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  1. hemitheus

    70 D100

    NICE score. I love these old trucks. Come on now, we all know you are skilled enough to bring her back. That isnt beyond a ballhone job and some TLC. You got this.
  2. hemitheus

    Why is it that it's always 1 out of 4 bolts has to be a pain in the ***?

    your odds are better than my 1 in 3. Tits or tires for sure
  3. hemitheus

    Oh, the dilemma.... a pair of 440's for 100 bucks....

    dont use for a car. they are worth a fortune in the marine world
  4. hemitheus

    Boring Soccer Game Highlights

    thats the most unCanadian thing i have ever heard
  5. hemitheus

    Picking a color for the 67 Valiant race car

    impact colors I love... just not on 67-9 valiants which are my favorites. so weird. How about viper venom green
  6. hemitheus

    Toyota spindles?

    giant crock of horse puckey
  7. hemitheus

    Boring Soccer Game Highlights

    I am a hockey man myself. Any other sport just pales in comparison
  8. hemitheus

    Happy Birthday Leanna! CudaChick1968

    Happy birthday to a woman I am honored to call my friend. Now... something inappropriate. I hope you cant walk straight tomorrow
  9. hemitheus

    Boring Soccer Game Highlights

    thats the most entertaining thing to ever happen in soccer
  10. hemitheus

    First Name = Last Name?

    I had a tenant when I was a landlord from Asia named Tang Tang.
  11. hemitheus

    Tall Girls or Short Girls: Preference?

    First one is free... Google the rest.
  12. hemitheus

    [WANTED] 70s van heater control

    I need a 70s van heater control assembly. Attaching pics for reference.
  13. hemitheus

    ebay AZ rust free 74 Gold Duster Space Duster $2500 zero bids

    Only if youre a concourse restorer. Restomod that beyotch
  14. hemitheus

    Tall Girls or Short Girls: Preference?

    Alexandra Daddario 5'8" Kate Upton 5'10" Isla Fischer 5'3" Amy Adams 5'4" Julianne Moore 5'3" Jessica Chastain 5'4" Christina Hendricks 5'7" Emma Stone 5'6" My point? Altitude has little to do with plowability
  15. hemitheus

    Tall Girls or Short Girls: Preference?

    The shorter the better. BUT Barbra Streisand and Sarah Jessica Parker? Not even with yours. YIKES
  16. hemitheus

    Has anyone used these type connectors?

    my concern with them is long term durability.
  17. hemitheus

    Why cant I start a conversation with someone?

    Social anxiety disorder is a real thing.
  18. hemitheus

    To each their own.

    Someone did far too many drugs
  19. hemitheus

    [WANTED] AFB parts

    Not a resto, These are not the stock AFBs. but the Performer series that the edelbrocks were born from. I need the Primary Throttle Shaft and the Choke Control Shaft Previous owner stripped them so badly they cannot be repaired.
  20. hemitheus

    Original radio modification

    just watched the video on your thread. how much would one of these beautiful things cost?
  21. hemitheus

    Original radio modification

    what did you search? when i search I get nothing but complete units. not conversions
  22. hemitheus

    Dash Cluster for Duster

    tear off a tiny bit of scotchbrite and brasso. then wipe with qtip and alcohol
  23. hemitheus

    [SOLD] 1972 Plymouth Scamp

    I would change the title of this thread to 72 Scamp instead of the 72 Valiant. Because in most people's mind when they see 72 Valiant they think 4door and keep on scrolling. Most people are looking for a two-door, in this case this Camp. You might get more leads that way
  24. hemitheus

    [WANTED] AFB parts

    I am hoping someone has some junk performer series AFB carbs theyd be willing to part or part with on the cheap. bought some craigslist carbs and the previous owner damaged some parts I can't find anywhere
  25. hemitheus

    Post your Dash Pics

    is that a gauge glowing in aqua? or just the camera? I have been hunting for that glow color
  26. hemitheus

    console transplant

    I had a parts car that someone put a volare console in.
  27. hemitheus

    Steering wheel swap

    this is from a few years ago...
  28. hemitheus

    Renault Duster, WTH?

    Chrysler getting licensing royalties for use of the name like they did with the chevy suburban?