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  1. Big Dad

    Anyone local to me capable of correcting errors on a 904 race build

    I purchased transmission and convertor from a person in the business, and its got 4 neutrals and leaking like a sieve. Less than excited to return it for more problems I am near Sioux Falls,SD 57107 ..
  2. Big Dad

    Small block , low mount Alternator , Meziere H2O pump

    Looked on the google, does not look like anyone makes anything currently , has anyone mounted one drivers side down low any pictures , the meziere pump makes it hard to do it somewhat
  3. Big Dad

    1970's Pro/Stock

    much better than what it looks like today in that class
  4. Big Dad

    Battery discussion

    Do you run 1 or 2 ? 12 vt or 16 ? How large is your Battery Vs the size of the motor in CI Compression ? Opinions
  5. Big Dad

    Couple wiring questions

    1 .. Its been some time and I forget why but, seemed like there was a reason I had to have a ford type solenoid .. small block , mini starter .. PPP shifter, going to re-wire whole car 2 the neutral saefty switch in shifter will work or do I need to use the factory one in trans , its a 904
  6. Big Dad

    Pick one .. wins or final rounds

    If you had the choice .. Would you prefer 10 final round appearances in 2 years or .. One appearance and one win ?
  7. Big Dad

    tough round loss

    Not me .. friend
  8. Big Dad

    What does 112 octane cost in your area

    I bought a drum for $550 in March , now by the gallon its $15.00 here
  9. Big Dad

    Good luck and bad luck

    Made it to the finals Last night with some good luck pull into the lanes, slick is almost flat , ran back got air bubble , slapped 10 lbs in it quick , my light was .019 to his .036 , he ran dead on with a 4 ..My sixty ft went to chit , couldn't catch him $250 and a r/u trophy
  10. Big Dad

    Not a Mopar and not a drag car but ..

    Many good ideas in this little car to be used .. Harry Gentry's 1962 MG Midget Vintage Racecar, Number 7
  11. Big Dad

    Enclosed trailer extras

    What is the latest / greatest items to be mounted in trailer and how did you mount them ? Looked up some pit pal stuff prices are pretty high, need something for storing some extra stuff to drag with me
  12. Big Dad

    Funny car on main street in South dakota

    Nothing to see here but, a Vintage Challenger parked a few miles from my house
  13. Big Dad

    Hemi Dart that runs at our local track

    He has many cars and lots of money as well
  14. Big Dad

    Drag race trip --Possible locations ?

    3-4 of us are thinking of maybe making a 1500 or so roughly mile round trip to some locations this year possible stops .. East Iowa, Illinois ,Indiana .. Not sure where all we could go in two weeks
  15. Big Dad

    Finally found a decent enclosed trailer to buy

    Been looking , not every day but, fairly constantly since covid hit .. Could not get anyone to take an order ( materials go up to fast ) and nothing but those cheapie v-nose type , was not interested in them . One just got posted on craigslist 140 miles from me , new .. 28 foot, could of...
  16. Big Dad

    The Beast of Turin

    A body in background
  17. Big Dad

    ISO -Enclosed race trailer

    everything is in shortage . I've been looking for one for 2 + years , locally we don't have a strong dealer network , if one gets posted for sale used, before you can get the ad read, its sold . New, local dealers tell me can't order, no idea how to price it to me since costs might ( who...
  18. Big Dad

    Time Slip Valiant

    Not mine , just sharing
  19. Big Dad

    Failure or success with Jeg's or Summit branded ( china ) parts

    When you search for a part on either of those sites ( brand name ) ..they, prefer to just only show their inhouse brand stuff .. What's your personal luck with it, good or junk ?
  20. Big Dad

    64 Valiant race car in Estonia

    Not mine
  21. Big Dad

    Going for a fast ride in 2015

    well, one of my race stickers at least top fuel !