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    Lead body work

    There are a couple of Gene Winfield leading instructional videos on YouTube. You would be hard pressed to find someone with more leading experience than him.
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    Car transport

    Look for someone local. There are small time one man show type guys with truck and trailer who are quite reasonable. Talk to guys that do body work and restorations , smaller shops with low budgets. These guys are out there, of course make sure they are insured.
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    Recommendations for outdoor storage shed

    I bought this “shed in a box”, 6x6 on sale 1/2 price for $75 and built a 2x6 floor/base from distressed/dunnage lumber I bought at fleet farm for $1.00 a stick. I sprayed it with an old can of tomsens water seal I had from a previous project. The shed is metal frame covered with a vinyl cover. I...
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    Rear glass question

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    340 Stroker: experiences with parts

    I would chose scat over eagle. Buy the best heads you can afford. Iron or aluminum. By the time you put hardened seats in and port the j heads, your already there with the aftermarket. Headers definitely, but save the iron manifolds, they are pricey and only going to go up. Sell the j heads to a...
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    4 speed guys, I have a question :

    Very cool truck.
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    4 speed guys, I have a question :

    Now there is something I didn’t know among much other stuff. I’ll keep that in mind as I own a 69 D300.
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    Stock '69 318, t-quad vs q-jet vs holley vs edelbrock?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the TQ. I have a collection of them. I buy them up price permitting. Just saying, hard to find parts. If you have the time and will, start your hunt. Yes, I believe the TQ is the performance leader for a street car and street/ strip car. All out race car? Holley unless...
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    Stock '69 318, t-quad vs q-jet vs holley vs edelbrock?

    Best to stick with a new carb as parts are available. T quad and q jet carbs you will have to hunt for parts.
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    Cryo treating blocks?

    I believe what it does is refine the grain structure of the metal and it also aligns the polarity thus strenthening the part. This would be beneficial to a casting.
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    Cryo treating blocks?

    I would assume this process is best used for engine components that run on the ragged edge. Components in top fuel racing are still changed between rounds and I assume this is a standard treatment in those engines. Passenger car blocks still are not race blocks. Everything fails at some point. I...
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    Doors won't open

    Use a flat blade to get between the glass and wiskers to grab the lock rod on the passenger door. Your local police department will have one. They may even get it open if your nice to them. They did this on a regular basis years back so they have experience.
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    Increase Head CC's

    Have you cc’d your heads? I don’t know of any open chamber heads with 60 cc chambers unless they have been milled. Post pictures of your heads.
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    Spark plug selection

    Back in the day I tried them all on my stock 69 340. Every thing but 9’s ran like ****.
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    Darts getting some recognition

    Cool, I’ll look out for that one.
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    Head Porting Book Review

    Check out David Vizards YouTube channel, he has books for sale on Amazon as well. Charles Servedio on YouTube as well. They are both doing a 318 project together.
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    Can someone explain this port please

    Intake plenum floor. Vaporizes some of the fuel mixture. Looking for 15-20% vapor to ignite the test of the atomized fuel once in the cylinder.
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    Can someone explain this port please

    Ooops, my bad.
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    SBM Dual Plane Intake vs Single Plane Intake Dyno Results on a Rowdy 408" Stroker

    So I’m thinking with 3:23 gears or less you would go with the dual plane. If deeper gears like 3:91 or deeper,the single plane as your tack’d up at low speed already. I’m also thinking that with a rpm engine that revs like a chainsaw you go with the single plane cause your there so quick. If...
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    Can someone explain this port please

    The magic number is 212 degrees F, so says so Grumpy Jenkins.
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    [FOR SALE] 1969 Original Dart Swinger 340

    Start a new thread.
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    Electronic distributors

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    [FOR SALE] 1969 Original Dart Swinger 340

    Your pictures of goviers certification are too small and blurry to read.
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    [SOLD] 1968 gts p code 340 $5,000

    Does it run and drive?
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    Valve Cover Gaskets

    I have had good luck with rubber/silicone gaskets that are RTV-Ed into the valve cover. Been on and off numerous times and have not leaked once.
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    Power to manual steering adapter in Canada?

    So does Rick eherenburg on his eBay site, ricksmopars.
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    WDRA trophy

    Hot Rod of the Year. Every guy (and gal) wants a hot rod.
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    1969 Dart Swinger Interior options

    Options for 69 swinger were interior light group. Carpeting if you had an automatic transmission, 4 speed came standard with carpeting. I believe you could option steering wheels. Other options were rear window defogger, tinted windows and dealer installed air conditioning. Am/fm radio was also...