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  1. Big Dad

    Near las Vegas ?

    Lots of A body deals here
  2. Big Dad

    Anyone in the mood to talk about stock type Mopar ignition boxes ?

    After a lifetime of answering the call to fire the orange box croaked this weekend What is out there that is dependable somewhat , or are they all junk in 2022 ? Mancini Racing Orange Ignition Control Unit Its on a street type vehicle
  3. Big Dad

    Nice collection

    The Magnificent McCandless Collection
  4. Big Dad

    I do dumb things when left unsupervised .

    Turned down wrong road today and got caught in this trap .
  5. Big Dad

    Very Custom Dodge pickup

    Good guys in Des Moines
  6. Big Dad

    From the "I did not know they 1st used a 62 Dodge " files

    So, they put the turbine in a 62 Ddodge .. huh, never knew that ..
  7. Big Dad

    DODGE C500 show truck

    want , badly want .. neato 1969 Dodge LCF C500 Show Car Hauler | K104 | East Moline 2022 (
  8. Big Dad

    1966 Valiant wagon street/ race from down under

    Internet pics .. not mine, mine is a 65
  9. Big Dad

    Local Dart

    I live in a small town although there is a lot of Mopar people in neighborhood , rare to see one sitting downtown
  10. Big Dad

    The car is the star ( 66 Plymouth Valiant rag top ) The FlimFlam man

    Good movie ,take time to watch it
  11. Big Dad

    $50,000 61 Valiant

    Nice however, priced north of 99% of the people that might would buy .. 1961 Plymouth Valiant V 200 - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle...
  12. Big Dad

    Dart loses it .. keep the speakers low
  13. Big Dad

    Neat swap meet wagon

  14. Big Dad

    1966 dodge dart Mopar wagon - $3000 (Aurora,ne)

    Not mine, don't know him , never seen it ..
  15. Big Dad

    Wild Wades Swap meet Des Moines, IA 1-25-15

    I plan on going down the night before, finding a room near a warm bar .. Anyone else going to be going ? Not sure how good it is but, its winter and need something to do ..:D