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  1. red67gts

    Hey Buddy, that ain't the General Lee!

    We have a move over law
  2. red67gts

    Random pictures thread

    I have Pit Boss and will never use anything else, the flavor and ease of use can't be beat, Joe
  3. red67gts

    Any Geoligests here

    when I was in jr high school i found one in our field and took it to school and gave it to teacher
  4. red67gts

    Marriage is :

    She’s a keeper
  5. red67gts

    Marriage is :

    I was married 21 1:2 years to my 1st wife when she was killed in auto accident. I was widowed almost 30 years and dated lots but never found the right one until 3 years ago. We are on our way home from our honeymoon cruise now. I had said I would never get remarried until I came across this one, Joe
  6. red67gts

    57 Years Ago Today

    That is awesome to see another original owner for this long. I also bought my 67 GTS new at Carl Price Lincoln, Mercury Dodge in Jasper, Al, Joe
  7. red67gts

    Hurricane Ian

    Yea at 74 years old says a lot
  8. red67gts

    Hurricane Ian

    Wow you two have done lots of work since we were there. It looks great!! BTW we tied the knot yesterday, Joe
  9. red67gts


    what happened to Cudaspaz? I bought a chuck from him,Joe
  10. red67gts

    Accurate Exhaust

    I have used their exhaust on my big blocks and fit perfect and mandrel bent. Pricey but great quality, Joe
  11. red67gts

    1969 Race Dart w/ 426 Hemi- garaged for 45+ years

    This just blows my mind to see such an awesome car in the shape it is in. I would be talking to Ken and Matt Hensley in Dandridge, Tn. They are great people to work with and know a Chrysler engine.Joe
  12. red67gts

    If you can

    Tony, sorry I am just seeing this for the first time. I am sure praying for the both of you now, Joe
  13. red67gts

    Random pictures thread

    Looks just like my 67 GTS when I bought it new except for hubcaps
  14. red67gts

    Entire 69 dart wiring harness

    Buy one of those big laminated wiring diagrams for you car. They are very easy to follow and lays out flat. Joe
  15. red67gts

    Swinging for Divorce…

    I was at Cruisin the Coast this last time and walking through swap meet and saw the whole front seat assembly with both seats and console in perfect condition exactly the same as my 2001 Cummins work truck which needs drivers side recovered. I asked guy what he wanted for them and he said $60. I...
  16. red67gts

    Sad Ending to My Dart Build

    I feel your pain and sorry to hear and see that. In 1998 I had my 67 GTS fully restored and stored in my basement. I had a problem with the 440 that a guy in Hueytown had built for me and he had it back in his shop. An F5 tornado came through and destroyed everything I wincluding my house. My...
  17. red67gts

    Need Carb advice for new Big Block build.

    I run Holley Sniper and like it
  18. red67gts

    Cigarette lighter location?

    my 67 GTS and GT are both in ashtray
  19. red67gts

    Hurricane Ian

    Al, if y'all get a chance when you are coming through Tuscaloosa holler at us. It was good to come by and see you guys for a few. Good luck with finishing up everything down there and move to higher ground, Joe
  20. red67gts

    Moving compressor new pipe

    I used this 1/2" hose reel on back wall then use 3/8 whip. Compressor is outside, Joe
  21. red67gts

    15 Years Between Meetings

    I saw a 2021 Hellcat wrecked for sale on Craigslist Birmingham, Al a couple days ago. I think were asking $25,000
  22. red67gts

    The cold weather

    Spent all last week in Sarasota and that 75-80 degrees was awesome, Joe
  23. red67gts

    A quick word on colonoscopies.............

    Hopefully everything goes well but if they mention having to send you for a barium enema run like hell the other way. The one time I had one the lady Dr came in followed by about 12 students and there I was butt naked in a fetal position. When I finally caught my breath after they rammed that...
  24. red67gts

    Random pictures thread

    coming after your guns, Joe
  25. red67gts

    What Is The Best Car You've Ever Rode In On The Street?

    The day I bought my 67 GTS brand new from Carl Price Lincoln, Mercury, Dodge in Jasper, Al it was raining and my Daddy had to come home to run dairy so he left me there which they cleaned it up and put hubcaps and all on it. I asked the service manager how long I needed to break it in and he...
  26. red67gts

    Snap On MW120 MIG Welder

    Just throwing spitballs here but are you sure enough amperage is getting to the machine? If using an extention cord or plug that that may not be caring enough current. Since you have the feeding problem solved maybe try connecting to a different power source or outlet
  27. red67gts

    Stuff I do while Truckin

    how many cars did you wind up with in that trailer?
  28. red67gts

    First 1967 383 installed in a Barracuda

    I bought my 67 GTS 383 in May 1967 from Carl Price Lincoln Mercury Dodge in Jasper, Al. When it went through F-5 tornado with me in 1998 I had a guy do body work and he replaced core support and inner fenders from 4 door and didn't salvage the fender tag. The VIN is stamped in drivers side door.