this car whooped it!!]
  25. plymouth67

    Looking for someone to paint my 74 Duster in Nebraska

    I do all of my own (and other people's cars) and, I will say that all the above is true. The shop or person isn't going to want to put paint on a surface they didn't do the bodywork on. If something turns out wrong and people ask who painted it then everyone assumes that same person did the...
  26. plymouth67

    9 Yr old baseball player

    No doubt!!! I coached my daughters softball team...1 season...the girls were great!!! We had a lot of fun and, hopefully I taught them something. The parents on the other hand...complete assholes...that is why I only coached 1
  27. plymouth67

    Add Your Own Caption Part 294

    During WW2 the attack against the Germans was relentless
  28. plymouth67

    Couldn't Help Myself

    Sweet ride!! This current generation Charger I think is the best looking 4 door ever built. We have a Scat Challenger and, you will love your Charger!!