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  1. dusterdoug

    Side trim hole fill…???

    Yep. Woulda, coulda, shoulda….
  2. dusterdoug

    Side trim hole fill…???

    Interesting. Wish I had asked the question before I put the car together. Most holes would be accessible after popping off door panels perhaps. I’m going to give this some serious thought. Thank you.
  3. 33IMP

    70 dart 470 ci drag car build.

    Mine too, except she knows they wouldn't be in trouble.... I'm not allowed to let them in the garage. (I don't always do what I am told.....)
  4. dusterdoug

    Side trim hole fill…???

    I’m thinking that wouldn’t work. The holes are right on the body line and I doubt that’s flexible. Someone prove me wrong with quality pics…lol. Did you use that on a Dart?
  5. 67Dart273

    Magnum intake drilling plate project

    Do we know what he looks like?
  6. B

    Engine Oil Discussion

    A high mileage engine has ring & bearing wear. Here in Oz, we can get 40w/70 oil for worn engines for hotter parts of the country. For a car in Switzerland, I would use 20w/50 oil, min or syn, that has Zn/Ph in it.
  7. 67Dart273

    Magnum intake drilling plate project

    The listed address (house) sold according to Zillow in 2022 so he may (probably) doesn't even live at that address
  8. B

    Better acceleration?

    Put a V8 in the car....
  9. B

    Adjust valve lash on unknown cam

    I would use 0.010" int/0.012" cold. These numbers will ensure the valves have clearance. Without knowing the original specs, going over 020, could put you past the clearance ramps & onto the opening/closing flanks of the lobe which is hard on the valve train & could break parts. The worst that...
  10. 67DodgeDart360

    So many nice abodies on this Facebook group.

    I been seeing so many nice abodies on this Facebook group. OnlyAbodies | Facebook
  11. Rat Bastid

    70 dart 470 ci drag car build.

    These actually look pretty cool and they wold be sealed 100%. Lock On Breather for Valve Covers - Meets NHRA / IHRA Rules
  12. 67Dart273

    Adjust valve lash on unknown cam

    ^^Or do a combo of the above^^ The first time you set them, do them cold, as above, then warm it up and I mean FULL warmed, and recheck hot and see "what you have." THEN you will KNOW I hope I don't have to tell you that "a little looser" is better than too tight, but you don't want...
  13. B

    750 Brawler vs 650 AVS 2 at the track, right OOTB !

    What doesn't: volume, density, McDonalds menu? Read what I said again.
  14. RustyRatRod

    Adjust valve lash on unknown cam

    Yes. Opinions vary, but I prefer adjusting cold. I add .002" to the spec and adjust cold and not running. The book says adjust hot and running, but I've always thought that was asking to get burned of hit by a flying wrench. It's worked well for me for a very long time.
  15. Rat Bastid

    70 dart 470 ci drag car build.

    Not embarrassing, just dirty. BTW, we need to be looking into a breather that screws onto an AN fitting. Then we can weld the AN fitting into the valve covers and then we have a 100% seal. I know I’ve seen them, but I can’t find them.
  16. hotrod swinger

    Adjust valve lash on unknown cam

    Slant six engine with unknown cam. It seems to perform like a stock engine, by no means a lopey or choppy idle. How do I adjust the valve lash without knowing the specs of the cam? Should I assume stock and just go with 10 intake and 20 exhaust? Thanks!

    70 dart 470 ci drag car build.

    A small repair on my valve cover, I wasn't so sure I was going to be able to weld this cast as it's old and really used but it was very clean and that proved to save it's life. The evacuation breather was loose on this side so I still have to machine it to fit tight but now there's some aluminum...
  18. AlaskaJeff

    Pics of Duster/Demon with +2” rear springs.

    Here is my 70 with what appear to be older SS springs. I'm running 275/60-15's on 10" rims with 4.5 bs
  19. DionR

    What all will fit?

    I’ve heard a 5.7 can be slid under the stock 4.7 wiring harness and made to work really easy. Maybe need to re-pin a couple of wires? I know of a guy that did it to an ‘04 but nothing I spent much time researching so not sure what all it took.
  20. G

    5.7 HEMI VVT in Ram 1500

    I just sold a 2012 Ram 1500 4x4 with 160K Miles with a Brand New 3 year warrantee on the new crate Hemi 5.7 for 10K that was a darn nice Truck that need nothing! Rust free Nevada Truck I think that the one you are looking at is no great bargain. We live in the West where nice truck go for good...
  21. gregsdart

    stuck throttle!

    very true That is why this rattled me like it did. I have run this same system for hundreds of runs, way back to 2005. But a thorough once over of everything is in order. Just before that, i found two problems with my front brakes! all fixed, but it bugs me i missed this stuff when I rebuilt...
  22. C

    Rear glass question

  23. autoxcuda

    Post Pics of Your 15x10" Wheels and Tires

    Just 15x9's here. 4 1/8" backspace, no tubs, stock location leaves, lips rolled .... and 15x9's in front :poke: I'm sure this is not the genre the OP is looking for though. ;)
  24. lead69

    Nice truck my buddy just picked

    Nice score!, those v10s are awesome engines all around, well except for gas mileage lol.
  25. D


    I never heard of this movie
  26. M

    What all will fit?

    Here's what we want to accomplish: 12.8 ET 17+ MPG All accessories to work: AC/cruise/OD/etc Reliable enough for 800+ mile trips Here's what we have to work with: '02 Dakota QuadCab 2WD She's got a 4.7 and the upgraded auto transmission I can post the window sticker. She's basically...
  27. Car Nut

    Old New member

  28. S'cuder

    1969 'cuda 383 4-speed

    No, the '72 Mr. Norm Demon was the one with the Paxton supercharger. I'd rather have that than the 6 pack one. Dodge GSS Supercharged Demon The card he's holding says 1972, but the car and VIN are '71.
  29. RustyRatRod

    Better acceleration?

    Well of course, but he's describing a total dead dog. Even in the mountains, a well tuned slant 6, especially a 225 will have "some" torque.
  30. 72_Demon_340

    2023 FABO Meet-N-Greet MoPars in the Park Show June 3rd Stillwater MN

    I haven't been back to the show since it moved from the Dakota County Fairgrounds in Farmington! It used to be so close to me here in Lakeville! Tried to get there on Saturday and meet some of you guys... Brought my '71 Challenger to the Car Corral to try and sell but it wasn't until Sunday...