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    [FOR SALE] 1964 Dodge Dart GT

    So it runs and drives? Have to trailer only because of the non-op?
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    R.I.P Christine Mcvie

    Wow, that's a shock. RIP Christine
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    Triple Slant Six Powered Rat Rod

    It's part of a 73 car collection in SD, auctioning off by VanDerBrink. Most of the vehicles are serious projects or parts cars at best. But there are two cool Mopars that are in decent shape, a 61 Dodge Phoenix and a 61 Plymouth Fury convertible. Auction ends Friday evening.
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    Post 11 second small block combos

    Great times! A little tuning and you'll be moving on to the 10 sec forum.
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    The stripe is on!

    I used the Blitz Black (rattle can) on my dashboard. It's a great looking black and you did a really nice job. Should look great on the hood too.
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    (Rant) Thermostat Housing Leaks...

    The chrome ones always leak. Had one that was machined flat, installed with only a gasket, gasket and a little sealer, gasket with a lot of sealer, didn't matter. Finally installed a stock housing from Mancini and leak more. Plus I think the engine color housing looks better anyway.
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    Comp Cam/lifter failure

    When I had the 440 done in 2013 I went with Hughes Engines FT cam and valve train. I had heard things about Comp Cams even back then, but what sold me was Hughes' hyd FT profiles were as aggressive as Comp's hyd roller series. When I asked Dave how he was able to do that, he said its because...
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    1963 Dart 170 2 Door Post Resto

    I applaud your OCD; the car is going to look spectacular when done. And thanks for the P7 tip; I saved that for future reference.
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    Headers hitting idler arm

    Same thing was happening on my Dart; idler arm was sawing a hole in the one header tube. I removed the header assembly and cut out the hole. Cut a piece of metal tubing in half (may have been 1" diameter but I don't remember) and welded it in with the concave side facing out. Ground down the...
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    440 Engine Rebuild advice

    Ditto on the stroker for the type of build you're wanting. Check out 440 Source for their stroker kits. All they do is BB Mopars. Also check out Hughes Engines, another Mopar only vendor.
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    1964 Dart Grüne Hölle Road Course/Track Day/AutoX Project

    Just caught up on your thread. Thanks for the great stories; you've made memories that will last a lifetime.
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    Spring Fling 34 April 23 & 24, 2022 Van Nuys CA -info & roll call

    Imagine how cool it would be driving that car around. It would be a hit at the local drive-thru.
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    Teds Excellent 69 Dart GTS Adventure

    Glad to hear you're OK. Looking forward to your next resto thread.
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    1968 Hemi Dart wheel well templates

    Spent a lot of time in the tent admiring your cars last weekend. Eventually I will add a super stock hood to my Dart and you answered my questions about the hood scoop stand-offs.
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    Stolen 1972 Dodge Challenger in California.

    Sorry to hear that. Hope you get it back.
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    Spring Fling 34 April 23 & 24, 2022 Van Nuys CA -info & roll call

    Speaking of restoring, how about this dash.
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    Spring Fling 34 April 23 & 24, 2022 Van Nuys CA -info & roll call

    Thanks for props. There were a lot of really nice Darts out there this year. Spent some time in the SS Dart/Barracuda tent; love the way those cars look. Took a bunch of pics of the Dart front end. My goal is restore my grill like this:
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    When you pay $1200 for an AAR hood, you expect more from Stinger Fiberglass

    Just came across this thread. Last year I ordered a 6 pak hood for the Coronet and it was delivered by OD. The driver and I unloaded the box and saw a two gashes in the middle of the box; one was a graze but the second clearly got into the box. It was apparent someone lifted the box with a...
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    [FOR SALE] Plug and play - Headlight Relay Kits

    Installed the harness this morning. High quality components, great instructions. Wish I'd done this sooner. Thanks Rob.
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    Another satisfied customer. The quality of the wiring, connectors, relays is top shelf. Install takes about 2 hours. Added a pair of Nighthawk Halogens I got off of eBay. I'm much better prepared for Bob's Big Boy cruise night at Spring Fling.
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    1968 Dodge Dart Western Sport Special Restoration

    Great build. Thanks for sharing.
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    1969 Dodge Dart GTS 340 4 Speed - $6,700 - CL FIND NOT MINE

    I can do without the 340, the 4 spd, and the buckets. But no dog dish caps?!? I'm out.
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    Spring Fling 34 April 23 & 24, 2022 Van Nuys CA -info & roll call

    I'm caravanning down with Dennis, hopefully with Greg Kern too. We're leaving Wednesday and staying overnight at the Hilton Palmdale, hitting Willow Springs Thursday morning.
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    Spring Fling 34 April 23 & 24, 2022 Van Nuys CA -info & roll call

    Gearing up for the trip. Got new Cooper Cobra's all around. Had the rear fender lip rolled and went up one size to 255/60-15s. Steelies were powder coated satin black. Ordered a headlight relay harness from Crackback, should be here in a couple days; and a pair of halogen headlights...
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    Clutch fan vs derale single 2400cfm fan

    7" will be just fine. I'm running the 7" with clutch, shroud, weather stripping on front and rear underside of the hood on both the Dart and Coronet. Dart has a Cold Case rad, Coronet a Glen Ray. Closed system overflow cans. Basically the stock Ma Mopar setup. Temps don't start climbing until...
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    Spring Fling 34 April 23 & 24, 2022 Van Nuys CA -info & roll call

    The BW Carriage Inn on the flyer is the host hotel with a special show rate of $139/night. Call during business hours and ask for Katiana. I first talked to two other employees and they knew nothing about it so she's the main contact.
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    Spring Fling 34 April 23 & 24, 2022 Van Nuys CA -info & roll call

    I'm in, booked my room at the BW Carriage Inn. So far three or four of us are caravanning down from NorCal. Going to track day on Thursday.