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    '66 convertible vent window aux seal location?

    I’ve got an extra pair of vent window frames for a convertible if that helps.
  2. SSVDP

    '66 convertible vent window aux seal location?

    Does this help? The vent window frame on the convertible is different from a hardtop. The Conv has a flat top while the hardtop is pointy.
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    What are you listening to ?

  4. SSVDP

    1966 Valiant back on the road

    Thanks! Been watching your progress. I would not have made as much progress without Cosgig’s assistance.
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    1966 Valiant back on the road

    Today’s project is installing my NOS air cleaner. I bought this off of eBay many years ago. The seller said his dad worked at Chrysler HQ Highland Park. He claimed this was in the underhood mock up area for years. I knew exactly what he was talking about because I remember going to that room in...
  6. SSVDP

    [FOR SALE] $24 Washer pump 1966 Valiant early A

    $24 including postage I removed this from a 1966 Valiant and it still has the original weird mounting screws. I don’t know if it works.
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    [FOR SALE] $16 Battery hood down early A

    $16 including postage to lower 48 This is a rather crusty battery hold down for a 1966 Valiant.
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    [SOLD] $10 Brake rod for dual master cylinder

    $10 including postage I believe this is the brake pushrod for a dual master cylinder.
  9. SSVDP

    [FOR SALE] $20 misc AC crap for early A

    $20 including postage in lower 48 These are left over parts I accumulated for installation of factory AC in my ‘66 Valiant (I do not recommend attempting this). I obtained these parts are supposed to fit my ‘66 Valiant. There’s an under dash harness, the vacuum harness, heater cables and more.
  10. SSVDP

    [FOR SALE] $35 1966 Valiant retractable seat belts

    $35 including postage to lower 48 These black seat belts were removed from my 1966 Valiant convertible; they should work in any ‘66 A-body. The upper one in the picks is a bit stiff and check the pics of the chrome on the latch. The lower is pretty decent. It’s nice having the seat belts...
  11. SSVDP

    [FOR SALE] 1967 273 Commando Carb 4295S Carter AFB

    $100 plus $22 shipping in a USPS Priority medium box. I had this on my car and it ran very good… BUT I would have a small amount of gas on the intake manifold the next morning. I never did locate the leak or figure out if it was a porous casting or whatever. The used choke element is included...
  12. SSVDP

    [SOLD] 1966 NOS Barracuda Valiant Tail Light Lens L & R

    $125 including postage to lower 48 states. These are a Left and Right 1966 upper tail light lenses for Barracuda and Valiant (except wagon). The right one has its original box (part number 2585058) and looks unused. The left appears to have had screws in it but I think I removed this from a...
  13. SSVDP

    [FOR SALE] 1966 Valiant AC dash bezel

    $27 including postage This is a decent looking AC dash bezel for AC for a ‘66 Valiant. Check out the pics and notice on the back side one of the mounting studs is missing but at least that’s not an appearance issue.
  14. SSVDP

    [FOR SALE] $12 1966 Light sockets & license light

    $12 with postage to lower 48 or less if you can pick up in North Detroit area. These sockets look like they should work but check out pics. I’m pretty sure everything is from a ‘66 Valiant that I parted out about a dozen years ago. Or make me an offer and look for more wacky stuff I’m not going...
  15. SSVDP

    [SOLD] $40 Repro 1966 Barracuda Valiant red tail light lens lenses L & R

    $40 including postage to lower 48 This is a set, left & right, of unused “Mexican” made repro upper tail light lens.
  16. SSVDP

    [SOLD] ‘65 - ‘66 NOS Retractable Seat Belts

    $165 including postage to lower 50 These appear to be un-used 1965 & 1966 Seat belts. Really nice looking but probably not perfect. They are black and with the white labels, note one is a bit discolored. Check out the pics and let me know if you can use them. Offers considered. First message...
  17. SSVDP

    [SOLD] $25 Sealed Barracuda Dealer License Plate Kit

    This is a sealed License Plate Installation kit Part Number 2533396 I’m not sure what year this is for but thought this would be a nice accessory for someone $25 including postage Or you can make me an amusing offer
  18. SSVDP

    [SOLD] $17 Repro 68-74 Handle Parking Brake

    $17 including shipping Repro Parking Brake Handle First one that sends a message is 1st in line
  19. SSVDP

    [WANTED] Early A Convertible Quarter Glass

    Looking for the rear quarter glass for a 1966 Plymouth Valiant convertible. 63 to 66 Abody fits.
  20. SSVDP

    1966 Valiant back on the road

    I bought some tires for the car today and I didn’t think I’d need to tell them white letters out. But we are road ready but still plenty to do.
  21. SSVDP

    Got new tires for the ‘66 Valiant

    I bought BF Goodrich Radial TAs with white letters; 215/70R14. I didn’t think I’d need to tell them to have the letters show but I guess I did. And I didn’t even think to look at them and the car was parked between two big trucks. Guess what I’m doing tomorrow?
  22. SSVDP

    Radio delete, antenna delete?

    My ‘66 was a radio delete and there is no hole in the right side front fender.
  23. SSVDP

    1966 Valiant back on the road

    Now that it’s home there’s still lots to do. I need to get tires. And I can now install all of the parts I’ve been accumulating for the last nine years such as the door panels; I even put one on today.
  24. SSVDP

    1953 Woody Wagon Rescue

    Not a Mopar but this is what I did today. Rescue - 1953 Ford Woody Country Squire nine passenger wagon My good friend Kevin recalls this car back when his age was in single digits - a very long time ago. He was able to acquire this 1953 woody from the second owner when he was only fifteen and...
  25. SSVDP

    1966 dart commando 4 speed id

    A build sheet or a fender tag (with a matching sequence number on the radiator support) is the only way to verify if it came from the factory with a four barrel engine. It’s cool but I don’t think anyone really care’s except a few of us.
  26. SSVDP

    1966 Dodge Dart GT - Trying to Determine How Rare

    That is a cool car! A really cool car! And with great options. I don’t think painting it would add much value even though it’s not really all original with the grill lights and side marker lights added. It is usually best to spend as little as possible on these early A-bodies. If you’re...
  27. SSVDP

    [SOLD] $165 KH disc brake calipers & more

    $165 including shipping in US. These came off my car last year, I just had calipers with stainless pistons installed. I did these and the core value was $110 each: Calipers Online I hadn’t driven my car in years and I’m not sure of the condition but as far as I know they should be ok. Also...
  28. SSVDP

    [SOLD] $325 Repro Commando Resonator & Tip

    It’s yours! I’ll send you a pm
  29. SSVDP

    [SOLD] $90 273 Exhaust Manifold Gasket

    Good question Part number 2465845
  30. SSVDP

    Looking for seat covers for a 1966 Plymouth Valiant Signet Convertible

    If you want the factory patterns on the vinyl Legendary makes them; a bit pricey but very nice. Other wise a local upholstery shop can also recover your seats. And there are some on eBay if you want to DIY. And you’ll most likely need seat foam.