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    duster black out template/sticker

    This company has no affiliation with Phoenix Graphix Inc that was established in 1985 and is licensed by Stellantis(akaMopar). This is an infringer and is in violation of trademark laws.
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    1969 Dart Sripe

    Let us know if you need our help. we are just a call away.
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    1969 Dart Sripe

    Phoenix Graphix 1969 Dodge Dart GT Sport GTS Bumble Bee Stripe/Decal Kit. There are several different versions of this stripe on out website. Most people opt for the stripe to show off their car.
  4. PhoenixGraphix

    info on 72 Demon stripe kits

    Performance car Graphics is no longer in business due to unfortunate circumstances. I think we have discussed this issue with you on another setting in this forum. It should have been resolved
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    info on 72 Demon stripe kits

    Not licensed
  6. PhoenixGraphix

    info on 72 Demon stripe kits

    Decals have to be submitted and pass quality control until you have established your reputation such as us with decadesHave to be a viable company with good credit with proof. IT is getting harder and harder to be licensed and FCA really comes down on infringers as well as GM. Pre masking...
  7. PhoenixGraphix

    info on 72 Demon stripe kits

    People there are many types of vinyl just because someone claims they are using 3M means nothing. You need to make sure the vinyl is Cast automotive grade vinyl or you are not buying quality vinyl. 3M makes sign shop vinyl , Calendered vinyl etc. We have written many articles in the past that...
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    1970 340 stripes

    I am sorry you are having difficulty. Since Classic Industries is the purchaser of our product you will have to go through them before we can provide you with any help.
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    1970 340 stripes

    I understand from Chris that he has spoken to you. Please advise me if you need additional help.
  10. PhoenixGraphix

    1970 340 stripes

    Did you receive a call back from Chris regarding your issue?
  11. PhoenixGraphix

    '74 side stripes

    Phoenix Graphix 1973-74 Plymouth Duster (and Twister) Decal Kit. WE have that kit available and are licensed and approved by FCA to make it. If you need further assistance please give us a call toll free.
  12. PhoenixGraphix

    Demon Hood Stripes

    Phoenix Graphix 1972 Dodge Demon Decal Kit. We are licensed by the Chrysler Corporation for restoration decals and have been in business for over 30 years. Please call us toll free at 1-800-941-4550 if we can provide you any further assistance.
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    waxing over graphics/stripes

    Give us a call we will do our best to help you out. 1-800-941-4550. Thank you for the response
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    waxing over graphics/stripes

    Phoenix Graphix: Car Auto Decals Graphics, Factory Restoration Stickers. We also sell a product to keep your decals looking great. It is called slide over. See attachment
  15. PhoenixGraphix

    Waxing stripe question??

    Our slide over product is not a wax it is protectant. Wax draws the moisture out of decals and makes them crack. I am sorry for any confusions.
  16. PhoenixGraphix

    Waxing stripe question??

    We don't suggest "waxing" any decals. The vinyl manufacturers will invalidate any warranty if the product is waxed.
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    69 'Cuda A57 Tape Stripes

    Phoenix Graphix 1969 Plymouth Barracuda Decal Kit Give us a call if we can help or order on line.
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    Stripe kits

    We are not aware that this photo is your proprietary property. If so please provide us with documentation and proof. Photos on the web are public domain. Licensed by the Chrysler Corporation as a decals restoration manufacturer Established in 1985
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    Stripe kits We make the kits for your Duster. Phoenix Graphix is licensed by Chrysler Corporation and we have been in business for over 30 years. All we do our decals and stripes. WE use automotive grade cast vinyl not calendered. WE meet or exceed OEM...
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    Wax over Stripes or not ??

    Phoenix Graphix does not recommend waxing stripes or taking you car through a car wash that sprays waxes during the rinse. Good cast vinyl should last a long time if it is quality vinyl and if you are concerned about protecting your investment further we do offer a protectant that we personally...
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    Duster Stripes. Who to buy from?

    Please provide me your invoice number and I will check into this issue for you.
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    Duster Stripes. Who to buy from?

    There is a big difference in vinyl quality. The vinyl should be cast automotive grade vinyl or it is not suitable for automotive use. There are many "infringement reproduction" people making Mopar decals who do not make quality stripes. Chrysler checks ebay, forums,amazon etc regularly for them...
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    70' swinger stripe

    Phoenix Graphix can make it for you but it is a custom stripe. We are a licensed decal restoration manufacturer for Chrysler. This assures you the finest quality on the market. We are not involved in other businesses. Established in 1985
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    Best Price Match for decals stripes

    Phoenix Graphix Inc will meet or beat any prices for decals and stripes for your vehicle. The decals and stripes must be of the same quality vinyl and content. We are licensed by the Chrysler Corporation as a restoration manufacturer which assures you the best decals available in the...
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    stripe install help

    I understand your confusion When we stated that we have used our application gel here in the desert. We are in a very dry climate here which gives you less install time as everything drys so quickly. The gel gives you more time to position your decal in place. Regarding the dish washing soap...
  26. PhoenixGraphix

    stripe install help We recommend our application gel. This product was developed by a chemist for us many years ago and tested here in the AZ desert. The gel gives you a longer application time and allows you to slide the decal around for more accurate fit than dishwashing soap...
  27. PhoenixGraphix

    '69 swinger stripe If you need further assistance we would be happy to help you out. Our decals are licensed restoration parts by Chrysler.
  28. PhoenixGraphix

    Dart Stripe Source? This may be what you are looking for. Let us know if we can help or you may order online. We are licensed by Chrysler and provide the best quality product.
  29. PhoenixGraphix

    Car Car Vinyl Graphics, Decal and Stripe Kits

    Contact us with your request. We are licensed by the Chrysler Corporation and have been in business since 1985. We provide automotive grade vinyl decal kits not sign shop vinyl. Buy with confidence.
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    69 Dart with 68 Stripes