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  1. Big Dad

    At some point : 1955 Plymouth gasser

    Luckily, my Valiant project is hopefully soon going to come to a finish this summer and, I want to do just a couple more things yet Been looking for a 55 hardtop forever, it would not need to be perfect but, these things came from the factory with rust ( lol )
  2. Big Dad

    My 1965 Valiant wagon street / strip project

    I have not been back on here for some time , lost my logon , tried to re-set password, never could get a response , tried a new name that didn't work .. dug around trhu old messages on old no longer used emails and found my info from many years ago .. ( lol, crazy ) Well, its been a slow go for...
  3. Big Dad

    My 1965 Valiant wagon street/strip project

    I started a build thread on this site but, I think this is the proper area Before