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  1. PhoenixGraphix

    Custom Exterior Decal

    I am sorry but we can not make decals that you requested. We are have a resotration license with Stellantis aka Mopar and can't do a custom such as this.
  2. PhoenixGraphix

    Dodge Demon stripes. Who makes them correct

    The car looks beautiful and I am sure you are burning up the track with that engine! Phoenix Graphix Inc is a licensed decal/graphic restoration manufacturer for Mopar aka "Stellantis" and have been for years. We are there largest restoration decal manufacturer and we provide automotive...
  3. PhoenixGraphix

    Dodge Demon stripes. Who makes them correct

    You can call us for any questions or assistance with installations of our products. We will be happy to help you.
  4. PhoenixGraphix

    Gold Duster decal stain

    Give us a call and speak to Chris. He is going to try and help you out. He has seen your photo.
  5. PhoenixGraphix

    72 demon sizzler??

    No I am sorry we don't have a template for the hood paint. The vinyl stripes were made after an OEM piece for original fit. Call us if you need any more help with this.
  6. PhoenixGraphix

    72 demon sizzler??

    Phoenix Graphix 1972 Dodge Demon Decal Kit We are listed in the sponsor section and the stripes you are seeking are listed above. Give us a call if you need any further assistance. Licensed by FCA corporation
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    Old Dodge Trucks another forum for old trucks
  8. PhoenixGraphix

    Old Dodge Trucks Is a truck forum etc for Dodge enthusiasts
  9. PhoenixGraphix

    Is this a factory stripe??

    This is not a factory stripe that we are aware of.