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  1. Jeff Seighman

    Random pictures thread

    ^^^ OH HELL YEAH ^^^
  2. Jeff Seighman

    Cuda Gills on a Dart?

    I don't like any of the mods done to that poor Dart but it's not my car, so what I say doesn't matter.
  3. Jeff Seighman

    Don't Do Drugs

    The insanity will never stop, it's only going to get worse.
  4. Jeff Seighman

    Car show

    I couldn't tell you how many kids I've let sit in my car and have their parents take pictures, I don't know who's happier, the kids, the parents or me.
  5. Jeff Seighman

    Add Your Own Caption Part 271

    Coming out of the trunk? Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  6. Jeff Seighman

    Don't Do Drugs

    I did my share of drinking and pot smoking when I was younger and then I had kids. I don't have many friends left, the good ones have either died or moved away. The rest my age or older, I'm 64, still act like they are in their 20's, drinking and drugging till they can barely move, it's pathetic...
  7. Jeff Seighman

    New guy in Northern Virginia

    Nice ride. Welcome from South Carolina.
  8. Jeff Seighman

    Add Your Own Caption Part 270

    HEE HEE, I gpt two babes, what you got!
  9. Jeff Seighman

    Noob in NorCal

    Welcome from South Carolina.
  10. Jeff Seighman

    Let's See Your Mopars.. again

    My 1970 340 Dart.
  11. Jeff Seighman

    1972 Dodge Colt

    Great stuff, get er done.
  12. Jeff Seighman

    My Luck

    Holy Shit!
  13. Jeff Seighman


    I like Turtles!
  14. Jeff Seighman

    The official FABO machinist/member collaboration, busted 340 thread

    A lot of good folks willing to help and donate parts, This is the way it should be. I love it.
  15. Jeff Seighman

    My Luck

    Mick Ross!
  16. Jeff Seighman

    Procar 90-series seats

    Procar Lumbar Elite in my 70' Dart, I love em! Maybe one day I'll get the back seat recovered to match.
  17. Jeff Seighman

    Add Your Own Caption Part 264

    Honie, that damn neighbor kid is walkin' on my Charger again.
  18. Jeff Seighman

    Daily Driver?

    People drive like Idiots everywhere.
  19. Jeff Seighman

    One thing you could have again!

    Going Squirrell hunting when I was a kid with my Granpa and eating my Grama's cherry pie with cherries off their cherry tree.
  20. Jeff Seighman

    Add Your Own Caption Part 263

    OOOOOOH YEAH that's the SPOT!
  21. Jeff Seighman

    Add Your Own Caption Part 261

    Shes gonna' need an Exorcist.
  22. Jeff Seighman

    Voltage regulator

    I know I'm not the only one here who did it, but I used to go to the junk yards and pull small stuff like that, just in case.
  23. Jeff Seighman

    Voltage regulator

    It'll probably work better than the new repop crap out there!
  24. Jeff Seighman

    Newer challenger's

    Me to.
  25. Jeff Seighman

    Newer challenger's

    I'll stick with my 1970 Dart.
  26. Jeff Seighman

    My Luck

    Too bad it wasn't good beer!
  27. Jeff Seighman

    Street Freaks, Customs, Rods, Street Machines...60's 70's 80's

    Don't you guys know anything, he's puttin' on his slicks!
  28. Jeff Seighman

    I woke up in my GNR "T" shirt and woke up in Paradise City

    I woke up in my Dire Straits T-Shirt and I was So Far Away while she was Twisting By The Pool.