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    Congratulation to my boy!

    Great news, congratulations to you and Jon!
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    Forum Software Upgraded

    I have an iPhone 8 with current standard apple phone software, no other add-one or mods. Regarding screen real estate, it is in the overall layout of the new software. Lots of either information such as the member information above posts taking up space, or larger blank areas between...
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    Forum Software Upgraded

    Thanks for finding/activating that, different but it works.
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    Forum Software Upgraded

    When I refer to taking up limited screen real estate I am speaking in general to include the previously mentioned large member information area now present over each posting in a thread. Experience may not be as noticeable on something other than a Mobil phone, but no question about it...
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    Forum Software Upgraded

    The prior software would change the posting descriptions from bold to regular text after opening them, that does not occurring anymore for me, do I need to change a setting, or is that no longer a feature of this upgrade?
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    Forum Software Upgraded

    Not in a “hurry”, but like to stay on content of greater value. The new format requires much more scrolling to get to the core content. It is also about us having limited screen real estate especially on mobil phones, and keeping the scrolling to a minimum between prime content, which for me is...
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    Forum Software Upgraded

    How can we do like before and roll up/hide content in selected categories of our choice in the forums section?
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    Forum Software Upgraded

    This similar threads function just takes up a ton of space, please shrink substantially or remove all together.
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    Forum Software Upgraded

    I unchecked the box, and peoples signature information still remains?
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    Prayers Requested!

    Very glad to hear your getting better @GTX JOHN, continued prayers are sent to you and Jon. I know you guys will get past this very soon.
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    [SOLD] 1985 Dodge D150 35k original miles

    Do you have all of the original slant drivetrain parts, would those come with the purchase?
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    [FOR SALE] 340 dual point distributor

    I will take it. Tried sending you a pm, but your inbox is full. Send me a pm so we can work out payment details after you have cleared your inbox.
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    Headliner installation

    Think this may be it? Restorations by Rick Kreuziger
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    V8 on 73 up k member?

    Take a look at this threads and the link to Engine swaps, give them a call so you can find out when/ if they will be bringing back the spool mount slant 6 to small block conversion mounts. Schumacher Creative Services These are the conversion mounts you would want to ask when they will have...
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    [WANTED] exhaust manifold heat shield/gasket #2946105 1970 340

    No problem, will send you pm with what I have to see if it might work for you.
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    [Found!] Big Block MP Valve Covers

    Here you go, member GTX John has a set for you. [FOR SALE] - Black Mopar Perf. Valve Covers $450. (Big Biock)
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    [FOR SALE] 1970 340 Air Filter Housing and Pie Tin

    PM sent, will take the second one.
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    [FOR SALE] Magnum exhaust manifolds

    Casting numbers for the big ones that I know of are 53006619 and 53006618. I believe that they were produced for 1992-1993 only. There may be other magnum manifolds that have 2 1/8, but unless mistaken these 53010187 and 53010186 are identical in outside appearance, but have a 1 7/8 inside...
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    GO GTXJohn !!!

    Congratulations for kicking but John, and say hi and congratulations to Jon as well. Unfortunate that those other guys didn’t have the balls to go up against you guys. Wish I could have been there like I had hoped, unfortunately some family stuff came up.
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    How to roll without front steering or rotors

    Many ways to include body casters. Largely depends on how heavy/completely assembled the car is. Right sized metal/fasteners/wheels, will let you roll just about any weight we are talking here, and also surface being rolled on. Body Casters - Rolling On - Mopar Muscle Magazine Again depends...
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    Supersix kickdown cable?

    You would just have to get older, or new with older design type bicycle brake cable. I say this because I know from cutting up bicycle brake cables when I was a kid, they all had not only the metal inner cable, but the outer sleeves were also metal, but just had vinyl wrap on the very outside...
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    Gold membership

    Joey, we need your help clearing this up please. Is this a PayPal issue, FABO issue, or both? FABO will be at risk of loosing many Gold members if it is only an automatic pay deal. @Joeychgo
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    [SOLD] new, painted 72-76 A-Body (vented) gas cap

    No, this cap is for a 75-76 application.
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    [SOLD] 71 gas gap

    PM sent.
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    72 and later marker light welts?

    Hang in there, don’t let it beat you, you will get it.
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    I wish it was closer craigslist finds

    Yah, and they do also look like they have sprouted from the earth.
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    I wish it was closer craigslist finds

    Moredoors x 3. They are closer to me in this case, just wish I had more space to bring them in. lot of 3 cars for sale - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle...
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    Interior swap

    Scamp /Dart back seats are not the same as Duster/Demon/Dart Sports.