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    Reading spark plug.

    Damn near perfect
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    Mopars on the Mississippi , Dubuque Iowa

    Well, as it turns out, my buddy got first in his class, for the show. Seems strange, because I don't own the car, but a win for him, feels like a win for me.
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    Not an A but still barely a Mopar...'12 Caravan lock actuator fail...

    "The important thing is, you got it. Good job." I meant this. Not being facetious.
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    Mopars on the Mississippi , Dubuque Iowa

    I believe a buddy of mine went to that, last year. He has , I think, a 72 Petty Blue Road Runner clone, 440, auto, bumpers painted to match. Anyways, its a car I assisted in the building of. Seems like a great show.
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    Not an A but still barely a Mopar...'12 Caravan lock actuator fail...

    Putting it together is quite easy, if you did it the way I mentioned. The important thing is, you got it. Good job. The buzzing can be stripped gears or stripping gears, or just a stalled motor, drawing too many amps. It seems a lot of the power accessory actuators used very similar motors, and...
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    Not an A but still barely a Mopar...'12 Caravan lock actuator fail...

    The job on your '06 is nothing like the Rube Goldberg Engineering in the later models it will be much easier.
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    Not an A but still barely a Mopar...'12 Caravan lock actuator fail...

    Yeah, I think k he'll get it, it just is a real PITA. I've been out of wrenching a few years now, so it is possible I missed a few details.
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    Not an A but still barely a Mopar...'12 Caravan lock actuator fail...

    Get ready to do that job for real. That buzzing is another telltale sign the actuator is on its way out, and will stop working again, at any time. I didn't watch the video, I've been replacing those things for years. The inner door panel - the trim panel does come off easily, once you get the...
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    Plymouth Duster Returns w/ Dodge Challenger Influence

    ...and the Challenger mid-body line.
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    Top removal

    Have you pulled the rear seats and trim panels? Some vehicles, and I don't know about the older 'vert's, have the lower portions of the top held in by wooden pieces screws or bolted underneath, along with sharp prongs to catch the fabric on the sides.
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    Direct Connection A body, B/RB K frame

    Wasn't the point of that crossmember, to use regular, factory spool type engine mounts? I don't know, I never had one or seen a kit, but it seems that would be the purpose.JuSt get B/RB mounts for a B body, I think.
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    TTI shortys

    Nice! I'm in the same / similar situation with the exhaust. I have a 383 going in a 72 Duster. I was going to go the TTI shorty route - I never heard of any fit issues, but then it would not surprise me with my project. That road has been a bumpy one...
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    TTI shortys

    What did you end up going with?
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    NGC or GPEC2?

    Guess I incorrectly assumed by your statement above, you had a donor.
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    NGC or GPEC2?

    This is exactly why I gave you the suggestion to run the A/C, old school style. You do realize, that besides the logic and inputs a PCM uses, all it does, ultimately, is ground the coil side of a relay to turn on the compressor? That is what an LSD (low-side driver) does. On an old school sytem...
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    MECHANICS HELP Need new scanner

    I've had and used many, including the Autel, Launch, Snap On, and cheaper Actron platforms. All have been pretty good. Least impressed with Snap On's pricey, required updates. I have a Solus that is virtually useless beyond 2013,for that reason. Though it works very well for nearly anything...
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    NGC or GPEC2?

    Guess it depends on what you want it to do. GPEC allowed for more integration and features, among other things that do and do not have to do with running the engine and trans. As for your AC issue, why not get away from computer controlled lsd's and just revert it to a manually controlled...
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    cap type oil filter wrenches

    That does fines the one I have almost perfectly. You can really get some torque on it.
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    Guitar processor noise...? BZZZZZZ!

    Late to the table on this, but you can try cleaning the jack on the bass by spraying De-Oxit on the cable jack and working it in and out of the bass jack. I didn't see it before; but ground path should be present from sleeve terminal on jack, to the back of each pot, ( the pickup(s) will...
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    Going to Purchase a Mechanic's Stethoscope

    ^^^ this. The screwdriver, extension, piece of hose all work good too, as well as electronic types; but this design was and is my go-to first. Its cheap, too. A word of advice - do not have the ear pieces in, when you unscrew the probe end to just use the hose.
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    cap type oil filter wrenches

    I got by most of the time with a small assortment that included three traditional metal strap types, a large and small claw, a fabric type strap wrench, and the six piece socket style, that fits the hex nut on the plastic caps you remove to change the paper type filters, oh and the large and...
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    anyone make their own door panels???

    I haven't yet, but will be. When I rebuilt my friend's seats, he got the foam from Amazon. So, if you are going to do any padded type panel (this is what I am looking at doing), I would start there.
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    4 door mopar cars

    Never thought I would own a four door, until I bought a 2006 Charger. The purists hated them when they came out, because a Charger was a two door; but I think the popularity and success of those cars, has helped the "more doors" become cool. I considered several C -bodies and a couple four door...
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    Annoying 727

    I agree with above. First trans (904) I rebuilt, I got in a hurry to put it all together. I tore a lip seal, and in reverse, the trans acted like it had a high stall speed converter. Had to rev it, it would slam, then move. it was my own, so all it cost for that lesson, was a lot of time and a...
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    Annoying 727

    His problem occurs after warm up, not cold. My bet would be fluid level or more likely an internal leak (since he says fluid level is good).
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    May as well buy a restored Mopar.....

    You got deals fro. Guys you know, each with their own talents. Your "cash" cost may be around 9K, but if you put a value on your time, doing the body and paint, I bet you are well over that; and really - you should do that and put that value on your car, it speaks to the work you did. Looks...
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    Over voltage.... or not?

    For a long time 14.5- 14.7V was pretty much a standard at 1500+RPM. You're probably pretty close/ slightly higher than normal. Does it drop, with accessories on?
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    Does anyone drive a late model Jeep vehicle?

    I never really saw any issues with the 1.4, in my area; the 2.4 was where I saw the most, as far as oil consumption. We used to take calls all the time for "cranks ok but doesn't start." You wouldn't believe the arguments we got from people, when we asked them to check their oil...until they...
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    Does anyone drive a late model Jeep vehicle?

    Yep, just as my last line says -some people have great luck with them. Those that did not take their oil changes out too far probably never even noticed. I don't remember any re all on them, but it could have come out after I left. They did have service bulletins on them, though. I can't tell...