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  1. Big Dad

    Steve Magnante

  2. Big Dad

    Hot wheels AWB .. Ramcharger

    2023 Hot Wheels Premium Car Culture Drag Strip '65 Dodge Coronet #1 White NEW | eBay
  3. Big Dad

    Vintage slot track racing

  4. Big Dad

    Life like slot track

    Lots of talent
  5. Big Dad

    Maverick 1/64 Dodge

    i have a couple of these , didn't make a lot I don't think 1964 Dodge "Maverick" Platinum Drag Racing Series 1/64 Scale Die Cast | eBay
  6. Big Dad

    Dodge Sweptside pickups

    Menards if you have them in your area have these , were supposed to have some fin cars and guess I didn't dig far enough
  7. Big Dad

    My local Wal-Marts have model cars

    I was really surprised to see that , had been many years since I seen them in anything other than a hobby store . They had some glue and brush on paint too
  8. Big Dad

    1962 Plymouth

    dropped $1.07 today on it
  9. Big Dad

    66 Barracuda model on ebay

    Vintage AMT 1966 PLYMOUTH BARRACUDA Fastback Customizing Kit Complete Kit | eBay
  10. Big Dad

    Hobby town in Lincoln, Ne

    couple weeks ago, went down to Lincoln to big car swap meet and I got a motel after I got checked in , realized that I left half of what I needed at home ( duh) .. So, just down the road was Walgreens , turned in there was a hobby shop right next to it , ahh good way to kill some time .. I...
  11. Big Dad

    / 6 Vintage model

    Vintage Revell Motorized Slant Six Engine 1/4 Scale #H1553:1295 | eBay
  12. Big Dad

    1962 lancer vintage metalflake kit

    Loved these as a young kid Revell 1962 Dodge Lancer 1/25 | eBay
  13. Big Dad

    High priced hot wheels & late model die cast

    When these came out , I did snag a few of the others in the set .. Could not find one of these , Yeesh that price is crazy Hot Wheels Drag Strip Demons '65 Dodge Coronet A/FX "The Honker" 2009 #16 | eBay
  14. Big Dad

    D400 Sweptline box truck

    Internet picture , anyone seen this model ?
  15. Big Dad

    Trip back in time to the Hobby Shop

  16. Big Dad

    Where can you buy modern style drag car wheels in 1/24th for model car

    Looked around , can't seem to locate ? Slicks, wheels ?