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    Know I'll get blow back

    Received Celebrity Choice award this weekend at Corvettes at Carlisle from Mike Yeager of Mid America Motor Works for my 1998 SCCA Corvette Challenge car. One of only 27 Produced by GM. Me on the right. Ok let the spanking begin. LOL
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    For you boat lovers

    Let me try this again
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    Road America Vintage Race

    Crewed for these two cars this past weekend at Road America Vintage outing.
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    Finished the move

    Finished the move from Knoxville to the west of Milwaukee and the dust has finally started to settle. Anyone out this way?
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    Class Reunion

    Received a invitation for my 50th class reunion today. Have not had any contact with any class mates in 40 years. What has been your experiences with class reunions? Fun or is it the first story teller doesn't stand a chance.
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    Thanks Amazon?

    I do try to support local retail stores when ever possible however occasionally we do order from Amazon. Think the one really good things Amazon and other E-Trade Companies have done is given retailers a wake up call and have enlightened them to the lost art of customer. Your thoughts.
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    Delta Air Lines

    Since Lori and I sold our RV any trips more than a days drive we now fly. Just when you think customer service is dead someone has to come along and prove you wrong. Have been flying with Delta Air for the last year and must say they really do it right. Super helpful and friendly staff. From...
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    Mecum Kissimmee

    Any body going? Taking my Austin Healy. Thursday lot T158.1
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    Edd China Leaves

    Saw that Edd China is leaving Wheeler Dealer. Yes I know they did not do the most detailed work however Edd was always interesting. Corporate B.S. was the reason he gave. But did a very gentlemanly u-tube video about his exit.
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    Would you hold her purse?

    In another thread the question came up would you hold your wife's/girlfriends purse. Did not want to hijack the thread but the question remains. Would you, and what was the occasion? I'll start. Yes I did. We were at the Mecum Action in Kissimmee in Jan. Chrysler had the drifter cars there and...
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    Thank you Discount Tire

    On the way home tonight I had a flat tire on my Suburban. Went down like a ton of bricks. Long story short took the tire to Discount Tire and the hole was too large, there was no fix. I run Goodyear Eagle II P275/55R20 tires. Service guy said not in stock, no problem would have it tomorrow...
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    Danica/Pretty Pony

    Just saw on the AP that she may be short of sponsorship for the 2017 season. Would not bother me if this brought her whiny a$$ NASCAR career to an end.
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    Senior Discounts

    On the Low T thread a member mentioned about AARP and the offer of Senior Discounts. Of us older members how many take advantage of senior discounts and why or why not. I myself do not.
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    Turkey Run Daytona

    Any body else going to the Turkey Run in Daytona next week? This will be my 4th year. It is really quite the event.
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    Kindig v/s Foose

    Watching V-tv. and Dave Kindig is on. Really like the work he does and his style however Chip Foose is a stand up guy but think his style is getting a little dated. What's you thoughts?
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    Who is going to S.E.M.A.?
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    Harbor Frieght

    Know some of you will give me some blowback because you don't think much of Harbor Freight and I think its hit or miss however F.Y.I. I bought a low profile 3 ton hydraulic jack for $99.00 today on special. This was at the store here in Knoxville not sure if its a national promotion or not.
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    Importing from Canada

    Looking to purchase a 22' Donzi Classic from a owner in Port Carling Ontario. Would assume it would be about the same as bringing an auto back into the U.S.? Any suggestions, thoughts or warnings would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Enemy of the State

    Last night AMC network showed Enemy of The State filmed in 1998 with Will Smith and Gene Hackman. Scary how that story line has come to pass. Its like they could see into the future. Worth while watch. Remember never look up because someone is always looking down.
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    Mecum Kessimmee

    Leaving tomorrow. Anybody else going?
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    Discount Tire Story

    Just when you think customer service is dead someone has to come along and spoil it! My daughters car had a nail puncher in the right rear so I took it to the Discount Tire Store here in Knoxville for repair. They did it with no appointment and when the tire was repair was completed they gave...
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    Any Vintage Road Racers?

    Are there any other Vintage Road racers out there?
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    Daytona Turkey Run

    I know the subject about the survival of the hobby has been discussed before and I understand that the Turkey Run is not the typical car show. (If you have the opportunity I would highly suggest going.) My wife and I have been attending the Turkey Run for 5 years and every year it gets larger...
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    Is It Just Me

    From late yesterday and again this morning when I log on to this sight it has been taken over by a Verizon add. Just me or anybody else experiencing this problem? Thanks
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    If we have an oil glut, then why is there no mention of removing ethanol from our fuel?