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  1. fl 71

    Locker & Gear

    Locker unit and 4:10 gear for Dana 60. New never used. Can Ship from Florida if necessary. $500
  2. fl 71

    M/T tires on Centerlines

    Two 15x10 with 5" backspace polished and clear powdercoat Centerline wheels with M/T Drag Radials 315x60x15. Two 15x3 Cenetrline wheels polished and clear powdercoat with M/T 28x7.50x15. All new never seen the street. Set $650. Can ship from Florida if necessary.
  3. fl 71

    727 & Conv.

    727 trans with reverse valve body and full of the good stuff. Rebuilt but never used. Also B&M 3500 stall converter. Would ship from Florida if necessary. $1,100.