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  1. fl 71

    demon full vinyl top trim

    Not mine Not sure how to transfer info from E-Bay but saw 70-72 Duster Demon full vinyl top trim for sale $149.. Know when I looked for mine it took almost 6 mo. to find.
  2. fl 71

    Lost Title

    A few months ago I asked for thoughts on purchasing a car with no title and had many good thoughts from "run away" to some constructive ideas on how to make it work. First thank you all for your in put. In Florida I purchased a Healey 3000 to restore for my daughter from Ohio with no title...
  3. fl 71

    Lost Title Question

    Found a 1963 Austin Healey 3000 MKll in Ohio that is a perfect car to restore for my daughter. Problem is the individual who has the car left it on open title for seven years and has lost the title. Have traced the vin number at the Ohio D.M.V. and thier system will give me the last title # but...
  4. fl 71

    $400 reward for trim

    Will pay $400 for a good set of 71 Demon/Duster full vilnyl top trim. The trim runs from the rear side window to the rear glass. PM me Please:banghead:
  5. fl 71

    Rad. Hose?

    Just finishing a 440 transplant into a 71 Demon. It has a 32" Rad. with a 1 1/2 outlet on the right (passanger) side and the therostat housing is the standard strait up Mopar. Would rather use a molded hose than a universal one. Realize may have to cut a section out of one, but what one? Thanks