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  1. belmateo

    [WANTED] 68 Dart speedometer gauge

    Screw on cable is 67
  2. belmateo

    [WANTED] 66/76 A727 rear drum support/tailshaft housing aka governor support housing

    Brother is this your lucky day or what? I also many internal 727 parts so if there is anyting else you want/need please let me know.
  3. belmateo

    Remove rust inside door panels?

    Prep and prime and citric acid work well
  4. belmateo

    [WANTED] 1968 Dart Fenders
  5. belmateo

    [WANTED] 67 Dart Speedometer

    I should be back from vacation by Sunday, will check and make sure it works before we proceed.
  6. belmateo

    [WANTED] 1968 rear bumper bracket corner brackets

    I may have them still mounted to a bumper, remind me at the end of the week as I am on holiday until Saturday.
  7. belmateo

    [Found!] 1968 Dart side glass chrome/stainless trim

    Are you talking about the ones that are on top of the quarter panels?
  8. belmateo

    [WANTED] 1969 plymouth valiant d.s. fender

    Should be the same as early Duster
  9. belmateo

    [WANTED] 67 Dart Speedometer

    I might have one, will look and get back to you.
  10. belmateo

    [Found!] 1965 273 alternator brackets

    I don't remember if there are any on this arrangement.
  11. belmateo

    [WANTED] Small block 360 heads/915s

    Sorry about that, first time they were unwrapped by me to take photos (was told they were 360). Maybe somebody else can use them.
  12. belmateo

    [WANTED] Small block 360 heads/915s

    Not sure if these will work for you.
  13. belmateo

    [WANTED] Small block 360 heads/915s

    I have a pair that have been rebuilt, let me check the numbers on it. NorCal here :)
  14. belmateo

    [Found!] 1965 273 alternator brackets

    I will take a look at what I have, looks familiar
  15. belmateo

    [Found!] 727 4 CLUTCH DIRECT DRUM

    I have 2 of them if your local fans fall through.
  16. belmateo

    [Found!] 727 4 CLUTCH DIRECT DRUM

    I have a bunch, how to check them for what you want?
  17. belmateo

    [WANTED] 1969 Dart front passenger side door glass tinted.

    I have one in NorCal if that is closer for you
  18. belmateo

    [Found!] 340 flex plate

    replied with pics
  19. belmateo

    [Found!] 1969 Barracuda 340 Pulley Set

    I will check my stash and let you know
  20. belmateo

    [Found!] Water pump and crank pulley for 69 340

    I am sure I have them, will measure and get back to you.
  21. belmateo

    [Found!] 340 flex plate

    I have both SFI and OEM