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  1. 1994redram

    Well it's official!

    My dead battery pissed me off. My battery charger that wouldn't charge it REALLY pissed me off. I had to use cables and "jump start" a dead battery to be able to use the charger. I trashed that POS.
  2. 1994redram

    The Duster Name Is Alive!

    I've seen a few of them driving around Oklahoma. It's not too uncommon to see cars from Mexico here. Although they are Renault Dusters. Not Dacia. I've seen a few of the cool Mexican market late 90's- early 00's Ram Chargers. One was for sale pretty recently.
  3. 1994redram

    WARNING - AMD oil filler caps

    I've had two Mr. Gasket caps do the same thing. I thought I lost the first cap or forgot to tighten it. The second cap fell apart the first time I tried to install it. I pulled the valve cover to remove the piece that fell in and found the piece from the first cap also! It was pretty mangled...
  4. 1994redram

    Who's the Mopar Automatic Transmission Authority?

    I rebuilt my own with a few upgrades recommended by Cope. I think the guys name was John that I dealt with. Super knowledgeable and an all around good guy. It was my first rebuild and it's taken a beating behind my 408.
  5. 1994redram

    [WANTED] 1971 rallye dash frame

    Looking for a 1971 Duster or Demon rallye dash frame. I would be interested in a complete dash for an A/C car. Shipped to Oklahoma.
  6. 1994redram

    Considering relocating to Texas

    I didn't read the while thread. Come to Oklahoma. Plenty of cultural diversity. Summers are a few degrees cooler than Texas. Winters are a bit colder. Housing is a little bit cheaper. People are just as nice here as in Texas. Still plenty of open space if wanted. Plenty of backroads. Population...
  7. 1994redram

    Fuel injection throttle body

    Just cap off the return on the sniper. The regulator that is built into the holley in tank pump is set to the proper pressure for the sniper. My car has ran perfectly on the street and track. The stock 5/16 hardline is good enough for me, I've been 11.55 in the 1/4 and didn't have a fuel...
  8. 1994redram

    [SOLD] Champion 22" radiator, shround, and fan.

    I'll check and get back with you.
  9. 1994redram

    [SOLD] Champion 22" radiator, shround, and fan.

    I had this installed on my '70 Dart. Used it for almost 2 years. I had weird cooling issues on my new 408 so I swapped the radiator and fan out. Still had issues and eventually found an old freeze plug in the water passages was causing an obstruction. Nothing wrong with this setup. Cooled my...
  10. 1994redram

    Rallye dash knob radio

    I've had my '70 dart project sitting on the back burner the past year or two. I've recently started working on the car and I want to get the interior sorted out. I would like to switch from my standard dash to a rallye dash. I already have a retrosound radio installed, it's a knob style radio. I...
  11. 1994redram


    My 408 had some noticeable blowby when I first fired it up. It was all fine within the first few test drives. Rings take time to seat and seal properly. Almost like they have to break in..... I wouldn't be too worried about it. But I would tear it down and inspect it just for peace of mind and...
  12. 1994redram

    Transbrake/launch control button

    I am wanting to put a button on my steering wheel to control the launch Rev limiter on my Sniper EFI. My Dart is a full interior streetcar that sees the track a few times a year. I have a factory Tuff wheel in my car and I would prefer not to damage it by drilling holes. It's looking like that...
  13. 1994redram

    Please Keep My Family In Your Prayers...

    Sorry to hear that. We had a big group of people over this last weekend. 8 kids and 10 adults. All of the women left and the guys were to watch the kids. I let all of the kids hop into the pool to keep them rounded up except for my 2 year old niece. She refuses to wear a life jacket. I looked...
  14. 1994redram

    Verifying a 426 wedge

    My buddy has a 426 block, Max wedge heads, and a crossram intake. They are only worth what people will pay for them. Annnnnd they seem pretty worthless. People love to look at them and talk about them, but nobody seems to step up and buy.
  15. 1994redram

    US Cartool and Schumacher

    US cartool is backed up. I sent a few emails back and forth about the mini tub kits being out of stock. They said that they make a run of parts and they are pretty much all spoken for. They haven't been able to get ahead and restock the shelves. I went ahead and ordered the tub kit and received...
  16. 1994redram

    [FOR SALE] 72 340 distributor

    I swapped to Holley EFI with timing control so I no longer need this distributor. I bought this awhile back from @halifaxhops as a rebuilt factory unit. I installed an Accel HEI module using a nice machined heatsink/bracket that mounts to the bottom of the distributor. I ran it like that for...
  17. 1994redram

    Intake manifold torque

    I have probaly pulled the intake on my Magnum about a dozen times for head, cam, and intake swaps. Ive used the same original OEM bolts everytime and I have never torqued them. I snug all of them up in a criss cross pattern, and hand tighten them in the same pattern. It is marked on the stock...
  18. 1994redram

    Valiant? (I'm embarrased to admit I don't know)

    You guys sure know alot about GM history and engines..... makes me wonder why your on a mopar site. Imposters, I say. :elmer:
  19. 1994redram

    Core value?

    I just sold a 6.1 that spun 7 and 8 rod bearings. I got $2,000 for it. I had about 20 people on the Hemi Facebook group telling me that I was on drugs, I was retarded, effing stupid, etc for asking that much. They all claimed that they get 6.1's from core suppliers for $500-1000 "all day long"...
  20. 1994redram

    Sniper EFI with nitrous control

    I'm wanting to try and break into the 10's this year. I think nitrous is the easiest and cheapest way to do it. A 10.99 would be fine with me and I think my combo is capable of that with 100-150 shot of giggle gas. I have a holley sniper efi on my car. Im not sure how the nitrous control works...
  21. 1994redram

    Replacing 727 Low/Reverse Band Pin O-Ring in Car

    I've been lazy and just cleaned the area really well and covered it in RTV. It never leaked again! I've also just cut the nub off of the tail housing and knocked the pin out far enough to swap the o-rings. Knocked the pin back in and ran it. My current 727 has been "modified" that way. No...
  22. 1994redram

    Favorite gear ratio for street car

    I drive my dart on the street. I drive it about an hour down the highway to the dragstrip. Race all afternoon and drive it back home. I run a 27" tall ET street with 3.73 gears. My combo is a mild 408, 727 trans and a 3300 stall convertor. Its not too bad on the highway but its a noticeable...
  23. 1994redram

    904 to 727 upgrade.

    Possibly. I used a straight edge to check it and it seemed alright. I pulled it apart to clean it out when I built it and compared some of the mods to a transgo instruction sheet I had. TCI did a few extra mods to the valvebody compare to transgo. TCI should have checked for a warped valvebody...
  24. 1994redram

    904 to 727 upgrade.

    Its been pretty well covered. You'll need a 727 converter, possibly a flexplate, dust shield, new/modified cooler lines, yoke, have your existing driveshaft shortened locally. It cost me under $100 to have mine done with new u joints and balanced. Its an easy and straightforward swap. Now the...
  25. 1994redram

    [SOLD] 6.1 Hemi longblock

    I won't be using this engine anytime soon and I need the garage space. I dont know the mileage or history on this engine. It spun the number 7 and 8 rod bearings. Ive pulled a couple other rod caps and those bearings look perfect. All of the rockers, pushrods, lifters, timing chain, tensioner...
  26. 1994redram

    Any thoughts on using this EFI fuel Pump?

    You are correct. That makes it easily serviceable in the future!
  27. 1994redram

    Any thoughts on using this EFI fuel Pump?

    I'm using one with my holley sniper. Ive put about 1,500 miles on it and it works great. I capped the return fitting off on my sniper and reused the factory hardline to supply the sniper. The fuel gaige isn't accurate. It reads empty at half a tank and reads full at a full tank.
  28. 1994redram

    Should I try to start it

    I would bar it over by hand to make sure it isn't seized. Then unplug the coil and crank the engine for 30-45 seconds to get oil through it. Then hook the coil back up, dump some fuel into the carb and try to fire it. Changing the plugs, lubing the cylinders, checking valves, compression test...