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  1. WildCat

    Feel like a newbie

    Thanks, A guy I know that is on Internet a lot & knows what I'm looking for sent me message to an add, it wasn't a seller contacting me in a want ad. I did get a scammer back in mid 90's get me, but got enough info on him and started putting pressure on him he sent my money back. Hope this...
  2. WildCat

    Feel like a newbie

    been years since I logged in here Had a guy send me message for something I'm looking for and so had to find my login info and then figure out how to navigate the site Haven't made any real changes in my car over the years Here is a picture from photo shoot for the Mike Linnig's calendar for...
  3. WildCat

    67-9 Dart/Barracuda Vert Trim Clips

    When I built my car someone was selling them, reproduction. I replaced all mine. Have anyone looked to see if available lately?
  4. WildCat

    Crush or Pinpoint Top Material

    Herb Beers was making the wires to push the top out on the sail panel, but don't think he was using spring steel. He is on here as 67dart (I think) I made them years ago while at work when I was running a machine that if was running good I had spare time. I tried to make some but just couldn't...
  5. WildCat

    Recommend a company for new convertible boot?

    Ledgendary is where mine came from
  6. WildCat

    Crush or Pinpoint Top Material

    You are in North Carolina, EZ Top in Greenville, NC (I think) made mine, fit is great, but I paid to have it installed Have a dark blue cloth top that is beautiful. Yes many people have put there own tops on. If you want wrinkle free top and you haven't had sucsess, pay someone. My top has...
  7. WildCat

    Reputable / Professional Vert Top Installer NC,VA,SC

    My top is from EZ TOP, call them and ask if they know a good installer for you top in your area. Not all top installers can install a top on these older cars. My 67 coronet looked like crap and the place that did it was a place all the Chrysler dealers in the area used back in the day. But the...
  8. WildCat

    67-69 convertible top frame

    I have 2, the 1st one paid $50 and got some other parts The second paid $75 with a lot of other parts, now there isn't much demand for these frames. So if you have someone interested, come up with a price that you are both comfortable with and let it go. They are hard to move, take a lot of...
  9. WildCat

    Blue Top

    Is your car original? I put a blue cloth top on my car and LOVE IT!
  10. WildCat

    Blue Top

    My 67 Dart came with a blue top not sure If I still have it, do have the fender tag somewhere and maybe even have the old top. Would guess the barracuda and Dart used the same color tops since they were the same frame Hard to tell in this picture but this is what I believe is the factory...
  11. WildCat

    I have a couple questions and I'm in search of a cpl parts

    Looks like a nice car to start with, good luck on getting it done for your mother. But really, 3 years and she doesn't know? Not much of a car gal, do you think she will notice the changes? I tried to buy a 64 2 door hardtop years ago but the guy wouldn't sell it then someone he let drive it...
  12. WildCat

    Trying to organize 1st Mopar car show in Jeffersonville indiana

    a local Mopar guy is trying to organize a Mopar car show. Show will be April 22 2017 at Hamburg Pike & Veterans Parkway in Jeffersonville Indiana Bob has some great cars of his own and there are several others in the area Putting this out for anyone around the southern Indiana, Northern Ky...
  13. WildCat

    Soaked carpet after a rain

    Don't leave it out in the rain is the best cure.
  14. WildCat

    For all the Mopar Girls among us this Valentines day......

    My mom always said she knew just were I was, in the garage working on my car My ex hated I was always in the garage working on my car My wife loves our cars so she is ok with the bills for parts ( many that SHE wanted ) or another car I don't work on them near as much as I use to, but when I...
  15. WildCat

    convertable belt molding

    Here is a thought. When I was looking for the aluminum trim that goes on the back of the seat for the boot cover to attach to the rear seat and couldn't find one I ended up buying a complete whole 1968 Dodge Dart convertible. This was a running driving car that the right 1/4 was damaged badly...
  16. WildCat

    '68 Barracuda top with glass window

    Might check with EZ top in Greenville South Carolina They did my top and I sent them my rear glass to put in the new top after they put the wrong glass in the 1st time. They ask about using it as pattern for a correct glass replacement. So they may have a correct replacement. As far as...
  17. WildCat

    Would like to have my 71 Cuda convertible back, but would need to sell one of my cars to buy...

    Would like to have my 71 Cuda convertible back, but would need to sell one of my cars to buy another car. Several would like to have my dart, but so far no one has come up with cash when I tell them 32,500......LOL
  18. WildCat

    rear courtesy floor lights

    Been a long time but thought the covers twist off to change the bulbs
  19. WildCat

    [SOLD] 1973 Gold Duster (please read the full Ad)

    Good luck with your sale How I moved my car was bolted a board (had a piece of 2"x10" oak used on the floor of my triable trailer) then bolted a couple of casters to it. It has worked to move my dart while building and now under my Imperial body. Good luck selling and moving Delete if this...
  20. WildCat

    Patching a convertible top?

    My daily driver had a very small cut and while at shop getting something else fixed had them glue a piece on the bottom side. The area on my driver not sure what caused the cut. But I also hardly ever put the top down, have had the car for almost 6 years and had the top down 6 times. Twice last...
  21. WildCat

    getting old stinks

    58 and need to get shoulder repaired, hips hurt, knees hurt, feet are cold all the time. People say they want to live to be 100, I'm good with how long I can manage the pain and still have some quality of life. My mom says getting old isn't for sissies. Now I'm wondering why I switched my car...
  22. WildCat

    Christmas spirit - lets see those trees and/or decorations!

    Have lots of Christmas decorations, just don't feel like putting them out A few years ago I did get some out, wife's Coke lights my Johnny lightning Christmas cars
  23. WildCat

    Top/interior question

    NOW I REALLY NEED THIS CAR........LOL Where in Indiana are you? So is the blue car in your avatar the car? As far as white, black stripe & top with white interior I really wouldn't think that was odd. Being a big block convertible would make it a very rare car. My brothers car was also an...
  24. WildCat

    Top/interior question

    I believe the metal interior parts (and on a convertible the plastic side panels could be ordered in different colors when white interior was ordered. Have seen white door panels with black door tops and bottom. Carpet, dash, kick panels could all be in color, red, blue, green, gold, brown &...
  25. WildCat

    Meet Miss JANUARY 2018

    It was at Tony' while waiting to go to Wedan's shop for some work. A top less with Tony's Cuda for a back drop
  26. WildCat

    Opinions on the BEST A BODY...............

    This might not be the perfect A Body, but it has been picked as Outstanding Custom @ ISCA show and now will be featured as the January 2018 calendar car for Mike Linnings, so close is good enough for me. If you want a drag car you want the lightest car possible Sedans are the lightest cars...
  27. WildCat

    Meet Miss JANUARY 2018

    I have never named any of my cars. Tonight my wife choose the name for the Dart. we went to the last car show Fund Raiser of the year at Mike Linnings seafood in Louisville, Ky. This is a huge show with perfect weather for this time of year. Low 60's no wind, sunshine all day and hundreds of...
  28. WildCat

    Update of Tony Fields

    Tony was to have heart cath today at 2 but his blood was too thin. They changed his blood thinner and plan on testing next week. They are sending him home tomorrow and will go tuesday to get test done.
  29. WildCat

    Update of Tony Fields

    they let Tony go home last week from Columbus Hospital. Today he had appointment in Indy and they are admitting him Know nothing else at this time Prayers for Tony and his family
  30. WildCat

    Prayers for Tony Fields please

    tony was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday with very low blood pressure, he was tired and no energy. They think he has an infection causing the problems but more test are needed. Went and seen him tonight and he still has his sense of humor, eating his rabbit food (salad) His color was...