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  1. gliderider06

    [FOR SALE] Engine fan

    Still available
  2. gliderider06

    [FOR SALE] Driveshaft

    $75.00 plus shipping charges
  3. gliderider06

    [FOR SALE] Red seatbelts

    $70.00 shipped
  4. gliderider06

    [FOR SALE] Driveshaft

    Driveshaft for sale. Looks like 50-1/8" long. Measurements in the pictures. Asking $80.00 plus shipping charges
  5. gliderider06

    [FOR SALE] Drivers remote side mirror

    Anyone!? Still available
  6. gliderider06

    [FOR SALE] Strut rods 3 sets

    Still have 2 sets. $45.00 plus shipping for all 4 strut rods.
  7. gliderider06

    [FOR SALE] Red seatbelts

    $75.00 shipped
  8. gliderider06

    [FOR SALE] Engine fan

    $70.00 plus shipping charges
  9. gliderider06

    [SOLD] New Truck mirrors

    Chrome sounds like plastic to me.
  10. gliderider06

    [FOR SALE] Pulleys, pulleys, pulleys

    Bunch of pullies. See the pictures Asking $20.00 each or we can work out something for them all. Plus shipping charges
  11. gliderider06

    [SOLD] New Truck mirrors

    New truck mirrors. I bought these for my ramcharger but never used them. Still in the box. Asking $65.00 shipped to a US postal address
  12. gliderider06

    [SOLD] Disc/drum proportion valve kit

    New disc/drum proportion valve kit. Mounts flat under the master cylinder. Has brake lines, bolts, bracket, valve and brake light harness with it. Asking $65.00 shipped to a US postal address.
  13. gliderider06

    [FOR SALE] Edelbrock 2x4 oval aircleaner

    Edelbrock 2x4 aircleaner. It's new, but had on a dual quad intake on my shelf for a while. May need some polishing, but still in great shape Asking $100.00 shipped to a US postal address
  14. gliderider06

    [FOR SALE] Red seatbelts

    New in package, red seatbelts. Each pack is one complete lap belt. Asking $80.00 shipped to a US postal address
  15. gliderider06

    [SOLD] Cast iron 833 O/D transmission

    75 cast iron, 833 O/D transmission from a Duster. It was removed in the 80's and in storage since then. It is created up and these are the best pictures I can get of it while in the shipping crate. Buyer is responsible for either shipping or arranging shipping for it. Weighs 170# in the...
  16. gliderider06

    [Found!] Dual-Quad Tunnel Ram, Square Port BB Chevy

    Your in box is full. I tried to message you.
  17. gliderider06

    [FOR SALE] parts

    Does the Holley have the baseplate? I don't see a picture of it.
  18. gliderider06

    [FOR SALE] Clutch fan blade $20

    I sent you a message on this.