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  1. mopar head


    Be thankful your not stalked...yet...
  2. mopar head

    318 backfiring

    Valves sticking? might pull covers and get a remote switch on the relay to study the rocker action. All I got for now, good luck.
  3. mopar head

    Let's go "yachting"!

    New Yorker Brougham. 72
  4. mopar head

    Comp Cams Factory Tour & Behind The Scenes: How Does a Performance Camshaft Get Made?

    I watched that last night. I was hoping the guy would ask why so many of their cams get wiped out on break in:lol:
  5. mopar head

    Let's go "yachting"!

    I figured all those boats had the 440 myself until I ordered some parts for my engine out of one, and the counter guy asked which engine? I asked which other engine they had? 400. a 72 at that.
  6. mopar head

    Will Television be a thing of the past ?

    I haven`t watched TV in many, many years. Woke commercials are disgusting:bs_flag:
  7. mopar head

    my all time favorite joke

    In 2027, I shall not be fooled again sire !:wtf:
  8. mopar head

    Let's go "yachting"!

    At least it`s a 2 door:)
  9. mopar head

    sleeving 8 3/4 bearing housing???

    Have a rear end shop put new ends on it, no machine work involved:)
  10. mopar head

    New guy in Northern Virginia

    Familiar with the area. Was going to ask you to cruise in at Charles Town, but that would be an hour haul for you. Enjoy the car, have fun.
  11. mopar head

    New guy in Northern Virginia

    Welcome to the forum, Leesburg area? Post a front on pic, seems something`s off? Nice ride btw:thumbsup:
  12. mopar head

    Don't Do Drugs

    Great balance for being totally zonked out of his gourd.
  13. mopar head

    Dodge King Daytona is the most powerful muscle car you can buy

    They do make quality mufflers though.:)
  14. mopar head

    Definition of insanity

    You want to really blow her mind? Pull engine and restore the engine bay and paint the color that you plan for the car. Seems to be a new fad.:lol:
  15. mopar head

    Lessons to be learned about shipping USPS

    People know who and not who to mess with:mad:
  16. mopar head

    Lessons to be learned about shipping USPS

    Well if it was their friggen box? scam is right, but I expect nothing less from that corrupt bureaucracy.
  17. mopar head

    Lessons to be learned about shipping USPS

    What about a round tube? had a piece of trim shipped in those. don`t remember if charged extra for that?
  18. mopar head

    Definition of insanity

    Hey something gotta look good.:lol::thumbsup:
  19. mopar head

    Wreck. Man what a bummer

    Looks as though when that panel flew up is when things got out of control.
  20. mopar head

    First drive after brake upgrade, then - BANG!

    He doesn`t need it their is other problems and were figured out.
  21. mopar head

    MNF: Peyton Manning Mopar Guy?

    Doesn`t quite look like him imo/ They do list his home locations but nothing about any car collection. Said he likes his Cad escalade.
  22. mopar head

    Caption this.....part 268

  23. mopar head

    Did you know?

    Shhhhhh!, that`s supposed to be a secret, not world wide knowledge.:lol:
  24. mopar head

    340 Chugging instead of Reving

    What year is your block? 69? Looks as though you have the later years timing cover? If so, that would throw a wrench in your timing?
  25. mopar head

    MNF: Peyton Manning Mopar Guy?

    Find anything that states it as a fact? I cant.
  26. mopar head

    Now I have seen everything!!!!!!

    Nah, they ain`t laughing. Feds are going after them for selling pure foods. Can`t be having that, gotta have those gmo foods:wtf:
  27. mopar head

    MNF: Peyton Manning Mopar Guy?

    Probably a Cadillac guy.