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  1. Rockerdude

    Arizona FABO Members Local Shows & Events Interest

    Can’t say much about the Pavs, haven’t been out there in a a while. I’ve been working Saturday nights for about a year, made it to 67th maybe twice recently.
  2. Rockerdude

    Arizona FABO Members Local Shows & Events Interest

    67th ave and bell road every Saturday night, not a huge turn out like it use to be but still something to check out. That, and Pavilions in Scottsdale also on Saturdays.
  3. Rockerdude

    [Found!] Front Radiator Support (Duster)

    Hey @AzDUSTER , I have a 75 Valiant Im parting out over here in Surprise if you still need stuff. Core support is in excellent shape.
  4. Rockerdude

    [WANTED] Magnum Carb Intake

    Another way to get around using that LA style thermostat housing on a magnum intake with serpentine belt and AC is to find a 5.2 (318 LA) Dakota from 1991 and rob the bracket setup from the front. First year for serpentine belt, still an LA engine so it’s special, bolts to a magnum. It’s one...
  5. Rockerdude

    New but Old it good yet?

    I think project farm on YouTube tested some old oil (was in one of those old school cans) and it was still perfectly usable.
  6. Rockerdude

    66 Dart Owners thread

    You would think with all the hype regarding 3d printing and other modern techniques, someone should be able to take an original bezel and make cost effective die. But what do I know, I’m just an old dart enthusiast.
  7. Rockerdude

    66 Dart Owners thread

    Kinda crazy they haven’t reproduced the headlight bezels for a 66 Dart yet. I know they had a relatively low production number vs other years, especially because they repop 65 dart “candy cane” mouldings, I know a ton of these cars need them.
  8. Rockerdude

    [WANTED] Plymouth Valiant

    He was asking for a 67-74 Valiant 2 door, what I said IS accurate. 67-69 2 door post sedan or 1971-1976 Plymouth Scamp 2 door hard top was it. Unless you also count the 1970 Duster that did technically have a Valiant badge on the front fenders. All years for 1960-1976 Valiants came in 4 door...
  9. Rockerdude

    [WANTED] Plymouth Valiant

    They only came in 2 doors 67-69 unless it was converted from a 4 door, or unless you consider a 70s Plymouth Scamp also a Valiant. FYI. Good luck with the search!
  10. Rockerdude

    66 Dart Owners thread

    Anyone know if “P4B” under the “trm” portion of the options tag is for blue interior/trim? These cars change every year on the option codes and for whatever reason, 66 Darts are tough to find information on. I’ve found 66-7 Charger info, didn’t know if it was actually correct. If it is...
  11. Rockerdude

    66/67 Steering Wheel Restoration

    Man this turned out sweet. I have 2 of these wheels that I need to re-do over here in Phoenix if you are ever bored…
  12. Rockerdude

    Any GenIII early As?

    There’s a restoration thread on here from a few years ago. A member named Tincup iirc put a 5.7 in a 63 Dart.
  13. Rockerdude

    1966 Dart Station Wagon Door Key

    Glad to see your wagon still has the key it did when I use to own it! My current 64 Valiant wagon has a similarly shaped key for the doors/window crank but it’s blank/doesn’t say anything on it. Also needs replaced so I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a good blank to have cut.
  14. Rockerdude


    In Hemet California there’s a 65 Dart wagon listed on Facebook marketplace..
  15. Rockerdude

    V8 (5.2) swapping a van

    Those conversion vans (with the plush interior/seat that turns into a bed/curtains over the windows) are awesome road trip vehicles! My friend use to have a 90s gmc with the 4.3 v6 and it was the most comfortable thing to cruise in. Also if you pull the seats inside, the room for loading stuff...
  16. Rockerdude


    Hell yeah Rani! Glad to see this.
  17. Rockerdude

    Windage tray

    I used a 340 style on my 5.9 Magnum, ovaled the holes and made sure it cleared the oil pan before installing it. So far so good!
  18. Rockerdude

    [WANTED] 11.75 inch caliper brackets

    Yeah, I figured I would see if someone possibly had a used pair they would sell before I went for a new set. Thanks!
  19. Rockerdude

    [WANTED] 11.75 inch caliper brackets

    I believe those are the standard 10.5 inch A-body style, thanks for the response though!
  20. Rockerdude

    [WANTED] 11.75 inch caliper brackets

    ISO 70s-80s mid size Mopar 11.75 inch brake caliper brackets. Let me know if you have a pair you would be willing to let go of!
  21. Rockerdude

    [WANTED] 1962-1965 B-Body trans mount

    I’m not super familiar with GM stuff, always been an A-Body Mopar guy. Didn’t even know early B-bodies had a different mount until now.
  22. Rockerdude

    [WANTED] 1962-1965 B-Body trans mount

    I know, I didn’t think it would be that difficult to find.
  23. Rockerdude

    [WANTED] 1962-1965 B-Body trans mount

    I’ve thought of that also, the actual mounting flange that bolts to the trans seems to be different also, holes are closer together. Thought I would check on here before I have to cut/mess around.
  24. Rockerdude

    [WANTED] 1962-1965 B-Body trans mount

    I’ve checked and it seems new mounts are out of stock.
  25. Rockerdude

    [WANTED] 1962-1965 B-Body trans mount

    ISO early B-body transmission mount. If you have one laying around please let me know!
  26. Rockerdude

    66 Dart Owners thread

    Just picked up this one today, 225/console 904. Love me some Dart GT’s!
  27. Rockerdude

    [Found!] A833 Clutch fork/pivot

    ISO clutch fork and pivot for aluminum bell housing as seen in the picture attached. Also need an early-a clutch pivot for an iron bell housing. Let me know what you have!
  28. Rockerdude

    1966 Dart GT, 273/4, 4 speed registry.

    I have a local friend that's had 2 66 GT Coupes with factory 273/4 barrel/4speeds. One was light blue and one was red. I doubt he still has the info/vin about them though, it was 30 years ago. Red one was cut up/had rusty rear quarters, blue one was t-boned and eventually fixed/probably still...
  29. Rockerdude

    1965 Dart GT conv.

    Ulf! Love the progress! Keep it up.