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  1. mikess68

    Do Mopars with High Impact colors bring more money?

    If you going to have a loud MOPAR. Might as well have a loud color. Not like you want to blend in!
  2. mikess68

    Awesome Mopar Wife!

    You got a keeper if they bring you a cold drink as you use cleaner on you hands and calmly says… the rear end needs to be higher, that’s sexy, and the mufflers are not loud enough and it needs more cam as she starts to armorall the tires. I then ask her if she loves me as much as the car and...
  3. mikess68

    Exactly what makes a MOPAR a "Matching Numbers" car?

    I was there a while. I saw things. Like purple duster black interior white 340 stripe white vt /6 auto buckets console auto Build sheet 340 code best I remember. So I’d say numbers were 98% accurate.
  4. mikess68

    Missing motors

    I use to make them in 70 71. Designed for life span of 50k miles and 3 years. Throw away, buy again. Remember that no one would finance past 3 years too.
  5. mikess68

    new torsion bars, 1.05 car way too high,

    the air shocks are on as the back is a little low. with the fater 15 inch tires. the ride is fine, as it but looks crappy like a gasser. hate to see what happens when i put on the 14 inch wheels like that!.
  6. mikess68

    new torsion bars, 1.05 car way too high,

    ok, went back and read the description better. what i ordered are 1.03 bars for big or small blocks. WITH a 20 degree twist to make them stock or lowered. so apparently i need to reverse them and see if it gets down to normal or sky hight. funny,... i got to start reading these useless...
  7. mikess68

    new torsion bars, 1.05 car way too high,

    hoping something less $$$ that i might not have known about. :(
  8. mikess68

    new torsion bars, 1.05 car way too high,

    just had new front end rebuild kit with new t bars 1.05 i think is what they were sized. had stock ones that were getting too limber. problem, the lowest i can adjust the new ones is still 1-2 inches too high. that stopped me dead in the water. 1972 dodge dart small block. i have the air...
  9. mikess68

    Tire question. Just simple bottom line

    Thanks everyone. Friend at a tire shop said bring it down and they will throw on tires (radial ) till they max it out. Thanks for the good info!
  10. mikess68

    Tire question. Just simple bottom line

    The most meat that will fit with no mods. Sounds like that might work if g”s are too fat
  11. mikess68

    Tire question. Just simple bottom line

    Lets cut out the “ thousand numbers and variations” and get down to basic…please! 1972 swinger. 14 inch stock rally wheels big bolt pattern. Q. what is the max Size tire in bias ply. And also in radial?. I’ll match the front to the back. Kiss. Please
  12. mikess68

    72 swinger v8. Torsion bar question

    I have the torsion bar against the frame. The bushing are shot I can see. So would the bars be fine after new bushings. Do they get weak? No damage no rust still have spring. Don’t want to replace unless needed. Any help, ideas ?
  13. mikess68

    Did they make 5x4” axles for 8 3/4 rear ends?

    visually, how does the 8 1/4 look compared to a 8 3/4. ?? don't want to miss read the part when peaking under.
  14. mikess68


    my thoughts. look at the fan belt and the spark plug wires and the rad hoses, tires, and shocks, if they are not the original numbers and date codes, then it is modified already. so do your thang, and drive it like you stole it!
  15. mikess68

    First time having manual brakes, are mine bad?

    1st ! upgrade the master cyl. this will save you lots of money,time,effort. go bigger(volume) bore and possibly metering block changes to match your set up.
  16. mikess68

    Did I mess up buying this rust bucket?

    heck of a lot better than what i started with.
  17. mikess68

    Kick down has 1/2 travel before lever engages valve

    When adj to full throttle then when pull out not enough travel to engage. When adj to start of good shift it’s half way home and can’t kick past 1/2 throttle so no 4 bbl and no kick down deu to restricted travel. Can shift manually. But on its-own it 10, 12,14 shift. Pulling pan next...
  18. mikess68

    Kick down has 1/2 travel before lever engages valve

    Car Just out of restoration. Trans had new seals filter etc. rest was fine but refresh was 4 years ago. You can adjust to specks but shifts at 10,12,14. No pressure. Will shift right after lever is halfway but bottoms out at 1/3 throttle. Lever can’t move past full throw. Thus locks up...
  19. mikess68

    Kick down has 1/2 travel before lever engages valve

    The kick down lever will move 1/2 half before engaging the valve body valve. Gummed up? Broke spring? Why does it shift normal after halfway travel and not be shifting higher if it is stuck partway in ?. 1972 904 dart 318
  20. mikess68

    A body Front speaker location?

    i spent a heck of a lot of time and money "fixing" the mess and non stock kick panel speakers and not about to go cutting up doors or kickpanels. i made a bracket like 74 is selling, wish i knew then, what i know now. would have saved a lot of crappy riggin and cut fingers. but go with the...
  21. mikess68

    At What Point is a Solid Cam Better Than a Hydraulic Cam??

    bla bla bla, just be proud you have a mopar and drive the hell out of it, nice and quiet motor till you kick it, etc. it will last a lot longer with the hyd cam, in my opinion. just enjoy the drive. if you were racing and had money to throw away, then build the heck out of it. otherwise...
  22. mikess68

    Solid Cam, Use it or Not

    thought about keeping quite, but just wanted to give my 1 1/2 cents. i don't know as much about mopars as i do GM's, as this is my first build of a mopar. with that being said, some things are the same: that cam has been rusty from sitting probably a few years, oil goes away and moisture loves...
  23. mikess68

    Dodge to NASCAR?

    well this year i did watch a couple just to keep up with kyle larson. but nascar sucks in so many ways, like: drop the green flag run scratch cheat steal wreck rub push ride what ever it takes till the checker flag drops. wrecker or checker. only way to do it. also in 2022 they will be...
  24. mikess68

    Mopar sound

    Trying to but can’t get it to turn. Gave up and posted anyway. ☹️ 318 original motor. Small cam , flowmasters, elde 4, stock rest
  25. mikess68

    Mopar sound

  26. mikess68

    for the record swinger/demon

    i've read conversation both way, for the record, the demon is this much shorter on the rear door panels than the swinger. 1972 (demon in plastic)
  27. mikess68

    MoPar quirks and/or anomalies

    i use to build them a short time in mich. take a look at a couple of my early post and you might get an idea of a typical day at work. ive seem some strange things that the build sheet didn't even mention. and that list of items wrong in the first 20k miles above is about half what was...
  28. mikess68

    Is the 383 a better engine, or does the 440 just have more displacement?

    ive driven both, back in the day. both in police cars and also in the daily driver roadrunners, bees, etc. (you know back when you could buy one for 500.00 bucks. the 440 will get up and go a little (very little) slower than the 383 (can't tell you if it was HP or Tor) then the big boy would...
  29. mikess68

    sound of mopar,

    guess ill have to figure out the youtube too. :(
  30. mikess68

    sound of mopar,

    still trying to figure out how to attach video.........