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  1. Map63Vette

    Intake casting numbers

    So my 318 had a 4 bbl on it when I bought it and I really didn't think much of it, but when I got to looking around I noticed that they pretty much didn't make 318's with a 4 bbl out of the factory (I think there may have been a few cop cars or something with them). So I decided to go pull...
  2. Map63Vette

    Favorite Crate Engines?

    So my dreams of a new hemi in my 67 project Dart are evaporating as quick as the money in my pocket it's taking to just get the car back to road-worthy. That being said, I'm now debating a small block crate or buildup swap since the car already has a 318 in it. So my question to everyone is...
  3. Map63Vette

    318 Aftermarket Temp Sender

    So I just went out and bought a little set of triple gauges to try to keep better track of everything going on (the car had an engine swap from /6 to 318 and I wanted a volt meter since the stock ammeter connectors at the firewall were fairly melted), but am having some issues trying to figure...
  4. Map63Vette

    10 sec. 318?

    So I'm looking at a project car that I would like to turn into a street legal drag car, and I was initially leaning toward a new hemi swap so I could make some good power with low weight, but the more I look the more I think I may be getting in over my pocketbook... The car I'm looking at now...